Time of Sleep

Time-of-Sleep-Stanza-One-A-4-postAnd there is the place where the old man sitteth in his garden,
And he looketh about and seeth not.
Neither doth his ears hear all the sounds of this life of which
days have been many and long.

Yet his days are now numbered, as come and go the things of this earth.

Time-of-Sleep-stanza-twoOnce he was stalwart and strong,
And to his kin was all the things that husband and man should be.
Yet it cannot be said that now he is any of these things,
And wasted away is his youth and his strength.

Time-of-Sleep-stanza-threeYea, verily I say unto you these things which are like the winter
snows which cometh upon the mountain tops.
Yea, even unto the valley below, and covereth up all the things of the land;
And they sleepeth thus until the day of awakening

Time-of-Sleep-stanza-fourUntil the hour of spring unlocketh the beauty of earth’s breast,
And again shall all things burst forth in renewed vigor and glory
And so it is with all men

Time-of-Sleep-stanza-fiveWhile he may come into the fullness and wasteth away in the flesh,
Yea, truly he must reside in the Spirit from
whence the winter
winds will never blow.
Neither are these things so covered up ~ but groweth always
In the Light of God’s Immortal Love.

Excerpt from The Elysium

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