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thought-cities-main-4-postExcerpt from Vistas of Infinity By Jurgen Ziewe

“Not having had any jobs for several weeks I spent most of the morning trying to drum up work, phoning my agent making a list of clients to contact and thinking about ways of covering the financial shortfall. I was concerned, but only superficially so. I finally dropped the worries like an Vistas of Infinity Bookunnecessary distraction. Ever since getting out of bed in the morning I had been carried by a persistent joy. I felt this was what I should be paying attention to and it made everything else appear superficial. Now, as soon as I focused on this undercurrent of joy, it blossomed and filled me with firm knowing and reassurance that everything was OK as it was. It also ignited in me a powerful urge to find its source.

I took my wife to her counselling job and then went to the supermarket to do some shopping. Standing in the queue at the checkout I felt the urge to get home quickly and enter my meditation room. As soon as I felt my impatience an inner voice told me to relax and let go. At that moment everything became still around me. All urges and needs dissipated. I felt an incredible calm, as if I had been taken out of time and placed into a no-time zone, where this concept of need no longer existed. I noticed that all the people in the queue in front of me appeared to have been similarly taken out of their time zones. They were chatting to each other and the cashier was friendly and conversed with the customers as if they were old friends. Suddenly I felt a powerful sense of belonging and incredibly privileged to be part of this human community around me. Here we all were, living in the moment, paying for our goods and being part of an intangible yet very present consciousness. Every person appeared filled to the brim with this present awareness. I felt an overwhelming love for everyone and tried to contain the deep rapture I felt rising within, which had been building up all morning. I was on the verge of letting it overwhelm me and the only way I could stop it was by opening the heart gates and letting the energy flow into the environment around me.

When taking my shopping to the car I felt I was already home, at a more authentic home than my own house. The serenity surrounding me was tangible. Everywhere I looked I felt a buzzing spiritual energy, every particle was alive, everything my senses touched had a powerful presence, infused with intelligence and primordial consciousness and being. When I arrived home I unloaded my shopping and stored it away. Every movement every hand gesture was performed through me by a presence which knew of an underlying significance I had never before considered. I felt an incredible gratitude that I had a house, food to eat and a place I could retire into and express my thanks in meditation. I went into my room and sat down.

Closing my eyes, the light was already there, a powerful manifestation of the stillness which had carried over into my meditation. I passively watched and waited to see how it would unfold as I surrendered to the light. All around I saw incredible vistas of luminous lands emerging, heavenly planes opening up in unexpected complexities, richness and varieties. I was swept along by a sublime sound current, which did not arrive via my ears, but from an infinite realm far beyond the land I was travelling through, beckoning me to follow: It was a haunting melody, enticing me to let go and transfer control to a force I knew had my best interest at heart. I followed obligingly, being swept away over wide-open fields, which led into a vast delta landscape made out of a repeating paisley pattern, all covered in exotic plants of unknown species. I then took a side-turn, following the melody into an open valley, carved out by a river flowing through it. The valley was hemmed in by steep crystalline rocks glistening in an abundance of precious stone. Big boulders, broken away from the rock, studding the landscape like enormous jewels. I saw living emanations, protuberances coming from the rocks and reaching out towards me as I passed by. I was attracted closer to the rivers surface because its enchanting sound was irresistible and mixed so perfectly with the melody I had been following.

Thought-City-1Eventually the stream branched out into many arms, filtering into a vast delta, carving out tiny enclaves and so creating a giant tapestry of intricate designs. The type of vegetation on the little islands changed from exotic flowers to clusters of flowering trees of a completely new and alien species, forever changing and evolving into new varieties. None of this felt strange and despite its unusual appearance I knew I was on home ground, feeling a persistent and continuous sense of welcoming.

As I progressed the light increased. I felt as if the light was descending on me from above, like a great loving hand bestowing a blessing. A deep sigh rose up from my heart as I received a shower of rainbow sparks raining down from a space of light above me. The touch was most gentle but increased until I was encased by a luminous light, which let me know the reason why I was here. I recognised it as the same light I had felt in the morning when I woke up, before I spoiled it by considering how to earn my worldly keep. It was here telling me of a superior reality and reminding me that whatever I had considered to be important were simply thoughts with no material relevance or substance and that without me concerning myself, everything had already been taken care of. Where I was now was my destiny. Now there was peace and I felt it spreading from this point throughout the whole region, leaving behind a quintessential sense of Being.

I then became aware of my position in my meditation chair. I felt a heavy but not unpleasant pressure on the top of my head and when I opened my eyes the room felt strangely lit up. Light was all around me. I closed my eyes again and was instantly back home where I belonged, at the heart of all.

Suddenly I remembered why I was here and the thought like a command came to me, ‘Take me to the cities.’

lotus-city-4-postInstinctively I was instantly pointed towards a vast horizon. A gigantic lotus flower emerged in the distance, rising out of the glorious mists, which was the diffused light of an unworldly dawn. It was a city designed in the shape of a lotus blossom, symmetrical petals arranged around a luminous centre. Around the outer perimeters were countless morphing shapes of light and millions of sparks buzzing around like bees trying to extract nectar from a blossom. These were all people, individual souls. Each petal had distinct features and colours that percolated through different shades. I could have easily joined the swarm to discover more about the individual souls and the inner sanctuaries of their dwelling places.

Instead I asked to be taken to another city and was instantly directed towards a huge swamp. The edges were lined with exotic trees, behind which a tropical rainforest covered everything as far as I could see. The light had a pink tinge like worldly evening light but for evening it was much too bright.

Thought-city-twoThe waters were crystal clear and I could see another world emerging beneath its calm surface. Then, ahead, I saw a glow surrounding huge organic egg-shaped structures growing out of the ground and resting on an ornate island inside a lagoon, like the nesting ground of a giant dragon. The island was covered with different clusters of spheres around a larger centre, hundreds of domes of different shapes, colours and designs, yet all belonging together, harmonising and complementing each other.

This too was a city, a vast information centre. Each large dome (the smallest being at least hundreds of metres in height) formed a vestibule of knowledge and was frequented by swirling lights. Each part of the city was connected via enormous arched tunnels.

I was amazed that I could see the inside and the outside simultaneously as well as being able to connect instantly with the minds that populated this living structure, getting an intimate understanding of why they were here. Their commerce was knowledge, socialising, benefitting from each other’s experience and presence and merging Consciousness, souls and minds.

My vision began to expand. I suddenly could see the whole world at once. I was no longer located in one place but my mind encompassed everything, the vastness as well as its detail. My mind had transcended its barriers. I saw and understood everything about this world I was a visitor of.

Thought-City-3There are more and bigger cities here than on our physical planet. We are a social species that fulfills nature’s purpose best by working with and for each other. The cities here are luminous regions with sublime architecture, generally radiating out from a great centre, which sometimes features a temple. They can be the dwelling places of highly unfolded individuals, who are in constant exchange with the unity Consciousness on the highest level. Their occupants are the most sublime and enlightened individuals, who reside in a permanent state of absolute realisation of Consciousness, having become the living conduits for it to disperse its blessings and power.

The many palaces and buildings are, in a way, like reflections of the people who manifested them. Their design and appearance give an indication of the occupiers’ personality and characteristics. They are a reflection of their spiritual power and realisation as well as their individuality.

When a visitor enters one of these central temples through the main entrances they will instantly become beneficiaries of the energies focused inside and be made aware of the sublime atmosphere in store for them. Entering such a temple through the entrance hallway with its rich pattern sees light seeping through every crevice and indentation, through the patterns of the arched walls and ceilings. The light seems intent on unloading its powerful force, pre-empting some of the blessing to be bestowed upon the visitor before they enter the inner shrine. Inside the main sanctuary the glory of the edifice becomes overwhelming and the visitor will have to be well prepared. Shafts of light break through window openings in the ceilings and walls and focus on the central point within the temples. On entry the sounds to be heard here can be anything from truly angelic choirs, to sublime celestial songs.

angels-assisting-manI often wondered who or what produces these, but it is simply a natural vibrational link from the visitor to the sympathetic part of the cosmic database, which is triggered by the atmosphere and then released upon the visitors. Sometimes the whole hall may fill up with hundreds or even thousands of welcoming thought forms of angels or human beings, attracted and generated by goodwill and abundant love to welcome the worshipper as if they were the most important Being in the whole universe. These types of manifestation are not restricted to such temples and can happen anywhere.

Once the visitor is tuned in and their heart surrendered and opened up they will be greeted by a presence which may be just that, a powerful presence or an awareness of a Being without any visible form. Alternatively it may manifest as a sphere of liquid light or as a radiant Being with refined human or angelic features or Godlike appearance. The worshippers powerful devotion may even attract the essence of their chosen avatar of their religion, which will manifest right in front of them, purified in the form they always imagined as a pure conduit of the highest Consciousness, streaming in and filling the divine vessel from beyond. At the point of contact the worshipper may be transformed and the temple itself may take on a different appearance. They may be swept away and transported by their avatar into a Consciousness unknown. Most people meeting these exalted beings no doubt will behold them as God, and will likely be overwhelmed by its presence. They may unite with its ecstasy. People who have come this far and have only once entered such places of power will never see their earthly place of worship with the same eyes again, whether it is a cathedral, a church, a mosque or a temple.

Thought-City-5Celestial city centres don’t have to have such edifices as their central landmark, although they frequently do. They can also be vast open spaces with fountains or monuments, buildings where counsellors reside, a place of aesthetic beauty or art, a lake, a precious jewel, an open playing field or a concert hall; but it is usually a landmark of a sort which reflects the character of a community and its citizens. Here, more than anywhere else, prevailing atmospheres attract people of similar inclination and leanings and everything is harmonised in accordance to their energies. There is no decision-making involved of where to live, only the instinctive pull of sympathetic forces. The moment we move further away and take a broader view, we see that everything is arranged in the most beautiful cosmic tapestry, where every aspect of our human nature is catered for to perfection and arranged according to the principles of cosmic order and synchronicity.

There are more cities in these higher dimensional realms than there are on Earth. Cities differ enormously in character and design. Some follow a layout of vast symmetric pattern, like a lotus flower or a mandala. On the peripheries of these cities are many other wondrous buildings created by inhabitants who are nourished by the aspects or the prevailing energies, which help them to unfold and explore their own individuality.

Because each individual’s core aspect is unique we will find that every city in these immense regions will be totally different attracting into itself unique mentalities, stimulating development and progress along the chosen lines to the highest states of accomplishment. In the ‘suburbs’ of these cities we will find individuals residing at various stages of spiritual or intellectual unfoldment, who seek their nourishment according to their states of Consciousness and individual needs. Every building they occupy is a close representation of their character, but because the neighbourhoods are made out of people who are attracted by likes and preferences, we will find the styles of their dwellings are always in harmony and keeping with each other, even though the appearance of each may be oddly unique. It is the atmosphere expressed in colour and the different variations of the same original determining shape which gives them harmony.

But people don’t just gravitate together in large cities. There are many much smaller communities, just as there are here on Earth and there are even very solitary dwellings. There are hermits tucked away in unassuming huts. Places may be very modest or inhabitants may not even choose any abode at all, as the prevailing atmosphere is one of being ‘home’, truly and finally being home, regardless of which part of these infinite realms of the super-dimensional territories you may visit. There is no limit to the choice of places where inhabitants may choose to pitch their dwellings, from spectacular residences carved into crystal caves, to floating islands in the air, in the oceans or palaces beneath it. Anything that can be imagined will find its perfect manifestation within this infinite world of the mind where the most sublime thoughts turn into tangible actual reality in super-Conscious awareness.

Some inhabitants draw no attention at all and live humbly and modestly their meek lives, directing their attention and love towards more needy places or in the opposite direction, the higher realms, while claiming no benefit for themselves. Sometimes their only purpose is simply to surrender to the creative currents and observe passively the manifestations nature provides along the way.

Thought-City-4Interests and groups are as varied as they are on Earth. Some are the cosmic travellers, who journey endlessly and tirelessly from town to town, land to land, from planet to planet and universe to universe. They spend their eternities travelling from place to place and enjoy the idiosyncratic lives of the different and diverse cultures that can be found. They are the messengers, the communicators and troubadours, bearing witness of other cultures and different realities. They stage life events, projecting their massive thought forms into the public spaces to give testimony of their adventures.

You don’t have to travel far though, to encounter strange new realities, and most former earthly dwellers are content to assemble their families around themselves into small communities; others gather in groups of affiliated interests, celebrating their affinities as well as their differences. Distances are often covered by instant projection, because the mind embraces all. We can consider ourselves at any place by a shift of identification. Alternatively we can drift, fly, walk or simply surrender ourselves to any of the many energy sub-currents that pass through the regions like the wind or ride on the sound currents to be carried off into worlds unknown, or even into the fold of our very origin if our heart compels us to.

I had previously learned, when my guide Philip introduced me to this region by showing the work of an artist, how I simply merged into the object of attention and how easy it was to acquire new knowledge and experiences — simply by looking at pictures, for example. We can embark on specific journeys in similar ways. Equally this type of focusing applies to everything else: works of art, music, a pattern, a thought design or a colour, a feeling, the sound of a brook or the song of a bird. Everything, when focused on, can open a transporting vessel into its inner mystery, because everything is connected to us very intimately. We can become what we see. We can enter a plant and follow its growth, enter its life stream and watch it evolve. This is also the way the Akashic Records are accessed here, more directly and more simply than on the Astral regions below. A simple query, thought or clue can instantly connect us to any historic event or any one of our own past lives by accessing our personal pattern. 

All these are our potentials, the blueprint for our evolutional path. Whether we will access these powers at a future point in our evolution, while still attached to a physical body, will depend on whether we manage to survive as a species.

We are just young and have barely taken advantage of our great inner potential. At least on our physical level we are still blind, groping around in the dark, doing harm to each other out of ignorance and blindness towards our inner connection. I know this will change in time. We are only just beginning. Other species live in this reality on other planets and some have succeeded. We have the potential power to succeed as well, the moment we throw off our ignorance and blindness.”

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