To See Or Not To See

To-See-Or-Not-To-See-main-4-postIn the various epistles of UN.AR.I.U.S., it has been frequently stressed that the doorway to heaven is not through some ecclesiastical system, but by beginning to understand and by learning the functioning principles of the great Infinite Intelligence, through the doorway of personal consciousness. This is quite true and the only way any person attainsspiritual-pathway-4-post salvation from these material worlds. It is the way which Jesus spoke of and pointed out to His people 2000 years ago.

Obviously, to begin to understand this Creative Intelligence, we must begin at the bottom point in the scale of evolution which is the material world. No person could begin to understand the Creative Intelligence from the top, for he would have to be an Infinite Intelligence himself before such a feat could be accomplished.

Paradoxically, most people go from cradle to the grave without learning anything except a rudimentary understanding of this great natural phenomena called Infinite Intelligence. They have not bothered or desired to explore the cause and purpose of everyday Creative Intelligence going on about them every moment of their lives; and in so concerning themselves with the pressurized reactionary elements of their lives,searching for a spiritual path they have cheated themselves from obtaining the knowledge and wisdom which is necessary for them to have before they can ascend to any spiritual domain. So far as can be apparently ascertained, most people seem to have been literally forced into seeking the better way of life, because of the mental and physical illnesses they incur in living a continual succession of karmic earth lives; for in becoming human, independent thought and action which is acquired in this humanizing process, demands as an equilibrium that any person so beginning the acquisition of independent thought and action must also learn correct usage as well as the purpose of this mental independence in the scale of Infinite perspectus.

In order to better understand common abuses of this great opportunity of beginning to learn about the Infinite Intelligence, let us take a specific everyday function which most people have and use in their daily life – namely sense of sightsight. How many people are there who could be approached and give a clear definition of the phenomena of sight? Not many; indeed even the more advanced scientist could give you only a partially inclusive and accurate description, for much of the process of seeing still lies outside the third dimension or physical dimension, not yet known or explored by science. For practical purposes, however, for an analysis we can confine our introspection within the known precincts of our third dimensional world. This will at least give us a starting point from which we can, at a later time as our consciousness expands, begin the inclusion of fourth dimensional aspects.

how does an eye seeIn looking at any particular object, you do not actually see this object, you are merely looking at the ends of a large number of tiny wave forms of energy which were reflected from that object. These pass through the lens of your eye which is so shaped that it bends or focuses them upon a tiny spot at the rear of your eyeball which is called the retina. This is a group of sensitive cells which contain phosphorous compounds and serve to change the wave lengths of these energies and send them on their way into the brain. However, one of the most interesting parts of this process is in the actual reflecting process which is taking place in the object we are seeing.

In the various texts of the lesson course, we have discussed the wonderful function of the psychicapple peal under microscope anatomy and how these wave forms of energy are so integrated as to re-form tangible objectivisms. But at this time we shall confine ourselves to the other end, or the beginning of our seeing. Suppose we had a very powerful microscope which could magnify many hundreds of thousands of times. By using one of the lower powers, say about 100 thousand diameters, let us look at the surface of an object, say an apple. We have been looking at this apple in the customary way; we think it is red. Scientists do not know why we can see color. There are literally thousands of colors, yet all of these are only combinations of three basic primary colors: red, yellow, and blue; and from these three are compounded a host of other colorations.

how-we-see-color-diagram-4-postHow is this done? First, we must understand that the sense of color is like all other things of the material world – illusionary. There is really no color at all; we are only looking or sensing with our eyes in one or a number of wave lengths of of energy. It is in these differences of frequencies or the number of times they 0scillate or fluctuate to us that we determine their color. This has been a concept you acquired in building your psychic anatomy over a period of many thousands of years in many hundreds of lifetimes. The various plant and animal species which inhabit the planet earth do not have the same facility of distinguishing colors that you have.

Some plants see or sense certain “colors”, (or wave lengths). The same is true with various species of birds, fishes. general evolution of the eyeand other forms of animal life. Therefore we can say that the development of color consciousness was a product of your evolution. This was partially accomplished through innumerable experiences in your earth lives. You polarized or became spiritually conscious of them in your spiritual lives in between lives. Thus, from life to life, there was a direct connotation of color consciousness which progressively developed as you developed other factors of integration which concern your earth life

Getting back to our microscope and apple, let us look at the surface of the red apple with the power of 100,000 times magnification. Suddenly, we see, not a seemingly solid, hard, red surface, but lo, this has disappeared; instead, we see what apparently reminds us of a starry night sky. Scattered all about throughout our field of vision at widely apple-molecules-4-postseparated points, are oddly shaped clusters of tiny pinpoints of what look like small globes of brilliantly glowing fire. These clusters of glowing specks are what the scientist calls molecules. The smaller specks of light are atoms.

Now, let us increase our magnification to something like a million times. Suddenly, one of these small glowing specks seems to fill the complete area of our vision. Instead of being a speck of light, it resolves itself into a large number of even smaller specks of light. However, these are not stationary; they seem to be madly revolving about like the planets around the sun, each one following a circular path and which looks like another cluster ofatom light specks and which would be that as long as we can increase our magnification we would find smaller and smaller solar systems. The small particles of light which we saw buzzing madly around each other is the electron of an atom and each one too, is a solar system composed of other solar systems infinitely smaller and so on ad infinitum. This is the world of the microcosm. All of these tiny light particles are following electromagnetic lines of force which are gyrating in the adjacent fourth dimension.

molecules-4-postWhen we have gained a comprehensive picture of these molecules and atoms, let us look at another phenomena which is occurring. These various bodies of energy stay very closely related to each other; that is, various groups of molecules would be very difficult to separate from these individual formations of molecules which are composed of atoms. We could not take a knife and cut them in two as we would an apple; we would have to take a great deal of energy and by using it a certain way, we could cause this molecule to fly apart or to recombine itself with other molecules. It would be much more difficult to separate an individual atom.

Scientists use great cyclotrons or betatrons to break atoms apart and require vast amounts of energy to split even one single atom. What is cyclotronthe force or power which holds atoms together in groups of molecules and what is the power which holds the atom together? This is the EMF, (electromagnetic field); a power which is radiated from the higher dimensions through various dimensions where it is retransformed into various compatible frequencies to enable it to perform its function, and which is the controlling agent of all known atom-emf-and-vortex-4-postand unknown third dimensional energy transpositions. This EMF is always found in any atom or molecule; in fact, it is the glue which holds them together. It is the power which is constructing and reconstructing the great invisible macrocosm.

However, so far as the atom is concerned, it again retransforms itself into a third dimensional power which radiates from the atom in tremendously fast wave forms of energy. As these little wave forms of energy radiate out from the atom in a continuous and never-ending stream, they become that force or power in which is found the reactive component of all physical or material substances. These energies which stem from one kind of atom may be entirely incompatible or foreign to other streams of energies radiating from another kind of atom. This is what is called material reaction. The atoms in the human body are thus incompatible to the atoms of a steel automobile; thus an automobile can kill a human by crushing his body. Other kinds of atoms may be compatible. The atoms which form molecules of water are very compatible to many otherwater-molecules-4-post kinds of molecule combinations and enter in and mingle freely with them. However, in no case except in atomic fusion do atoms separate within themselves and recombine to re-form new kinds of atoms. This is because such a function must take place in the fourth dimension which is the originating source of atoms; whereas, in the third or material dimensions atoms as combined in the form of molecules can mingle freely or be reactive to each other like groups of certain types of people who could mingle freely together, but might react against mingling with other types of people.

Now, this is the basis for understanding how you see the apple. Certain wave lengths of energy, which you call light, how-we-see-color-apple-4-poststrike the surface molecules of the apple skin. Some of these energies may be compatible, in which case they mingle freely with the molecules and are not reflected; they are absorbed and you do not sense or see them. Other frequencies of light, however, strike the waves of energy which are radiating from the atoms. These collisions do not destroy the energies but cause them to bounce like a rubber ball against a wall; thus some of these light energies will be bounced away from the apple and you will intercept or see them. The apple appears to be red because the longer, or so-called red frequencies are bounced back; the (so-called) yellow and blue frequencies of wave lengths are absorbed, or mingle with the molecules and atoms of the apple skin. That is exactly how you see color.

So you see in following the scientific analysis, you can look back upon your past life and see how the daily minute by minute process of seeing is a very wonderful complex manifestation of Infinite Intelligence, very scientifically integrated and immutably following the exact principles which this great Creative Intelligence has built into every function of the microcosm and the macrocosm.

awakeningA moments thought will clearly point the way to you; that life in the future will be a constant and continuous advancement according to how well you begin to learn these functioning principles. Conversely if you do not learn of them, you will gradually begin to destroy yourself. The existence and expression of life in any form is predicated upon the principle of continuous and progressive evolution. Nothing is static, nothing is solid; all forms and substances visible or invisible, are constantly regenerating in this progressive cyclic evolution.

spiritual evolution 4 postThe only true way any person can advance into the higher spiritual worlds is through the doorway of understanding and up the pathway of progressive evolution.

Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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