The Wall Of Light: Contact With Venus ~ Part II

Venusians-from-Planet-Venus-main-4-postby Arthur Matthews

It was during the fall of 1942 that the X-12 paid me another short visit, Frank wished to talk to me about a very private matter. During this visit I was lucky to be able to take a good look at the X-12 inside and out, Frank came into my home and after we finished our private talk, we walked down to the landing spot, when we reached the ship, I stood wild eyed looking at that great and wonderful thing, other members of the crew came out, all of them laughing at the surprised look on my face, but what I saw of the outside of that great ship was nothing to the wonders which I was to see and hear, inside. It was in fact the “thought-pictures,” which first convinced me that this ship and its crew of twenty-four persons, was indeed, as they said, from the planet Venus. When Frank and I arrived at the ship, he said, “Come inside and you may, if you wish, take a good look all over.”

I accepted his invitation, and he led me to a door, and we stepped into a small room, which he said was the elevator, in a few seconds, we arrived at the top level, or control room, located at the top of the elevator shaft (about 300 feet high:). “This is our control room,” said Frank. “You may inspect it.’ “But, “I replied, “Where are the controls?” (All I saw in the room was a circular seat, on which sat four persons; two women and two men. These four took no notice of us, they just sat and looked, so it appeared, directly at the wall). “These four are our controls,” said Frank “But where are the meters”, I asked, “and other things which appear to be an important part of our aircraft? In what manner can you guide, steer and control the power of this large ship without some form of control?” “Well,” said Frank, “perhaps the manner in which we control this ship, that is to say, the means we use, may appear to you Earth people an impossibility; every member of our crew is trained in the practical use of ‘Thought Power’. The four members whom you see here, keep the ship under perfect control at all times by the simple application of pure thought. In order to convince you, or at least try to convince you, that this ship has no other power, you may inspect every inch of it, but I can assure you there is no engine of any kind, either inside or outside. But, measure carefully, convince yourself. If you study the question, you will find nothing remarkable about our ability to make a practical use of the power of applied thought. Every person on Earth could, with advantage, do the same.”

With those remarks Frank said, “Make a good inspection. I will wait outside for you, and when you are finished looking for our ‘mystery’ engine, Francis will continue with her picture show,” and left me. I then had a very careful look around the control room but could find no sign of a motor or material control of any sort. I then walked down some steps to the 4th level, which was divided between storage of small scout ships, heavy material, water supply, etc. with a number of workshops, but I could find nothing like a power plant. The third level was very much the same, except it had a large horticultural section where all their food was grown, and the lovely gardens where the crew relaxed and ate their food. A few scout ships were also on this floor. I had a good look all over and then continued going down to the second level, so far no sign of a power plant. I found the second level the same as the others, except a part comprised the living quarters of the crew. It had flower gardens, a recreation area, study rooms and a meeting hall. Living quarters were compartments for single persons or married couples; each unit comprised of a small hallway, a large living room, bedroom, bathroom with a flush toilet and storage locker. But still no sign of a power plant or any material controls. After a good look, I walked down to the first level which was devoted to the storage of some more small space craft and ground vehicles, work shops and other equipment.

“Well,” I thought, “if there is any motor on this ship it must be made of invisible and sizeless material!” for there was not an inch of space anywhere on that ship which I had not inspected. To be sure, I would have to take a good look on the outside of the ship. During my inspection trip, I noted with delight the beautiful floor covering, of many colors, which appeared to be made of a synthetic material, very soft to walk on. The walls were hung with beautiful paintings, none of which were of the ‘modern’ kind, and each living room had a see through window giving a full view of the outside. During my visit a number of the crew were playing a game somewhat like basketball. This gave me an opportunity to study these people more closely and I noted that they were exactly the same as Earth people – at least I could see no difference. They were from about 5″6″ to 6′ in height, some were blue-eyed, others appeared to have green and brown eyes. Skin coloring appeared a bronze sun-tan and their hair in many shades from golden blond to a reddish brown. They all appeared in glowing health and their eyes sparkled with that health.

After my careful inspection of the inside of this great ship, I walked outside where Frank and Frances were waiting for me. Having partly recovered from my surprise on seeing the ship, I now took a more careful look at its outside. It was indeed a strange looking object. I found it hard to believe my senses, and still thought I must be dreaming, my feelings were no doubt reflected on my face, because my two companions gave amused chuckles at my bewilderment. The landed ship which appeared to be made of grey colored metal looked like a big egg, and circling it, about twenty-feet away from the main body of the ship, was an unsupported ring of the same grey colored material. I found out later that it was a “guide-ring” (whatever that meant?). This guide ring which was over seven-hundred feet in diameter, was not attached to the main body of the ship by any visible means. I thought, “Maybe the power plant is inside this ring?” In the center of the ship was the control tower, and elevator, with a door at the lower end, which at the moment rested on the ground. This tower is 300 feet in height, with 50 feet protruding from the main body at each end, that is 50 feet protruding from the main body at each end (50 feet at the top and 50 feet at the bottom) which made the main body 200 feet high and 700 feet in diameter. After a careful inspection, I could find no sign of a motor, unless it was inside that guide ring. It was 20 feet in diameter and depending on what kind of motor, it was large enough to hold it. I said as much to Frank. “Well”, he answered, “all right my fine doubter, you may now go inside that guide ring”. I said nothing, but at the moment I failed to see how I could go inside.

It turned out to be easy. Frank led me back inside the ship, up to the third level, then to a door which he opened, and I could see the guide ring about twenty feet away. I then noted a door in its side. Frank pushed a button, which was on the wall near the door. In a few seconds, the door in the guide ring opened and a platform came out of the door opening towards us. In a few more seconds, Frank had the platform attached and I noticed the platform had hand-holds for which I was very glad – for we were about 150 feet from the ground. Frank said “Come with me,” and walked across the platform and into the guide ring, as I followed close behind. “Go all around,” said Frank, “make a good inspection. You may go alone, I will wait here for you. Take your time.”

Without further words I started my walk around the inside of this mystery ring, and what a mystery it turned out to be! I do not know where the light came from, there were no windows, but I could see clearly, and the mystery proved to be – nothing! A completely empty tube! How did it work? How did it ‘guide’? How was it supported? Questions, questions: no answers.

I could not find any power plant, just empty nothing. I walked completely around inside that tube to find Frank waiting for me. “Well my good friend,” he asked, “did you find what you were looking for?” “No Frank,” I replied, I found nothing. Will you tell me the answer to this mystery?” “Yes,” said Frank, “I will tell you but its, a big secret. You must not tell any one, do you agree?” “Yes,” I said, “I agree.” “Well,” said Frank, “I have told you but you doubt. This great mystery is no more or less than the power of thought. You have made a most careful inspection: you found only empty space, did you not?” “Yes,” I replied, “I did inspect your great ship, outside and in, and also the ring, to the best of my ability. I found no sign of any power plant. Therefore, at least for the moment, I must believe all you say. I believe in the power of thought but I must admit, my earth-man faith is not very strong.”

Excerpt from The Wall of Light

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