The Tortoise And The Hare

tortoise-and-hare-main-4-post“Almost everyone is familiar with the classic fables of Aesop and has from time to time heard of at least one or more of these moralizing stories. The Moderator of UN.AR.I.U.S. likes the psychology involved in these stories and occasionally quotes one of them on the basis of comparative values. One of these stories concerns the race between the tortoise and the hare (rabbit); how the hare antagonized the slow tortoise to the point where the tortoise suggested a race. Ridiculous though it seemed to the hare, he agreed, believing he could make the tortoise seem even more ridiculous. So at the start of the race the hare was soon out of sight, and believing he had plenty of time to rest sat down beside the road. Not realizing it, he fell asleep only to find upon awakening, the tortoise was waiting at the finish line.

The problem of equating moral values in comparison to the study and application of the Unariun concepts is much more important than could be so equalized in any other comparative material values. The hare, of course, does represent at all times the personal ego; the tortoise is, in turn, a representative form of Outrunning-The-Past-4-posthis past life and all its insecurities.

Many new students who first begin the lesson courses think that like the hare they can quickly outdistance their past; they believe they can quickly read the books and lesson courses in a matter of hours or days and gain all there is to be gained or they can use the UN.AR.I.U.S. study courses as another one of those pacifying sidelines or hobbies wherein they are more or less insuring, so they believe, a place in Heaven without giving up their Earth life or by such superficial reading, be entitled to a healing.

Heaven and Earth are widely different and are not compatible on the basis that we can leave Earthovercoming-ego-4-post and go to Heaven and live there without understanding what a heavenly life consists of and how it is lived. So the new student quite frequently, like the hare, will lie down beside the road and while he is so asleep or indifferent, his past will catch up with him; in fact, he may find upon awakening that the tortoise is ahead of him. Thus any intent or purpose which he has made toward his future has been defeated; he is again confronted with the most imponderable of all imponderables which is, in toto, giving up his old Earth life and all of its many complexities – all of the things which seem dear to him, yes, even the defensive ego which he used as a crutch to stumble through the maze of insecurities of his material life.

The study of UN.AR.I.U.S. is at once all of the things which can be conceived, either on Earth or in Heaven; yes, and even far beyond conception. It is an interdimensional science and as such is scientifically proven in present-day scientific knowledge as the logical solution and explanation to all things which are now mysteries to the earthman. It presents the logical sequence of creation and a host of other very important factors and elements, all of which are the compound of Infinity. To Book-of-Life-Awakening-2believe such Infinity could be encompassed and absorbed in a few hours or a few weeks is a most ridiculous assumption and can be assumed only by those who are extremely ignorant or that they have an inflated ego. The books and study course of UN.AR.I.U.S. are only an elemental first-grade approach to Infinity; they are intended as sort of a springboard for any individual to precipitate himself into Infinity. While they present the basic principles of Creation, they also mandate that each student learn to use them as a personal constructive effort as well as to understand them.

In this respect, UN.AR.I.U.S. and its study is Infinite in nature; it has no terminating point. Its concepts are far beyond the most advanced scientific technocracies. The student is to be forewarned also that on the basis of certain psychological foibles involved in human thought processes, the new student may read into, distort, adulterate or reconform what he reads according to what he understands from his past. Here again the tortoise has passed him and he must, in effect, again rerun his race, each race becoming increasingly difficult, the demand on his personal ego more conflicting until he must eventually reach that point where he gives it up and where he can approach the Father as a little child. The Father or Infinity is not emotionally inclined to argue with any person on differences of personal opinions. The Infinite is too vast, too wise and too all-inclusive to indulge in emotionalisms. It knows that everyone must be either progressive or they will retrogress and perish. Yes, even as they perish they are still part of the Infinite; their substance goes back into its universal storehouse to be reused in constructing new forms of life.

Your personal problem therefore resolves into one important question: whether you will or will not become a constructive entity in the universal purpose of Infinity. As such a constructive entity there are of course all of those long-dreamed of realizations such as constructive usage which will be entered into progressively. The suggestion “giving up the world and the old life” does kingdom within 2not mean becoming a celibate in any form; it does not mean that you should run for the hills and live in a cave but rather, you start to live your material life on a constructive basis; that is, each moment, every act, all transpositions and transactions, everything that you see about you in your daily world will be used as a system of comparisons or comparative values. They are evolutionary forms; they are the ever-present tortoise. His is either just behind you, around the bend or he is in front.

When you get to that point in your life where all things are so constantly and continuously equalized according to the scientific knowledge which is contained in the lesson courses, then you will have transformed your material world into one of the cells of Infinite Consciousness. You will see not sin and evil, not confusion and despair, neither rags nor riches but a way in which the Infinite is so constantly reconstructing Itself. In so doing It is giving the same opportunity to develop the same godlike propensities to any individual who can live beyond the superficial appearance. The person who understands and can use a constructive and regenerative evolution as it is ever presented, that person has sought and found the ever-present Kingdom Within.”

by Ernest L. Norman

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