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The-Truth-About-Mars-main-4-postThe Truth About Mars, due to lack of renewal of copyright, is in public domain and available for download here.

I plan to post a link to one book per week that is in public domain by Dr. Ernest L. Norman starting today so stay tuned for more a-coming! If you are a serious student of Dr. Normans then this will bring you great joy as well as I hope you share with your friends.

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C-The-Truth-About-Mars-bookAbout The Truth About Mars (Preface)

A few months ago the astronomical and astrophysical world was tremendously excited by the approaching conjunction of the earth with the planet Mars. (This article being written in May, 1955, refers to the conjunction of Mars with the earth at the turn of the year 1954 to 1955). Many prominent astronomical authorities hoped to settle once and for all time, the old controversial issues about this planet; i.e., were there canals or were there not canals on Mars and was this planet inhabited by some form of man. So far as can be ascertained, the results of these investigations, after thousands of photographs of the planet and numerous controversies, was that some groups were even more firmly entrenched in their original ideas, while others became more confused than ever. In an over-all sense, it can be said that they arrived at no definite conclusion whatever nor will any new conclusions that may be arrived at, have, by the same token, any more validity than the original concepts (see addenda).

Therefore any new attempt at visualizing life or the canals on Mars resolves into the realm of clairvoyance and not by the making of bigger and more powerful telescopes. The two hundred inch telescope at Mt. Palomar has, in a sense, merely increased the size of the Universe for man rather than brought it closer to him. Now, just in case the term clairvoyant should arouse any antagonism or question in some person’s mind, let us digress a moment to explain just what is meant by the word clairvoyance.

Clairvoyance (or the development of the sixth sense) is only another word for extrasensory perception taking place within the consciousness of man rather than through the reactionary physical senses such as physical sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Practically everyone on this earth has had or will, at some time, be in a semi or momentarily clairvoyant state. Anyone having a so-called hunch or premonition is momentarily in such a state. At the great Duke University, Dr. Rhine, in his fifty years of research on parapsychology has definitely established the facts and truths of extrasensory perception. There are numerous societies, associations and organizations, national and international, whose many years of work have proven beyond a doubt that man does have, and can also develop, this extra sense or clairvoyance, sometimes called the sixth sense.

Any doubting Thomas can, if he is open minded enough, find in a short time, an overwhelming mass of evidence to support this truth. In an advanced state of clairvoyance, an individual sees and lives in a state of consciousness which “tunes” him in, as it were, to past or future events, places and happenings, distance being no barrier. Such an awareness or consciousness is almost as real as the everyday objects around him. Any particular electrical or mechanical device, such as the television set will demonstrate to some extent the nature of this conception. A savage in the jungle would immediately be confounded were he presented with the appearance of some of our everyday appliances. He would quite likely, in his failure to understand or conceive, throw up his hands and deny the whole thing. He would, in a sense, be like the farmer who saw the giraffe for the first time, exclaiming that “there is no such animal!”

It is, as it has always been, the great lack of ability to form new concepts which has always caused man to throw up his hands, and cry out loudly against the appearance of any new thought, or mechanical or electrical contrivance.

This is also quite true of most of our modern day scientists, whether he is a man of medicine, of chemistry or of astronomy. Therefore it is up to individuals who have developed this extra sense or clairvoyance, to fill in the obvious gaps in our many branches of science as well as in some of the more firmly established spiritual concepts.

In writing an article of this kind, no effort is being made to prove what I have found and believe is true. Truth is entirely independent of the individual. After my thirty-five years of active research in the fields of electronics, physics, astrophysics, parapsychology and their allied and associated sciences, I have succeeded in correlating and establishing an integrated concept, which when combined with a natural and highly developed clairvoyance gives, to a practically perfect degree, a direct mental contact not only with person to person upon this earth, but in contacting individuals living on other planets. This is in a sense, what can be called conscious astral flight; inasmuch as I see the cities and the people and hear the individuals, as they now exist on other planets. No mechanical devices are used, nor is any particularly advanced degree of trance state entered into, maintaining conscious continuity and being able to quote at the time, just what is taking place both audibly and visibly, at all times.

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  • Derek Lynas says:

    Hi Sunny.
    Thanks for this. I recall somewhere that remote-viewers have reported similar conditions on Mars, including underground ‘tunnels’
    There are so many spoofs on youtube it’s hard to take much of this seriously. What are your views on this?

    Sunny’s Response: I think that much of what Dr. Norman wrote per his astral visit more then 60 years ago has been conclusively shown to be true by the many images taken from the Mars rovers. A lot of what he spoke regarding the conditions on Mars such as the thin atmosphere, volcanoes, and dust storms have also been vindicated. Also can’t forget to mention the nuclear by-products in the atmosphere of which the Martians use as an energy source as well as the experimentation which resulted in the gigantism of the ant insect. You can find related articles about all of this on my web site by doing a search for Mars reptiles, etc.

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