Transmission by Guatama Buddha, Part II

buddha-mainA further description of the world of prana or the astral worlds would be somewhat in order for the people of the earth, as this means something of the next step of integration in their evolution. These astral worlds, as we have pictured these Shamballas to you, are actually beautiful globes of energy which exist in varying sizes and in numerous frequency structures, all within the definite bubble-worlds-4-postspectrums, or octaves of chord structures, in their own relationships in the astral worlds. Upon these numerous globes or spheres of astral energies, you will find people of all nations, all races, all creeds, and all colors, living in direct proportions to such concepts and principles of life which they have conceived in their terrestrial dimensions.

It was pointed out to you that man, starting as he does as an Infinite concept from the dimension of God’s Infinite Mind, must start in the lowest of the elemental structures of evolution, such as are contained in the terrestrial planet of the earth. In the consequence of his migration or evolution into the higher planes of consciousness, he does contact and recontact an innumerable and an infinite number of dimensions. In these relationships he finds his true individuality, which will later become the infinite bounds of the dimension of his celestial kingdom or the causal world.

We earnestly wish that it would be proper at this time to present to the earth people, and especially to the Westernastral-worlds-4-post-2 minds of your civilization of America and other countries, something similar to that which is called the cinerama in your movie theaters. If we could picture for you on the screen of such a theater, some small fraction, or a peek, into this world of prana, or the astral world, you would be very much impressed. You would see these beautiful spheres of light radiating in their different colors and vibrating and pulsating with the great cosmic energies, and that living upon these various planets are numerous civilizations and hundreds of millions, yes, even billions of people, who have at different times lived in the terrestrial dimensions similar to the earth. You might also picture in these astral dimension, that something of the nature of time and space had been eliminated from the consciousness of the individual.

Man can, and frequently does whenever he so wishes, evolve into such a higher state of astral or pranic consciousness and is thus enabled to go very quickly from one world to another, even though the dimensions may be, in terms of your earth time, separated by hundreds of millions of light years. Since time and space completely disappear in these higher concepts and orders of frequency higher-self-4-postrelationship, when a person conceives that he is in a place, he is there. If he is a higher Causal or Celestial Being, he can actually be in a number of places at the same time, simply by conceiving within this mind the instantaneous realization of these things.

Now you are beginning to understand why we call the material world, such as your planet, the world of maya, or illusion. It is strictly so because the factors which you call mass and energy, are, in themselves and in their expressions, very confusing to your nature. You have continually tried to orient such concepts in your mind which will relate you to the expression of energy in whatever dimension that it can thus express itself, either as mass or energy.

The equations of these transitions of energy must by necessity resolve themselves into the higher dimensional concepts. They never can and never will be properly evaluated from the terrestrial dimension of man’s consciousness. It has been the common mistake throughout the ages of man’s history to try to relegate God’s Infinite Wisdom into the concepts of his own small world.

The astronomer of your day is just as guilty of this as was the ancient savage in his relationship with the spirit of the earth, fire, and water. The astronomer who postulates the theory that life cannot, and does not exist in other planets and in other dimensions because he cannot conceive other dimensional relationships of energy, is guilty of the same malpractice of thought concept as is the savage in the jungles.

Such concepts are quite vicious in their nature inasmuch as the peoples of the world at your time have set these astronomers and physicists upon some sort of pedestal and have instituted in them certain virtues which they do not actually deserve. It is quite true, however, that the scientists in the material dimension are pushing aside many of these barriers which have impeded man’s progress. It is also quite true that they have contributed much to longevity and to many other things which have been called conveniences, or to such contrivances which are supposedly able to lift the burden astronomer-4-postof toil and strife from mankind. However, they have sometimes been somewhat of a boomerang in nature. To support these false materialistic structures, man has become a slave to this great robot which he has constructed. He would quickly find, and he often does, in the evaluations of consciousness within himself that these things which he has so contrived and must now live with, actually require all of his time and all of his energies continually to support and to reinstate his daily way of life.

Our position upon this tenet of conception is very firm. We do not believe that man in his civilized consciousness as he calls it in his day and time, should as a consequence, immediately lay aside all of these appurtenances of his civilized world even though he could do so. The evolution of consciousness within the individual must always be regulated according to his ability to conceive and to reinstate certain orders of concept within his own mind. If these laws are not thoroughly observed, he suffers a great deal of shock or psychic impact, which is in itself a form of karma; and thus he must, in some future evolution, adjust himself and rectify this psychic impact which is within his nature.

We can only recommend to the individual that his purpose in life shall be one of a more thoroughly ordered and regulated relationship, which will enable him to perceive the ultimate destiny of his spiritual nature in conjunction with the Infinite mind of God. If he so contrives within his mind to first-initiatefabricate a philosophy which will thus integrate him with some sort of factual and a continual realization of this element or personal realization with his mind, he will by direct consequence, be a first Initiate. He will very quickly become one of those beings who can migrate into the astral or pranic worlds, and there live upon some such astral planet as will be much more suitable and conducive to him in his mental evolution, further to conceive and induct into his mentality, the higher concepts of God’s nature.

I, but using the word “I” rather loosely, shall conclude, not in the evaluations of my own personal interpretations, but shall say to you all in your future expressions of life, either in the terrestrial world or in the world of prana, that the evolution of the world is thus concerned with further propagating man into a higher dimension of relationship and concept which is sometimes called the Aquarian Age. As you will see in your future explorations into the astral planet of Orion, and into Helianthus, that these earthly evolutions are divided into thirty-three regularly ordered cycles, as they are controlled by thirty-three higher dimensions of Causal or Celestial interpretations, which are called Logi.

These thirty-three higher orders of concept or dimensions in the higher Celestial realms are in themselves, shall I say, shedding a certain dominant ray of energy which contains the necessary elements of spiritual integration and leadership into the minds of such individuals who may, at different periods of Logi-4-posttime, reincarnate into the earth. These cycles are about one thousand years in length, and the evolution of thirty-three thousand years is, in itself, the original concept of that which has been called astrophysics. It means that the thirty-three Logi have so constructed these magnetic lines or rays of light or power or radiant frequency energy into the terrestrial dimensions, that the earth, in its evolution about the sun, intersects and bisects these different radiant energy lines according to the cycle of the recessional. Thus, at thirty-three thousand year intervals, the earth has completely intersected or bisected these thirty-three dimensional rays of light from the thirty-three dimensions of Logi. Although the absolute and direct proportions of these rays or magnetic lines, in themselves, are not felt in a terrestrial dimension, they are the guiding and dominant factors in the mental and spiritual evolutions as they are manifested in the dimensions of mankind as he exists in the earth at that cycle of interpretation.

Just as you say in the period of the Hellenic Age, so you can trace the course of history in the pages of your books; and you will see that these various seemingly intersected tides of time actually resolve themselves into somewhat of a more definite and well-ordered relationship. This, too, shall give you a better concept as to how God regulates the vast Celestial and Cosmic dimensions, which are the product of His Mind.

You must also always conceive within yourself that there is nothing happenstance enlightenment-4-postwithin this Infinite concept; that everything does and has existed from beyond what you call the beginning of time, and will exist beyond what you call the ending of time, for there is neither beginning nor ending. This order, regulation, and harmony exists throughout all of God’s Infinite concepts. It is only in the struggle of evolution of man within himself between the carnal, or the world of maya with the innermost reaches of his spiritual nature, that he has come into the conclusion of confusion. This struggle started for man when he was a primeval savage, and in seeing in the spirits of the earth, air, fire, and water, some relationship to his own spiritual nature, that this struggle within himself was, in his future evolutions, manifested in these terrestrial dimensions in the infinite number of concepts, as they exist in the different interpretations of either political or spiritual orders, numerous creeds, cults, churches and races, which are, in themselves, the result of the strife of man within himself to orientate himself into the higher concept and into the higher relationship of this true innermost nature.

This is the struggle for Nirvana. It is the ultimate attainment of each individual to thus become a personal integrated and fractional working part of this Infinite Mind or God.

Until such future time as myself and others here in Parhelion may serve you, I am your humble servant. -Guatama Buddha

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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