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EinsteinPhilosophy (1958)

You see, one great trouble with humanity (and I wrote two books on philosophy which I consider much more important than the scientific works I gave, so I can be qualified somewhat as a philosopher), and the greatest mistake people make today is that they are shirking their own personal, moral responsibility toward the Creator. Each person, if he understood what his moral responsibility was, would certainly not do the things which he is doing; he could not do them because, to most people, living in the material world means merely the pacification of their carnal appetites. Man will find an infinite number of expressions for these voracious appetites in so many ways. He eats himself half sick and drinks himself into a stupor and he fills his lungs full of foul vapors from the cigarettes. He lives all kinds of crazy and false patterns of life and even eats food which is saturated with poison because he is waging a war with the insect world, and to us over here, it is a wonder that he survives through the quantity of poison which he has maintained on that level. It is certainly not quality which he is expressing today.

When we look back into the past and see the great renaissance of intelligence, the artistic as well as the scientific achievements of the past ages in comparison with the world as it is today, it is a very barren and sterile place. But I could go on for hours and become a little German chatterbox. We say to you both, if you keep on going like you are, you will see that it is just kindergarten to what it will become in a little while. You can be assured of that because I know from where I am sitting here (psychically) tonight, beside Ernest, that the Earth is but one tiny little speck in God’s Infinite Cosmos – a very tiny speck.

Even smaller yet is the sphere of intelligence in which the average person is revolving in his particular dimension of retrospection. They are like little insects; they only seem to have the will to live because they wish to become procreative, and to eat their way, it is to me like you see people as an intestinal tube, with teeth on one end and an anus on the other and they are literally eating their way through the world like human garbage disposals. So what are they living for? Well, there are some things which require a great amount of reasoning to justify, but I guess they all have their purposes. If you could picture, as we see it sometimes, they are as little earthworms that burrow their way through the earth by literally eating a hole before them. You see, human beings are much that way; they are only grown-up worms busily eating a hole as they go along, armed with teeth on one end of an intestinal tract.

You think they are very far from the worms? No! They have a long way to go, yet we all have a long way to go, and I am no exception because when I look up from where I am, I think too, maybe I am just like a little firefly which is on the bush along the side of the road. I have a very small and dim light indeed and a very long way to go. From where I sit, I can see upstairs into a long way and into the many, many things which, in some time in the future, when I have evolved, perhaps I will be in companionship with these things.

(Ruth asked him if he thought he would again return to earth to bring man future wisdom.) Ya, it is possible, perhaps, that I may wish to come back, but right now I am busy learning and studying: we are going about the Father’s Business here in UN.AR.I.U.S.. And so we say, well, perhaps sometime when I feel the impulse or I shall say, there is an intelligent reason that we may gather together a coalition, and in the future there is a proper time cycle to come down unto the Earth and man will be in a more receptive position to favor his evolution, then we can bring something in. But otherwise, it is like trying to shoot ducks with a blindfold on; you cannot do it. You just point your gun and pull the trigger and maybe a duck comes down and maybe it does not. And so that is the way with things; you must have a little insight into cycular patterns and find out.

Of course, like it was in the Middle Ages way back there, we had to have so many people come in to counteract the great black dragon which was strangling mankind in Europe – the black dragon with the robes. And so we all came in and we were saying that these things are so and these things are not so, and many people were killed because of it. And so we were so-and-so’s in those days too, sometimes.

Well, I shall run along now and leave you dear ones to whatever it is that you manifest from day to day, that we shall be close and we shall try to help make things a little happier for you. Auf Wiedersehen.

Excerpt – Tempus Interludium I

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