To Be Or Not To Be?

to-be-or-not-to-be-main“One of the never-ending, herculean tasks performed here at the Center is in the constant urging for various students to remain sincere and dedicated in their Unariun studies, to realize the tremendous importance of UN.AR.I.U.S. not only to themselves personally, but to millions of others – yes, even to the Infinite Intelligence Itself! In this respect, Ruth has served most auspiciously, and through her letters, has very greatly aided and abetted this cause, and sometimes, I might add, she is often at her ‘wit’s end’, so to speak, to try and represent the great importance of UN.AR.I.U.S. and all that it implies.

science-advancementSince the beginning or dawn of history or since man began his evolution on this planet, he has in this evolution, proportionately increased his fear of death with his knowledge of his physical life. Different deistic beliefs or religions became the placebos or opiates with which he attempted to assuage this fear. As of today, the situation is much more complex and proportionately increased.

Modern science, in any of its branches, does not officially recognize personal survival after death, even though it is at this moment, spending vast sums of money to further explore or extend different avenues in the material world to find the riddle of life, which could only ultimately and inevitably lead into different dimensions or the mansions, as Jesus called them.

Now everyone is very vitally concerned with death – his greatest fear; even though he may think he has it well hidden under his material life, it is there nevertheless. Every news report on some calamity or disaster, the first question asked is, “How many were killed?” and is of primary importance; and “How many were injured?” is of secondary importance, and every person who hears these reports gets a certain sense of satisfaction in knowing he is not among the killed or injured. You, as a student, may not believe you have this fear, that your studies or knowledgespirit-floating of these other dimensions, life after death, etc., may have dissipated the fear of death. And while it is granted that your fear may have been somewhat mitigated, you should nevertheless ask yourself, and honestly, these questions: Do I really possess sufficient knowledge to live in another world minus my physical body and my material world? Do I possess understanding and knowledge which will not only enable me to live in a spiritual world, but to determine what kind of a world it will be?

For there are many mansions or worlds, a few of which are even worse than the one you are now in, and unless you possess this all-important knowledge, and you know how to use it, you will only become another creature of circumstances, after you loose your physical body. You will float like a blob in a meaningless unearthly void, peopled only by the vivid nightmares from your subconscious, until you find a newly forming fetus to which to attach yourself, to again emerge into a material world! Conversely, if you possess certain knowledge and understanding – and granted that this knowledge is you or at least a part of you – this means that you, as the knowledge, are actually a functioning entity in a vastly expanded state of consciousness. You will therefore attune yourself too, to become a part of and to live in, one of the more advanced worlds or dimensions.

The proposition here is basically one of attunement. The more you understand, the more you oscillate with the higher reaches of Infinity, the more selective you will become in your place of abode in this future – after death – and the less desire you will have to return to the physical world. This is just plain simple logic and reason.

Picture for yourself a moment – would you feel at home in the wilds of an Australian wilderness, evolutionliving with the primitive, naked, stone-age aborigines who are still living in that part of the world? Of course you wouldn’t; you’d miss all of the accouterments and impedimenta of your material world. The reason is simple: Like a radio you oscillate with what you now have and in this respect you have, in a sense, chosen all the conditions and other things which you now have, even though you may not like some of them or that they are painful. They are yours by ‘choice’ nevertheless, and through evolution you experienced these things at different times and in different forms believing in them to the extent that they became part of your psychic anatomy. Again, logic and reason demand that if you wish better circumstances and conditions, if you desire to survive after death, and logically to live in a better world, you will have to begin now and at this present instant, to make it a 24-hour-a-day proposition, to learn as much as you can about survival after death and how to live in a better world.

And remember you are very much in the same position as the man who is spending his last few hours in the death row of a federal prison, knowing that he will be executed at dawn. Even if you could live another hundred years, and you spent every moment of it studying, learning and birth-to-deathpracticing the interdimensional life-giving science of UN.AR.I.U.S., you would still find that all you had accomplished in that hundred years would be even less than the pocketful of white pebbles used by Hansel to lead his sister out of the forest.

In other words, dear friend, to paraphrase, “It’s later than you think.” The handwriting is clear and black upon the wall. Even as you were born and uttered your first infant wail, you were condemned to die. The almost never-ending repetitious cycles, birth and death are the heritage of all creatures in elemental phases of their evolution and with every birth and death, there goes the promise of everlasting life, bestowed by Infinite Intelligence upon all these creatures and by whatever way they manifest and remanifest their own immortality, it remains for man alone to achieve a more ultimate destiny wherein he portrays individually, the collective intelligence of this great Infinity.

spiritual-awakening-4-postWill you meet this challenge; will you achieve this more ultimate destiny? How important is this achievement to you and how important it is to your fellowman? And finally, can you begin to fulfill this more ultimate promise of immortality given to you by Creative Intelligence – or will you break yourself upon the wheel of karma and break this immortal pledge defiling the complete entirety of Infinity and defeating Its purpose of Its being; or will you constructively lend yourself to this Creative Infinite Intelligence? Will you lend yourself to the cause of logic and reason, to the necessity of being and to the most ultimate of all creative achievements – Constructive Immortality?

The answer lies with you, my friend. I can only give you the first elemental curriculum to the proposition of Infinity. I can only temporarily demonstrate Its efficaciousness in transforming you from mortal flesh into Immortal Beings. Yet, with all I can bring or demonstrate, the answer to your own destiny lies within your own heart and mind; and only the future will reveal your answer – whether you will die a slow and everlasting death in a purgatory of your own making or whether you will ascend the golden spiral staircase of evolution into the Higher Worlds and live an Immortal Life as a Celestial Being.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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