Tree of Life

tree-of-life-1Behold the tree, as it grows upon the plain,
And with its roots it taketh from the soil
That which it needs to grow, and it is watered with the rains of Heaven,
And it is warmed with the sun, so it bringeth forth the fruit,

fruit-of-life-2And within the fruit are contained the seeds, and in the seeds are all the things of the tree.
Verily even the things and the life of the tree,
And so it is with ye, and of this life.

waters-of-spirit-3And ye take unto yourself the things of this life.
And ye are warmed with the Rays of God’s pure Love.
And ye are watered with the rains of the joyousness of the heart.
And ye create unto yourself the seed of life
Wherein are contained all the things that ye are –

spiritual-ascension-4-postAnd it will be, that some day even as the tree casteth the fruit upon the earth
So thou casteth down thy body and with thy seeds
Thou will again springeth forth into another time –
Into another place.

Excerpt from “The Elysium

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