The “Red Shift” Explained


First an explanation or interpretation by the mainstream scientist of what the “Red Shift” is then an explanation of the “Red Shift” from a 4th dimensional perspective.

Excerpt from Tempus Interludium I:

“Another great and mistaken fallacy is the “Red Shift”. On a spectrographic analysis, scientists compare the appearance of certain lines as they appear on the surface of the refractory, crystalprism prism. Like an ordinary triangular crystal of glass, the spectrograph divides the light spectrum into certain lines somewhat similar to a rainbow. It is assumed that all known elements found on earth are part of every star-sun being viewed, as these are similar to our own sun. The thermonuclear process, or burning (fusion) of these elements, radiates the necessary light viewed on the spectroscope. From very distant star suns, the red light appears at a different place than it does here on earth. The scientist thinks this is caused by what he calls the Doppler effect; i.e., the train whistle receding away from you has a lower pitch than it does coming toward you. The scientist thinks the star-sun is moving rapidly away from the solar system and the galaxy because he is always looking out toward the outer rim ofbig-bang the galaxy and he cannot see toward the center because of the many more star-suns and other conditions. He must always look out onto the Milky Way, so therefore he thinks that our galaxy and universe is expanding and this leads to the most ridiculous of all assumptions – the “Big Bang” theory; i.e., somewhere at some time, a huge ball of atoms collected together and when there were enough of them and they were compressed tightly enough, they suddenly exploded. The little pieces traveling outward formed the countless trillions of star suns of the universe.

Now, they have not yet explained why these little pieces, in traveling out, assumed that pinwheel galaxy-main-4-postfashion, or the rotating formation with which we are familiar from astronomical photographs. Logically, from an explosion, such objects would be propelled straight out from the center. Also not explained: Why the universe is thicker at the center and tapers out to a thin edge. An explosion should hurl bits and pieces in all directions, up and down as well as sideways (360 degrees). Also not explained: Why countless galaxies have formed in this universe, each one rotating pinwheel-like, the same as the universe, and which again invalidates the “Big Bang” theory.

vortex-universePictures of our sister galaxy in Andromeda prove the existence of these galaxies – impossible to be formed in an explosion. What has formed the universe and these galaxies has been adequately described in the book “The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation”, as well as elsewhere in these liturgies – a huge inter-dimensional centrifuge forming this universe – the galaxies being primary anomalies or eddy currents, generated from the net sum and total of this electromagnetic energy in this centrifuge. Here again, this same harmonic regeneration takes place in forming suns, planets, planetary systems and atom-energy forms again all remanifesting in their respective weights, the different electromagnetic energy and cyclic wave form patterns from their own particular vortexes or centrifuges. The net sum and total of all this interdimensional regeneration, electromagnetic energy force fields proves how wrong the red shift, Doppler theory is.

Einstein’s mathematics showed how light is bent around intense magnetic fields. Energy as light combining from a distant star is curved in that space by the electromagnetic lines of the galaxy, and according to respective frequencies involved in the differences of light frequencies, the effect is to bend the shorter, or blue rays, more than the red rays; the yellow rays falling in between. So the spectroscopescientist makes this big mistake: In his spectroscope he places his comparative graph lines to line up first with the blue light-ray lines, and the farther out on the scale he goes, the farther these lines appear to be out of alignment with his comparative chart which was made on earth-lines which were photographed and made into a picture-graph at a very short distance from their source and were unbent by any electromagnetic fields. So the red rays would naturally appear at a different place and farther out on the spectroscopic graph picture – not because that distant star sun was traveling at incredible speeds away from the center of the universe but because, just like with a prism, the light rays were bent to form an arc, and following the curved radial lines of the galaxy, the shorter blue rays were bent slightly more than were the red rays. The same process was duplicated by the spectroscope but, as yet this stupid blunder has gone unnoticed.

earth-sun-interactingOnly one more fact should be noted: That all energy rays which are coming from our sun or from any distant sun are really not heat or light until they are converted in some relative degree by the electromagnetic fields of the earth. Again, this conversion takes place according to the total frequencies involved; heat coming out as one subharmonic, while our three primary light frequencies are higher harmonic frequencies.”


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