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The-Voice-of-Orion-Full-Book-Download-main-4-postThe Voice of Orion, due to lack of renewal of copyright, is in public domain and available for download here.

I plan to continue to post a link to one book per week that is in public domain by Dr. Ernest L. Norman so stay tuned for more a-coming! If you are a serious student of Dr. Normans then this will bring you great joy as well as I hope you share with your friends.

What does it mean when a book is in public domain?

“When a book (or any written work) enters the public domain, you can copy and use it without getting permission or paying fees. That’s because public domain books are no longer — or never were — protected by copyright.

What can you do with public domain books? Republish them as they are, or add your own material to create new works. Recast them in new media, remix them with other works, translate them into new languages … the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

You can also quote freely from public domain books and other writings. Also if a book or other written work is in the public domain you won’t have to pay permissions fees and you won’t have to rely on fair use. You can stage your play, or write your screenplay, or digitize the work and publish it online … you can create stuff without needing a lawyer.” per Public Domain Sherpa


Once again the time has come to present to the earnest Truth seeker one more volume in the “Pulse of Creation” series; and just as in all similar presentations, we do so with a certain sense of justifiable pride and a feeling of accomplishment; for not only have overwhelming obstacles been overcome in various technical aspects – thanks to the persistence and dedication of Ruth and Velma – in such problems as transcribing, editing, setting up the copy for the press, etc., but also that these books and other liturgies as a whole, represent the combined efforts of the Great Spiritual Organization of UN.AR.I.U.S. which has been in the making for thousands of years, and is now culminating in this final stage of expression.

In this respect it should be noted that during the comparatively few years in which UN.AR.I.U.S. has had its first present day earth world beginnings, much has been accomplished and already many thousands of wonderful testimonials have been safely filed away for future reference; when at any convenient time they can be brought forth to prove the miraculous efficaciousness of this interdimensional science, as well as to give great inspiration to those who are trying to solve the maze of differences in their own lives and also to obtain tangible and evidential proof of the evolutionary continuity of life.

No doubt these and other testimonials give great joy to the many advanced Spiritual Personalities who are laboring so assiduously to the cause of UN.AR.I.U.S.. In the future years yet to come, many more glorious chapters will be written in the hearts and lives of those who will come to know UN.AR.I.U.S. – as the full justification of all, long-sought after emancipations, the fulfillment of their greatest hopes and aspirations and most important of all, to begin their own development into one of those oft-portrayed angelic figures.

No doubt, too, many others aside from the ardent Truth seekers will find a great answer in UN.AR.I.U.S.; the scientist of the future will find in these works definite clues, descriptions and other necessary data wherein he can propound the beginnings of his new interdimensional science. The doctor and psychiatrist also will find the answer to many age-old mysteries of life; the riddle of incurable diseases will be solved for all time, and our present day hospitals and prisons could become relics of the past just as would the impedimenta of the great armies and navies now in use.

Generally speaking, however, perhaps it may be that the larger portion of mankind will never find any semblance of an Utopian existence on this planet earth world; for as it has been conceived, the earth may always remain largely a place where – just as in other similar earth worlds – mankind takes his first step in climbing the ladder into immortality. Yet there are those, too, who are still among the first strugglers who would take their second step; and it is for these souls that UN.AR.I.U.S. is dedicated.

Therefore, as you read this and other books of UN.AR.I.U.S., it is sincerely hoped for and desired that you are among those desiring the next step, and that you will find all the necessary answers, equivalents, and transcending power to enable you to find the next rung on the unending ladder into Infinity.

E. L. Norman

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