The Secret Family of Jesus

jesus mary mainThis is the narrative of the intrigue that Dan Brown failed to address. More important than the Da Vinci Code it’s an account of past events that has been invisible for more than 2,000 years. It takes us right back to the very root of Christianity and if accurate, could shake almost everything that Christians take for granted. It’s the account of the people who were dearest to Jesus, the people who shared his lineage.

In this film Robert Beckford will decrypt the Bible and other ancient scriptures to tell for the first time the actual story of Jesus’ bloodline because he thinks Jesus had brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles and nephews. A huge widespread family tree that was there for at least 300 years after his demise and took large part in the establishment of Christianity, that the authentic idea was too threatening for the new religion, and that the formal Church kidnapped their campaign and then made an attempt to remove them from the story.

The very first words of this new belief, as uttered by Jesus and his followers, are contained in the Bible. For many people, it’s truly the word of God. But dispersed across the pages of this book are some puzzling allusions to a group of people very close to Jesus, his own clan and his dearest associates. But strangely, they barely get recognition at all.

One of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Church’s largest annual celebration day is that of the birth of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Feasts are held all over the world, her portraits are proudly displayed, but one thing is never commented – her actual blood family. The whole inquiry about the existence of Jesus’ brothers and sisters in the gospels is very much explained and associated with the identity of Jesus and his mother. And as Jesus starts to be evermore perceived as godlike and Mary transforms evermore into eternal virgin, then it becomes unorthodox to say that these are typical brothers and sisters.

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  • It is not mere supposition or belief that Jesus had relatives because it is clearly stated in the Bible. One cannot miss it. We are told about some of his mother’s (Mary’s) relatives, and that there were unusual experiences in that family that vindicated, I suppose, the choice of Mary as the bearer of Jesus, and it is quite likely that, like most Jewish children, she had uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters. So would have Jesus. This should surprise no one. As for the possibility that Jesus married and had children of his own, well, I don’t really see that as a realistic possibility, partly because Jesus knew his destiny, and given his compassion, I doubt that he would have wanted to leave a husbandless wife and fatherless young children in that society. Mostly, though, I cannot see Jesus – a man on a mission – being distracted from it by romance and family. Yes, it is said in one Gnostic gospel that he kissed Mary M. on the mouth, but a kiss, my dears, does not necessarily lead to sex. It most likely signified a very close affection between them, a deep spiritual understanding. Kissing on the mouth is not at all unusual between those who love each other, friends, relatives etc, and I would expect that if Mary M was, as some Gnostic gospels suggest, really got Jesus’s teachings, as his disciples did not, there would have been a very deep bond between them that had nothing to do with romance or sex. I believe that Jesus was truly a man apart, an aspect of a great being that came to earth to carry out a mission and who did carry it out, transcending the pull of the physical and after death, returning to show his disciples that the human being can (and must, eventually) become a transcendent being. Despite what many optimistic new agers things, one does not reach that state of transcendence without significantly raising the vibrations of the physical being, and becoming partially freed from the physical and its attachments.

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