The Uncertainty Principle Explained by Unariun Mechanics

Uncertainty-Principle-main-4-postby Gloria Lynn

As we view an atom, we are visually interpreting what we think of as matter but what we are actually seeing is where the wave forms intersect giving the illusion of matter  or what the scientist calls “particle” movement.

A particle is not really a particle but where one or more wave forms intersect creating a denser location of wave forms which then is Bohr imageinterpreted as a particle. Because the waveforms are constantly gyrating, the intersection of wave forms crossing each others’ paths (particles) appear to be in all parts of the atom’s interior at the same time causing the uncertainty principle where you can either know the velocity or the location but you can’t know both at the same time.

As the wave forms gyrate, the positions of intersecting wave forms also change their location. This occurs so fast that it appears the particles are in all positions at once. The gyrating intersections of wave patterns also form geometric patterns individualizing each atom with its own unique atomic number.

A good example of these patterns can be observed in cymatics where you have a pattern per unique sound wave. As the sound wave changes so does the pattern. But if you notice where the wave forms intersect, this is like in an atom; this is where one would note the appearance of a so-called particle but it is only just where the wave forms intersect or cross over each other giving the illusion of a particle ie. matter or what would be called vibrational nodes.

cymaticsAs UN.AR.I.U.S. explains, at the intersection is where you would also have a vortex residing within the fourth dimension. At the apex of the vortex is the denser pack of criss-crossing wave forms noted as resulting in so-called particles such as electrons, neutrons, protons. Within these particles you have the same situation but on a smaller scale: wave forms gyrating, criss-crossing, and intersecting each other forming sub-atomic particles such as quarks, muons, charms,vortex five etc., and so on ad infinitum. These sub-atomic particles too will be apexes of respective vortexes which again reside in the fourth dimension. This also explains nonlocality because in the fourth dimension there is no time or space. This same dimension is where we pass onto at death.

The trajectory of any one particle depends on what all the other particles described by the wave function are doing. And, critically, the wave function has no geographic limits; it might, in principle, span the entire universe. Which means that the universe is weirdly interdependent, even across vast stretches of space. The wave function “combines — or binds — distant particles into a single irreducible reality,” as Sheldon Goldstein, a mathematician and physicist at Rutgers University, has written.” ~ Dan Falk

This weird interdependence is because as stated, the fourth dimension has no time or space. Energy interconnects based on frequency and harmonic relationship, an important precept taught by Unariun Wisdom.

Now where does all this energy come from? Good question! This energy is the source of life itself as it exists in what the scientist calls the vacuum of space or what Tesla called the ether which as Dr. Norman states is infinitely filled with energy but in ways and forms the scientist has no way of measuring but who are now just beginning to speculate about ie. dark energy, dark matter, eleven dimensions, string theory, etc. All he/she has to do is open up a Unariun text and he/she will have the answers to these many perplexing questions.

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