The Unariun Mission

The-Unariun-Mission-main-2-postTestimonial by Ruth E. Norman Regarding The Beginning of the UN.AR.I.U.S. Mission:

Ernest-L-Norman-light projectionAlways as the Moderator (Ernest L. Norman) would voice his illumined Message of Truth, great Powers were present, often so intense were the frequencies, the Rays so potent, I would become so transcended, it was most difficult to remain awake; the Beam would just project me right out of the physical at times! And with each dissertation He brought was a new revelation; more and greater Truths of the Higher Worlds were added; day, after day, after day. He would let the Light shine and the Word and Power flow! Often, as He voiced and described the scenes on the inner – Venus in particular – did I also view these happenings. At one time, I recall I saw my brother, in spirit, as the Moderator was describing the line of plebians just passing through the great flames or fountains of Light-Energies, and I said, after He had finished, “Danny was in the group of emerging entities?” He said, “Yes, the fourth from the end.” Thus, much of the time I traveled in consciousness through these many visitations to higher worlds and which, of course, could never have been possible without the great discharge, the release of the many earth negations and ties which existed a short time previously.

temple-of-light-progression-4-postAlways were the teachings and transmissions in the wonderfully perfect continuity of word and sentence structure, far removed from the manner and ways the earth man writes a book. Instead, He would simply sit down and begin to dictate, either to myself, to write it down in longhand or to the tape recorder. UN.AR.I.U.S.’ works have been printed just as He voiced them, word for word, with no rearranging or editing necessary, other than my typing errors, in all that He gave, so perfect has it all been with Him – and He not a college student; which serves to prove He brought the great Infinite Wisdom with him as He came into the world! Yes, the enthusiasm, the excitement, the wonder of it all was overpowering. He was actually bridging two worlds! He was bringing Heaven right down to earth – the two wedded in one. Those never to be forgotten days and years! And very likely, never to be repeated; however, to those so likewise ready, this Infinite Power, the life-changing Rays and Light are presently existing in the Unariun curriculum for whoever will so devote and dedicate himself to his personal development. Thus can these persons also experience growth, change and progress.Ernest L Nomran-book-library

To those who may be interested, we state that this great illuminating Light, the energies have also been interjected and oscillated into the very printing of the Word and into the binding of the very books themselves, as we have worked in ‘consciousness’ with these individuals so involved that the works may be so imbued! All so concerned, having to do with these works, have been polarized with this Radiant Energy in order that you, the reader, may be aided in every possible way to receive the fullest measure of benefits. ~ Excerpt from The Bridge To Heaven

Just a reminder that nearly all of Dr. Norman’s books are available for free download from and (upper right – Books Menu) Nearly all books are in public domain.

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