The Science of Obsession

obsessions-main“Our present-day psychiatry is indeed crude and the practice of psychology as it is expounded in our various asylums and the so-called therapeutic treatment of the different aberrations is likewise crude; the only difference being that there is now some sort of humanitarian interest to the environment with which the mentally aberrated person is immediately concerned. In other words, the psychiatrist resorts only to a temporary change of environment hoping thereby to induce a permanent change in thought patterns. Such a procedure is extremely fallacious and will explain why it is that so little success is being concurrently displayed in our modern dispensations of psychiatric treatment.

To further expurgate any particular psychic misalignments, the psychiatrist often subjects more advanced aberrations to severe shock treatments. This therapy is indeed crude and primitive and immediately is reminiscent of many of the bygone practices from the pagan or more aboriginal days of the individual healing practices wherein holes were often scraped in the cranium to let loose evil spirits and other weird practices which subjected the individual to horrible and extreme torture. Blood-letting was a common practice in the Middle Ages to relieve various kinds of diseases in the body; and this too smacked of the letting out of evil spirits. The present-day psychologist, in subjecting the patient to a severe shock, can be likened somewhat to fixing a delicate watch with a hammer; the treatment is, as previously postulated, reminiscent of bygone practices.

obsessions-4Herein, too, enters another commonly misunderstood fraction of psychological dispensation; that is, the complete elimination of various obsessive factors which have entered into the person’s life. Through frequency relationships in various negative dispensations, a person quite frequently not only links himself to past similar dispensations but, through frequency relationship, also links himself to an infinite number of similar negative relationships, some of which have no immediate personal relationship to him but which, through this frequency attunement, automatically at that particular moment, become just as much a part of him as anything else. This includes a number of other ramifications involving energy wave forms which have been constructed by other different entities of human beings. Thus, this person in a negative dispensation, automatically links himself to these similar destructive configurations of wave forms as they were previously formed by some other entity. If that other entity is in a spiritual world, wandering about in abysmal ignorance, he is quite likely – through that frequency relationship – to associate himself immediately with the mental processes of the person who was originally instigating the negative expression into his life. This is an obsession. It can be either temporary or permanent; it can be thoroughly established, upon the precincts of frequency relationship, that such things do exist and are existing (to some degree), with every human being upon the face of the earth today.

In our everyday walk of life, we cannot associate ourselves with any immediate perspective of life obsessions-6about us without involving ourselves in that same frequency relationship which originally created that particular dispensation, no more than we can attune a radio to a broadcasting station without the direct result of receiving the program then being broadcast. Obsessions in the form of entities through frequency relationship can sometimes be permanent. When such a condition is superimposed through this manner in the interpolation of life to some individual, he is usually considered to be mentally aberrated or insane, as the various concepts, ideologies and the other confluxes and configurations of energy wave forms from the obsessing entity are sometimes in direct opposition to the present external surfaces of the then existing interpolation of life of the individual. He will then do strange things and thus be considered insane and will be incarcerated in some institution. This concept is not to be misconstrued with any past existing practices of witchcraft as they are commonly expressed in the jungles and back reaches of the world – either in the present or in the past. Such present or past existing expressions are primitive in nature and lack the common essentials of understanding.

We can no more mix or mingle the differences of these past dispensations than we can mix or mingle our present technical knowledge in medicine of the human body with the past dispensations as they were posed by Galen at the turn of the Christian era. And while the old and presently existing forms of witchcraft do contain certain basic elements of truth, yet practices and expressions are crude and primitive and often unfactual, both in the way in which they are usually supposed to exist and the way in which their elimination is attempted.

In the future when such a person is thus diagnosed and is known to be obsessed by an entity which has linked itself through frequency relationship into the person’s present expression of life, then the dispossessionsimple and common procedure which is contained in the knowledge of this existing condition, will immediately present the necessary and suitable technique for the elimination of this connection. This is done first, by making the obsessing entity aware of what he is doing; secondly, by making the recipient or the one who is obsessed aware also of what is taking place. With the interjection of certain catalytic energies which are projected in a psychokinetical fashion in the process of this introspection, the frequency relationships between the obsessing entity and the person thus obsessed will be broken and changed so that the obsession no longer occurs. There is no hocus-pocus about this process; no beating of drums, no rattles, no jumping or dancing about or wearing of great masks; instead, just a simple presentation of known scientific facts and elements which are presently partially understood in our modern atomical sciences.

When our future sciences of psychology and medicine are merged and when they also combine in this union, the different concepts and other perspectives of consciousness which we have entered into in the relationship of the daily life of the individual, we can then empty our asylums, our prisons, our hospitals and turn these buildings into something else of a more useful purpose. Hospitals, asylums and prisons today remain only as monuments to the abysmal ignorance of mankind in his expression of the therapeutic sciences. They are but huge monuments of stone wherein are written in blood, the names of countless thousands of people who have gone down to early and needless death through the reinfliction of karmic substitutes and tortures into the nether worlds by this same ignorance. This continual reversal into the primitive reactionary expression of life continues because it isn’t understood. “It ain’t so,” are the famous last words of many a person and have condemned others, too, who were innocent, to early graves, needless torture and wandering about in the astral nether worlds until they could again reestablish themselves into a healthier pattern of evolution.

How much better it would be if these purveyors of science, these expressionists of the various therapeutic arts as they are so contained in our psychology and our medical science, could realize that their science, their expression was, in itself, an infinitesimally small portion of the whole of Infinity; if they could but realize this particular fact for just a few moments, they would then be prone to strike from their consciousness these famous last words, “it ain’t so.” These words always brand any individual who so utters them with the stamp of ignorance, an ignorance not only of his own purpose in life, but likewise his condemnation of all those with the same type of destructive ignorance with whom he comes in

And so man is still continuing his mad reactionary pace into the future. The rumble and roar of his great machinery, as he builds and rebuilds his so-called civilized world, is but a continuance of past-age dispensations of prefabrications of other temples, other fallacious concepts which perished because they were built upon the sands of ignorance. In laboratories, the battle of the test tubes and other scientific impedimenta sounds more like the rattle of chains which bind a man to his terrestrial dimension. The wonder-drugs which he injects into his veins become an opiate for he will depend upon them and not the integrity of his own personal character for his salvation in the future.

To the cause of reason and to the White and Guiding Light of Wisdom, man will remain unbending and unyielding; but to his own particular conflicts in his daily life, he constantly bends his knee in humble subservience and yet from all this he must learn, for as a participle – a cell in the Infinite Consciousness, he is born again and again; and, through the seemingly never-ending cyclic patterns of life and death, each man comes to the time and place when he meets his Creator face to face. In this meeting, he will join in a common union with sanity, with knowledge and with wisdom.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continnum

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