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Black-And-White-Magic-main-4-postThere is at the present time much literature, if one wishes to seek such literature, both ancient and modern, relating to ancient translations of various esoteric sciences as exorcism or casting out. The average student can become somewhat acquainted with these things by reading. Our purpose with UN.AR.I.U.S. is to explain these things to you scientifically, in the nomenclature of the modern day scientist, of the savant of this time. From these teachings we shall begin to build a future concept wherein those false structures of the subversive elements of negativity as they reside in the astral planes shall be torn down and voided, for truly, man is today—and particularly the people of America—suffering from derelictions and malformations of interpretation from the lower astral orders.

We do not need to fear that man will blow himself into a cloud of atomic dust, neither do we need to fear invasions of spacecraft. These things have given the uninitiated or the unobservant person on the earth today something of a fearful consequence in his mind. But we need to be more aware within ourselves of the forces of negativity which are about us and are moving for the destructive purposes of mankind. It is safe to assume that our modern medicine and our modern psychiatry are struggling with these subversive forces, and that in this struggle while they may have fallen on one side or another on the path of truth, they must rise again, they must reinstate themselves. They must come back to the fundamental elements of man’s true spiritual nature. The future scientist and psychiatrist of the world will learn and know all of these things which you people are being taught and he will use them for the benefit of mankind. For the hopelessly insane, incarcerated behind bars into screaming, raving masses of incurable humanity, we shall have ways and means, either through scientific instrumentation or with the aid of clairvoyant perception, to cure all of them. We shall not do so with the crude use of shock therapy which is in use today but actual electronic instruments shall remove obsessions in a scientific and orderly manner. The patient will neither suffer pain nor consequence. These things are being done on other planets among other races of people in other dimensions. They will be brought into this world in their proper time when people require and demand that they be given.

As children, mankind will be taught the factual relationship of man’s true spiritual self from within himself, so that there will not be incurred and grow up in this world these large masses of people who come under the classification of neurotic derelictions. In looking forward to that future day and that future time, perhaps some of you in this group will live and will teach these things; let us hope so. Let us be positive with that all-pervading, permeating,  indwelling force of the Infinite which is within us, and this understanding shall exercise its true dominion of consciousness.

If there are any points not clear to you, we shall answer your questions on them.

Q – Where does the responsibility lie, with the psychiatrist leading people astray through lack of fundamental concepts or with the gullibility of the masses in responding to such inept teachings of the psychiatrist?

A – We might say that these things primarily were motivated from the lower order of astral forces. There is in common use and practice among some of the professions today, a great deal of dereliction by which the public is purposely exploited to the full amount of which it is possible to exploit them, either individually or collectively. There are some very honest doctors, psychiatrists and other practitioners but primarily, there is so much confusion and so much dereliction that it is almost impossible to give a direct answer to your question. Then we also have another factor involved in which we, the people as a whole, are largely to blame. That is the concept of clairvoyance or spiritual interpretation. Because of the separation of the third dimension from the higher dimensions and structures and spiritual realms, we do not have proper interpreters or proper mediums. Today they are associated, as far as the doctors or scientists are concerned, with black magic or with various other types of sorcery or witchcraft. The average spiritualist medium, as spiritualism is practiced today, is strictly a pseudo science. So we will say that the problem doesn’t lie entirely with any particular individual or group. It is just an overall dereliction of this present day and present time which has been bred out of the pressures of this civilization. It bears much thought.

Q – Can people who understand things like black magic, actually cast a spell on a person or a curse over him, and if he didn’t believe it could be done, could they still have this influence over an individual?

A – Practice of either black or white magic, as it is interpreted either in the ancient or any modern interpretations, is very real and factual. We can go into the jungles of Africa today and find witchcraft and exorcism and sorcery as it is practiced to a very high degree, and it is indeed very possible to cast a spell upon a person. We must realize that we have forces from the lower astral worlds all about us who are working in conjunction with these individuals. They obey to a certain extent or in a cooperative sense and will enter into the aura of the unfortunate victim and cause certain derelictions in his natural continuity of life. They may cause him to have an accident and lose his life or various other things may take place. He may incur diseases within himself.

Q – Could that be in a future life if it were impinged in his psychic body?

A – Indeed so; just as easily as any other of the numerous derelictions in his physical life, because everything is primarily pivoted upon the fact that it is psychic energy. On the other side of the picture, it is also applicable to white magic or constructive processes of psychokinesis, to project the mind to the good and the betterment of mankind. We will cover more thoroughly in the next lesson how to learn to use these mind energies for the benefit of other people.

Q – In black magic, could someone influence you if you keep on a higher plane?

A – No, indeed not. If you are on a higher plane, you are not influenced in any direct relationship as you would be on a lower or the same plane. The higher you get, the farther you remove yourself from them by your natural protective forces. You are also more attuned to the higher forces; but let us never forget that if you do slip, your consequence will be far greater by its intensity than if you were on a lower plane.

Q – Even when a person is hypnotized and the hypnotist tries to influence him for evil against his nature, wouldn’t his higher self prevent the evil influence?

A – That is a commonly accepted belief, but it is not actually factual. A person can be influenced against his will under a hypnotic spell for the simple reason that a person does not have an actual cohesive interpretation with his higher self. Anyone who allows himself to be hypnotized is not a very advanced (spiritually) person. Such a person is usually suffering from some sort of a neurosis. He does not have a strong balance or a strong projection. When a person allows himself to be hypnotized, he is merely placing himself in a direct path of all the unknown and intangible elements of his own confusion. Any outside influences can push themselves into the unprotected aura. You may call it against the person’s will because it may look evil and it may be evil, but these propensities were within the psychic self of the hypnotized person to begin with. He merely let down the bars on his corral and stepped out into the wide open spaces , often lower astral.

Q – If a person will not accept to be hypnotized, then he could not be, could he?

A – That is right. If you are conscious of what is going on, if you are strong minded and you use your willpower, you shouldn’t be able to be influenced against your will. But the joker here is, if you are not clairvoyant you cannot see all these so-called invisible forces which come to you — into your aura and come to you in your sleep state and various other ways. And, believe me, I know. They can come in many disguises. They come even disguised as good.

Q – Are we going to hear in a future lesson how to protect ourselves from these things, as obsessions?

A – Yes, we will tell you how to form proper contacts with the higher spiritual forces; how to discern, even if you are not clairvoyant. You can feel it inwardly. We shall tell you how to do these things so you will have the necessary protection. When you are on the path of Truth you must have plenty of protection. We need to know integration from many different ways.

Q – Is this practice, as was mentioned in Africa, of black magic, of influencing one to fear, similar. on a lower plane of evolution to the so-called brain washing on a higher plane of the present day? The effects seem similar.

A – To a large degree and in a general way, yes. Brain washing means that the operators are subjecting the individual to a successive or a repetitious sequence of certain conceived elements of personal thought or integration to such a point that he ceases to think or function normally in his mental way. It is the same principle as waving your arm up and down until your arm becomes so tired you can’t raise it anymore. The victim comes to the point where he has no more memory and consciousness. That process is called brain washing. The same process in somewhat of an advanced form is used in hypnosis. But hypnosis does not usually have a lasting effect simply because hypnosis is only a temporary state of suspension. The hypnotic influence doesn’t really rectify or go back into the psychic self because it is not constructed on highly founded spiritual principles.

Q – What do you do when the influences sneak up on you?

A – That will take a lengthy time to go into and will come in another session. It is a big subject in itself. Everyone who is advanced in Truth has a little back door where astral entities or their influence sneaks in sometime in our daily life, in our relationship with the outside world. It is very necessary to keep a balanced life. I do not approve of people who put on a sheet and who find a cave in the hills and build a wall about them and live on squirrels and berries. We must have a proper relationship with the outside world. That is where our little back door is. We must be very discerning with whom we come in contact, and we must have our forces of protection and learn how to relieve ourselves of these conditions when they are incurred. More later will be given on these things.

Q – Can anyone in the same dwelling influence others there?

A Yes, everyone influences everyone else. We must realize that; we all have a radio sending and receiving set in our heads or brains. We are always sending and receiving, even though we are not conscious of it. We are tuning into their waves, even though we are not aware of it. These things are done through that which the psychiatrist calls the subconscious mind; so people can always influence us. We are attuned to hundreds of thousands of people, those living or those who have gone on into the spiritual realms.

So dear ones, these things will help you to realize the universality of the Infinite.

Excerpt from Lesson 9, The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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