Transmission From The Master Jesus

The last chapter in the Pulse of Creation Series is given by the Master Jesus:

“My love to you dear ones; this is a most joyous and happy occasion that once again into the hearts and minds of my fellow man I can come to you in something other than a symbol or a semblance of some spiritual power, and that I can reside again in your hearts and minds as a person who is, in his own way, serving the Most High God Forces, and into the channels which are most beneficent to my fellow man. As these things are brought about into the consciousness and into the minds and hearts of those who are in the lower terrestrial orders of existence, it was so, that two thousand years ago an individual proved to his fellow man that he need not fear the most commonly accepted forms of such things as were called death, or material orders of existence, that he was indeed a creation of the most Infinite Nature which was always ready to ascend into the spiritual dimensions, and that the will and prerogative of this most Infinite Mind of God was always in contact with him in direct proportion to all that he was to be.

It has been with great pleasure that I have watched you come and go into these Centers and that you and sister were able to add from time to time many things of great value, many facets of interpretation which would be of great service to your fellow man. It has also been that these things were, as you told, ordered within the dimension of time and place of so many numerous cycles of interpretation, and that coming and going into these great Spiritual Dimensions, not only in the time and place of your present life, but into such times and places of the paheartLightst, that these things became a great plan with you, a complete realization for a setting aside of the ‘self’ so that these things could bring great blessings into the hearts and minds of those who would be patient enough to read of these things, to study them, and to observe their immediate effects within their own personalities. We can say to these sundry and numerous and diverse personalities that we have added much in the way of spiritual energies to the furtherance and the purpose of these works. And there resides within the concept of our minds something which can be termed a great universe of spiritual energy which shall flow outwardly into the minds and hearts of all those who pursue these lines and to pursue the lines and channels of thinking which will be set up within them upon reading these lines, as you must know of all these things and many more before you can truly rise to the consciousness of the Higher Self. To those who are steeped in the fundamentalism of the earth and that you have been told that I shall come upon a shining cloud with thunder and lightning and with a Host of Angels, do not be disappointed that I shall not appear to you thusly. Rather, it should be that I shall come in the quietness of your inner moments with the communion of self and that I do not come as a person, but rather with an influx of the most Divine Essences of the Inward God Self. This is of your self, like that of your fellow man, your own inward conciousness, your own realization of what is called the Christ, or the Divine Self and purposes of man. Thus, it shall be that you shall come in contact with the Creative Force which was so mearth-projection4post2ost divinely inspired and motivated in the highest and completeness of all things. I am One who has come to learn something of a more expanded nature of the time and purpose, and place of, not only my own capacities and realizations, but of those with whom I am presently working and so occupied with their well-being and their furtherance into spiritual dimensions. Surely, of all these things then, there must constantly arise within us, from time to time, all of the inspiration and creative measures of God’s most Infinite Mind, to supersede the needs of the self or the selfish being to thus be integrated into a common union, the bonds of a Universal Brotherhood which is, not only terrestrial in nature, but comes and goes as do the tides into the numerous terrestrial and spiritual dimensions of man’s consciousness; into the farthest corners of the remotest universes, do these great waves and influxes of this spiritual Brotherhood ascend and descend from the most Divine Mind of God, so that we all come into our own proper time in our own proper place; and thus, you see about you upon the earth the swarms of humanity who are struggling for something of that inward sight, that inward selflessness, and that realization which will place them in a unified position with the inward workings of the most high consciousness.


We have all assembled here today (within Elysium), as we have done so many times in the past, for some particular observance or ceremony which was most directive to the inflow of these Divine High Essences; and we shall never cease to do so upon any particular occasion when such need has arisen or the time is most advantageous for such dispensations. Thus, it is today, so it will be in the future, that we shall never cease to do these things, not only with yourself but with any of or the numerous channels which may arise within the terrestrial dimensions of mankind.


To the future, may I say that many of these radiant Personages that you see about you will descend into these terrestrial dimensions in their proper time and place and add to the universal store of Infinite Wisdom in their proper relationships; and these things shall all bring man into a closer harmony and realization with the most high self, with the most divine purposes of God’s Infinite Mind and his relationship to the great Brotherhoods in the Spiritual Dimensions.

In conclusion, may I say to you one and all: Become completely dedicated to the purpose of realization; that in this realization you become selfless, that you become integrated, that you are also in such relationships with your fellow man which will bring you into such unified harmonious conclusions with all things which God has bestowed within you. These things are not born of selfish desires nor of things which must be set about you for your own use, such purposes as concern the self; but only through this self can you express outwardly that which is within you and that all things of the outward nature must be so related with the inward nature that they, too, serve the purpose of the outwardness into the furtherance of all things in great and universal concepts of the Infinite Brotherhood of man. So thus it shall be.


May I also add to this my own personal Blessings of Love, of fulfillment, of all of the things of self-realization which will bring to you the bounty of this Infinite God Self. I shall always remain with you, and as it was so promised, so it shall be fulfilled that the Comforter, as it has sometimes been called, shall be there to fulfill the need and the time of the hour, and that this comforter is the Highest of the High Self Within; and you should seek out this Comforter to attain a higher realization with this Inward Higher Self, for this is indeed the doorway into Infinite Concept of the Most High and Infinite God. Until such further time, be happy and joyous in the conclusion of all things about you; that these are all proper in their time and in their place, and fulfill their own particular destiny; that these things are all of the Infinite purpose. They have an Infinite evolution and so they shall serve mankind wherever he does come into whatever evolution of consciousness he so ascends or descends. He shall add to all of these things of his most High Self and thus come into the true Spiritual Kingdom of his own dimension. May this most God-like nature be always with you, within you, and upon you. Amen”

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