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Underground-City-on-Mars-main-4-postShortly after the publication (of the Truth About Mars), by about two years, Disney Studios brought out a short movie about Mars in which wDisney-Mars-Domed-Cities-2ere depicted the huge, domed, underground cities and connecting tunnels, all done as a colored cartoon feature. Shortly afterward, Disney actually produced, as an exhibit in Disneyland, a Martian home. Could Walt Disney have obtained and read The Truth About Mars?Disney-Mars-Domed-City-1

During the 1950s, books were sent by two, or more, Unariun students to many prominent and well-known personalities in the United States; yet, at the moment, it is not known whether one was mailed to Walt Disney or not but very likely so. Also, these books were placed in the public libraries immediately upon their publication. Mention might be made here, too, that these first UN.AR.I.U.S. books The Truth About Mars and The Voice of Venus were also sent to the President of the United States as well as to the Governor of California, Goodwin Knight, whose wife acknowledged their receipt.

During the early months of 1967, Disney Enterprises announced they were building an amusement park in Florida that would be housed under a huge dome of transparent plastic and metal, and it would cover about 80 acres. domedcity_translobbywdp

Within this dome, in a totally controlled, conditioned environment, there would be not only the amusement park, but it would also provide housing and homes, hotels, etc., for at least 40,000 people.
domedcity_interiorThe picture of this proposed amusement center and its dome has appeared in color as a nationally syndicated feature in different magazines and newspapers throughout the country.

Walt Disney Productions today announced it would build the world’s first glass-domed city in central Florida amid Disneyworld, a $100-million entertainment center.

New York Times

Plans for the world’s first glass domed city, a Disney World five times bigger than the Disneyland in California, were unveiled here yesterday.

Chicago Tribune

Plans for a $600 million Disney World, complete with a bubble-top City of Tomorrow, were unwrapped here yesterday. The planned development includes an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow (EPCOT) planned for 20,000 permanent residents. The city would be completely enclosed with a dome covering 50 to 75 acres and completely air conditioned.

St. Petersburg Times

The world’s first glass-enclosed city—where more than 20,000 people will be able to forget about umbrellas—is included in the $600 million dream of the late Walt Disney for Central Florida. Disney Productions announced yesterday that a city under a glass dome will be the centerpiece of Disney World.

Ocala Star-Banner

The picture clearly depicts the central, radial plant and structure with its central hub as seen and described in Martian cities.

domedcity_waltDisney Enterprises also announced there would be a number of similar projects, even much larger, which in the future would be constructed elsewhere in the United States and in foreign countries.

On the heels of this announcement a very famous architect living in New York stated and advocated that in some not too distant future all large American cities would be housed under these huge domes! For example, New York City, so enclosed in this totally conditioned environment, could pay for all the construction costs of this dome, within ten years’ time, with the money saved from snow removal in the winter! Doors and windows in all buildings could be left open the year round in a balmy 78-degree temperature. There would be no dust and no smog; automobile transportation would be entirely eliminated in these cities and supplanted by electrically powered vehicles and other means of transportation, such as moving sidewalks, etc. Excerpt from The Truth About Mars.




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