Treatment of Obsession

obsession-main“Studying the history of psychology and the treatment of mental aberrations, it was just about fifty years ago when people were confined in cages or in the barred enclosures; they were treated worse than the perverted form of wild animals. They were fed bones, or scraps, or doused with water or left in freezing temperatures without clothing, and all kinds of horrible brutalities were delivered upon them. It was only within the last fifty years or so that the last remnants or wreckages of such treatment among the mentally aberrated were somewhat completely eliminated.

There were many souls or humanitarians who indulged in the liberation of these poor temporarily deranged people. But here again we will say, while the clinic or hospital is a very clean and sanitarymental-hospital-4-post place, and these patients are indeed treated in a much more humanitarian way and with consideration, still it is merely one step forward in the general direction. It will take some time before the psychologist will reach the doorway which will conduct him into a new realm or dimension in the treatment of the mentally ill people. This is a strange paradox, incidentally, with the psychiatrist, in the treatment of mentally ill patients, for if you would approach the psychiatrist and even so much as broach the subject of exorcism, or suggest that a person could be obsessed with evil spirits, this doctor would quite likely sneer in your face, or he might laugh out loud, or he may say something very unkind to you. Yet in his treatment for these patients, he is actually conducting a form of exorcism. Whether or not he is aware of it, he is casting out evil spirits in all the forms of therapies which are thus conducted in his own dimension and within his own clinic.

In order to understand this better, we will refer you to some such entity who has entered in, temporarily, and obsessed completely the mind of some patient, and that he is, shall we say, a paranoid or a schizoid. It can be seen that the obsessing entity is, therefore, at least in partial control of the mental faculties of the patient in exhibiting the wild transitions of inharmony and inclusions about him. So, the patient is strapped in a chair or bed, electrodes placed on the forehead, and electricity is applied. The shock and the pain is immediately felt by the obsessing entity. It is like sticking a long sharp knife in the posterior anatomy of a human being, and the entity will recoil in just the same such manner. He shock treatmentwill jump back and tear himself loose from the individual, and the individual will be thus temporarily freed from this obsessing influence. However, it does not mean a cure because just as soon as the shock is removed, the entity is quite likely to come back and occupy his former position.

Any practitioner can tell you that in advanced cases the continual shock treatments do absolutely no good except in temporary forms of relief. This is because the obsessing entity is now so thoroughly attached to the individual’s psychic body, that it cannot be dislodged even by large applications of pain in the form of shock. Other forms of shock are introduced into the patient such as spraying icy streams of water from a hose upon him; or, in some instances, other brutalities are expressed, and I mean that all of these forms are brutal in nature. While it is said that the patient does not suffer from shock treatment, yet he does suffer and so does the entity. In the form of the water treatment, here again the obsessing entity is plunged into some fearful sense of drowning so that he quickly leaves the poor individual temporarily, at least for a little while.

To extend the concepts of obsession just a little further as to how these obsessing entities are incurred, we will say that in most cases entities are, in themselves, individuals who have become ghost in buildingquite perverted in their attitudes and respect toward the general way of life as man exists; they are more or less similarly earth bound in their own equation or value of position. They will thus hang around old buildings or old houses which are reminiscent or familiar to the way in which they formerly lived upon the earth. A person who lives in such a building is quite likely to become partially obsessed and can easily take on physical or mental forms of illness or aberrations simply because the person is ignorant of these obsessing entities which are clustered about the house and within its vibration. These obsessing entities do not necessarily need to be people; they can be, and frequently are the thought form bodies which have lived or have been projected as murderous forms into the rooms of the buildings; thus they become apparitions or spirits which are seen from time to time. If the persons who live in such buildings are not properly protected, and do not realize what is happening about them, they can quite easily become obsessed.

A woman who has died of cancer in such a building can, in that fear and in the consequence of that fear, and dying as she did in that malformed condition of pain and psychic impact, so relive her experience for many, many years in that same old building. Moreover, any other person who comes into that building may be immediately seized upon by that obsessing entity as a haven of temporary obsessions-attached-to-woman-4-postrefuge, or that she may feel in the vibration of this human contact some warmth or some strength, or some sense of familiarity; so that in due course of time, this person who has been entered into can, and frequently does, incur the cancerous condition in exactly the same place as it was incurred in the former inmate of the house.

So the problem with the psychiatrist who treats such a person or that the doctor may say; “Well, you have a cancer, you must be operated on,” is not, in any sense of the word, freeing the individual from the cancer if it is removed from the portion of the physical body; so the obsessing entity then again enters in and the cancer is continued into further excursions about the body. Cancer, as you know, is merely the indisposition or the misalignment of energy entering into certain atomic structures in the body. The atoms have lost their proper spiritual guidance, their direction or support from the higher spiritual planes, and from such constituting and supporting vortices of energy in the atomic structures, the atom becomes unrelevant, or it speeds up its negative course in such a wild and frantic way that it becomes malignant and spreads its cancerous malignancy or speeded-up nature into other atomic structures near it. The mere operation and removal of a malignant tumor from a person’s body does not mean that he is cured from cancer. Every doctor knows that following through the lymphatic tissues of the human body, the murderous or maligned atoms of energy, in various molecular structures, can re-enter and further propagate their wild and murderous intent into other structures of the body.

In a general conclusion we can say that the present doctor or psychiatrist or psychologist, in whatever type of psychoanalysis or therapy in which he is so engaged, is still comparatively in the dark ages of his transition, even though he may pride himself with his laboratory, his operating witch doctorrooms, or his various types of apparatus; yet these types of therapy, in themselves, are comparatively primitive, for he is still essentially dealing with nothing more or less than some of the more reactionary concepts of psychoanalysis as they were conceived in the more primitive expressions of exorcism which are practiced in the more primitive tribes of mankind on the earth today. The witch doctor in the jungle who beats upon drums, dresses himself in a fearsome mask and garb, and dances about a sick person is trying to scare out the entity. The modern practitioner, psychiatrist or psychologist, in clamping the electrodes on the forehead of the individual is also scaring out the entity. There is no difference except in the way in which this exorcism is practiced. We can say, in general conclusion, therefore, that the witch doctor is a little more intelligent in his expression, because he realizes that it is an obsessing entity which has made the person ill, whereas the psychiatrist does not recognize such a thing as an evil spirit. He can, therefore, be said to be less intelligent than the savage.

Now I know that these words will quite likely create some rather harsh reactions in the minds of some of the scientists of the world who may read these lines in the future; but I do say this to you in all sincerity, that as you are all brothers and sisters and that you have love and the understanding of the humanitarian aspects in the treatment of your fellow man in such diseased portions of his mind or anatomy; and as we are universally, one and all, interested in the betterment of mankind, we will put aside the emotional or the temporal reactions of our minds and induct into ourselves the proper concepts in the manner in which intelligent human beings are supposed to be conducive in their evaluations of concepts between one another. We shall do this on the grounds that, as we are intelligent human beinovercoming obsessiongs, and that we may or may not have incurred such predispositions, or such boundaries, or circumscribed limits within the dimension of our own minds, that it is not necessarily so that we should always adhere to the certain circumscribed lines of demarcation.

This is entirely unintelligent, and the true scientist or doctor is always seeking a new avenue, a new horizon and a new expression. The mere fact in the interpretations of the psychiatric versions of therapies as they are produced in the world today, and in the high rate of incidence of mental illness as it is portrayed throughout the cities of your civilization, shows that you are indeed very badly and very sadly in need of a new horizon and a new dimension in which you can exercise the instinctive humanitarian expressions of your own nature.

To cure or heal people in whatever way or capacity you are able, means that you are gospiritual-awakening--4-posting to have to raise or expand your perspective or horizon beyond the dimension in which it is now contained. We do not mean that you must revert back to the primitive expression of the savage as he expressed exorcism or witchcraft in the jungle. There is indeed a much higher and more advanced type of therapy which is entirely scientific in its nature and is reproductive of entirely one hundred percent results in positive cures which can reinstate a person back into a functional dimensional relationship with his fellow man.

So in conclusion, my dear brothers and sisters, and to my fellow practitioners or scientists, in whatever dimension you are thus expressing yourselves, seek earnestly. Do not condemn or criticize, for there is truth to be found in even the lowest and more elemental forms of human expression upon the earth today. Do not think that you have arrived at any state of perfection or that you have even achieved a borderline of such advancement, but you must know that the future days will hold wonderful and great revelations of truths to the races of mankind. Until such time, to my dear ones and to my brothers and sisters, this has been a great privilege accorded to me; your most humble servant.” — Swedenborg.

Excerpt from The Voice of Muse, UN.AR.I.U.S., Elysium

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