The Principle of Progressive Evolution

Progressive-Evolution-main-4-post“It should be further noted that any such person who embarks into the study course of UN.AR.I.U.S. and does not begin to achieve results should look into himself for the answer and that it is quite obvious that he has not achieved results because he has refused to give up his past.

He should remember at this time of analysis that what he is at the present, his ego, etc., has all been past-lives-4-postdeveloped from out of his past many lifetimes and also any and all of the attendant evils and illnesses are also a part of him at this moment of analysis.

On this preface it is easy to rationalize that any progressive evolution in the future must be achieved by giving up the past and replacing it with this future; this in effect, the gradual tearing down and eliminating the old self as the new self is equally and constantly being rebuilt. A strong ego or self—importance evaluation, rock-like opinions, an unresponsive mind, lack of reason, etc., will make it absolutely impossible for any person to progressively advance.

It must also be remembered that the appearance of any evil, dissatisfaction, illness, maladjustment or any and all other negative conditions which may arise are not the result of circumstances in the world in general nor are other people to blame. All of these negations are symptoms of the old self and which is at that moment exercising its power, and as it is so recognized, strong measures should be immediately taken as far as possible to correct this position — not by trying to alter the existing negation — but by realizing it is the old self and which is a remanifestation of the past life and its various strong materialistic attitudes and aptitudes. This is especially true in studying futuristic science such as is contained in UN.AR.I.U.S. or that this future science is dynamically and diametrically opposed to the past.

Therefore if you would change your life for the better, study UN.AR.I.U.S. but especially study it as a boy-studying-science-4-postscience which you will continue to study, not for just a few weeks, a few months or a few years but for thousands of lifetimes and millions of years into the future. For UN.AR.I.U.S. is, in science, the concept of the great Universal Principle of Constructive Evolution and therefore is infinite both in nature and effect. It is quite obvious that as this great Universal Principle has conceived and constructed the visible and invisible macrocosm and microcosm, that it is quite capable of changing your life for the better, providing you allow it to do so.

You cannot, however, expect either this principle to work for you or for any change in your life to occur so long as you hold fast to the past, and your grip on the past consciously or subconsciously can easily be determined in the proportionate change in your present or future.

Also remember, giving up the past is extremely difficult. This is so because the paspast-life-influencest is, at the present moment, largely you and you cannot objectify, reason or think except in a manner which is controlled and dictated by the past. The past and its influence therefore, can only be determined in the quantity of negation or negative circumstances in which you are involved. It must be on this analytical basis that you obtain objectivism and a more complete objective viewpoint.

Even so, the past and the old self dies hard; and as it is so conquered and reconquered in new and better understanding, so will it manifest and remanifest in innumerable ways, cleverly disguised and strengthened by the strength and importance you attach to it in the present and especially as you may inadvertently attempt to equate negation in the reactionary manner of the past.

This same philosophy holds true in the near and distant future and could we assume for a moment that you had, in that future become a master, you would have the same battle with the past (and which is now part of your future), as you are now having with your old past.

This is all part of the great Principle of Progressive Evolution and in so following this evolution in a progressively balanced manner of eliminating the negative effect of the past as the future is infiltrated, so can such a person be presumed to become godlike for these godlike virtues and awakening-enlightenment-4-postattributes are all developed in conjunction with the Creative Principle as the sum and total of an infinite past polarized with an infinite future knowledge of mastery attained in progressively evolving through this past.

Study UN.AR.I.U.S. therefore not merely because we ask you to or that you wish somehow to escape the perditions of the earth worlds or even that you wish to become godlike; these and any other reasons which you may have or even if you do not have such a reason, UN.AR.I.U.S. should be pursued purely on the basis that you are or you will be a participating entity of consciousness in the Great Infinite Intelligence and as such a participating entity you will have achieved constructive consciousness in all dimensions simultaneously and therefore you will have become part of that Great Progressive Evolutionary Principle.

At that time and place in your evolution, do not attempt to weigh the advantages or disadvantages of being such a universal constructive entity with your present consciousness as it has been largely built from out your past experiences. You do not as yet have the breadth and depth of consciousness which is necessary to encompass objectively what such an entity is like or what kind of life such an entity lives. For the time being, learn to master the past as you have lived it and do this by the knowledge and the help you gain through UN.AR.I.U.S..”

Excerpt from Introduction to UN.AR.I.U.S., Part I

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