The “Lost Spirituality” of Freudianism

Freudianism-main“It has been observed that it is much simpler to deny than to understand. This is quite true in respect to any particular person’s individual point of evolution wherein he has not become conscious and cognizant of the various relative, inceptive dimensions of interpolations which have been discussed in previous texts. Most often a person so confronted with truths or concepts which are beyond his understanding, always resorts to the subterfuge of denial. More often too, it is found these people always resort to another common subterfuge which can be called finger pointing and by this simple device, which is a diversionary measure, they hope to detract not only their own personal attention away from their own inadequacies and weaknesses, but also hope to focus the attention of others away from themselves. It should be understood that everyone, to a lesser or greater degree, supports a preponderance of psychic configurations from past lifetimes wherein he has incepted a large number of life experiences which have somehow been either sinful or unjustifiable in a higher expression of life. These various unjustified objectivisms, while they may not be manifest in a person’s conscious mind, yet they always exert a certain pernicious effect into consciousness and the person is thus continuously subjected in his daily life to a vague sense of inferiority or maladjustment.

To compensate for what Freud called a loss or deflation of the ego, this person often will – whenever such particular psychisms reach more than normal proportions – set himself upon some sort of a pedestal, often attending various universities and medical schools wherein – in a submerged sense – the motivation primarily being that of attaining a certain position of power or supremacy over his fellow man; he will thus be able to reinflate the deflated ego which he has suffered from so many past life experiences. Freudianism in itself, while quite factual in some of the surface of elemental equivalents of the freud-4-postmore reflex nature of the subconscious, yet is singularly devoid of any concepts which would relate man in his continuity either to the past or to the future. As a matter of fact, Freudianism itself was brought into being after Freud caught a chance remark from a professor who was teaching him in a Paris school, that when someone who was in trouble sought him out, the professor very angrily remarked, “Always trouble, there is always a woman at the bottom of it all, too.”

Upon this irritated remark, Freud spent the remainder of his life developing a psychology which thus divested man of all his spiritual attributes and various connections with either the past lifetimes or the Higher Self. Because Freud did not understand the continuity of life as participating elements in frequency relationships, wave form structures, etc., in modern scientific parlance, he therefore set up a huge and preponderant edifice, coined from various superlatives – some of which were self-invented – and with the obvious intent and purpose that here again was a pedestal wherein he was attempting to justify and reinflate his own deflated sense of ignorance concerning the true knowledge of life.

Unfortunately, this false science has fallen upon eager ears and hundreds of thousands – yes, even millions – have directly or indirectly felt the influence of this evil ideology. It can also be said that by and large, the exponents of this false psychology in the various fields with which they are associated, either directly or indirectly, in controlling the various relationships and destinies of mankind uponsex-instinct the earth today are, in themselves, just as largely masochistic in the subconscious sense as was Freud. In other words, through past lifetimes, here again through the innuendo of sex as it was supported or purported by Freud, the same sense and preponderance of negative expressions in past lives which were mixed up with various sexual masochisms, were again consciously interjected into the present life through this obvious escape device.

Among the very first of the numerous interpolations and concepts regarding the true position of mankind to fall by the way when Freud took out his little hatchet and began hewing at the bastions of human knowledge, was the continuity of life expression as it found itself supported in what is commonly referred to as instinct. While it is acknowledged in common psychology that the various plant and animal life which inhabit the face of the earth today, maintain their expression of life strictly from instinct, yet man, save but one basic instinct, is much lower on the scale of evolution than any of this insect, animal or plant life, for he does not now have any other than one basic sexual instinct to support him in his way of life and all knowledge or wisdom must obviously come from the surface of the world about him.

SONY DSCThe word instinct itself, is rather a seriously misunderstood terminology and a much better substitute would be the word intelligence. No one teaches the tiny spider how to spin a perfect geometrically designed web; no one teaches the duckling how to swim after it emerges from the shell. The scale of plant and animal evolution is filled from one specie to another with outstanding examples and portrayals of the continuity of life as it is expressed in these various, countless thousands of species in their widely diversified patterns and expressions in this terrestrial planet. Whatever any particular specie is doing to support its particular span of life, it is expressing a direct ratio or proportion of intelligence which was incurred from previous lifetimes lived in almost the identical manner and form to that in which it is presently occupying.

The fallaciousness of genetical science, too, is quite apparent when it is evaluated only on man-dnathe surface as the transference of various characteristics as they are commonly supposed to exist in the genes and chromosomes at the moment of inception or conception. It must be understood that in our nuclear science it is common knowledge we cannot transmute one element into another without also altering all basic characteristics of the original element. Therefore, as genes are composed of atoms, how then – if they are to be transposed in terms of relationship from one lifetime to another – do they assume any proportions other than that which originally so compounded and supported them from the interior of their own dimension? The intelligence which a human or any other specie of mammalia, fauna or flora on the face of the earth possesses, is not supported from any genes or chromosomatic structures which originate in the process of insemination or fertilization.

Atoms are only adjutants to the expression of various continuities of wave forms as they are stemming into a certain sphere called life consciousness from a certain psychic cell or nucleus of life which is being expressed in an entirely different dimension from the material world. This is just as true with the new born babe as it is with the spider, or the duckling, or with any other particular specie of plant or animal which you might care to examine upon the face of this earth.

baby-mobileThe child coming into the world immediately begins an association of factors in his present environment which become compromised with derivatives or extractions of reactions from past lifetimes. This is strictly a problem of reorientation so far as the child is concerned, in an environment which is usually quite new and different to that which formerly supported him; that is, of course, except in such basic elements as the way in which he obtains his food, clothing and housing facilities which has remained basically and essentially much the same from one epoch of time to another. The configurations in which man lives, as they are portrayed in such examples of housing communities, structures, etc., have remained, to some degree, almost intact for many thousands of years.

While we may in this day have plumbing and electrical conveniences in our homes, it isatlantis-advanced-technology also conceivable that many hundreds of thousands of years ago, the earth also supported civilizations which had a much higher and greater degree of freedom from the various physical expenditures of energy which were necessary in the more primitive stages of evolution. In other words, technocracy and automation were much more highly developed in the Atlantean, Lemurian or other cultures than exist in the present day.

Therefore, the newly born child immediately begins a whole system of reorientation into various factors of environment in which he finds himself from past life experiences. This will explain to the psychologist some of the otherwise unexplainable enigmas child_prodigy-4-postwhich relate to such factors as creative ability. The child who is considered a genius and begins composing music or expressing science to a high degree of relationship at the tender age of one or two years, is merely expressing a more realistic continuity of life from one lifetime to another than is customarily expressed by the masses and the multitudes who are in somewhat of a less favorable position to continue such expressionary forms. However, the basic elements in the expression of life, whether they are more or less advanced, whether minor or major, these same principles remain inviolate and intact; whether they are necessary for the propagation of the amoeba from a one-celled animal into a similar amoeba through the simple process of fission into the not too distant future, or whether they have continued on up through any particular expression of life as it is found on the face of the globe. Yes, even into the atoms themselves, for atoms as they are synonymous in basic and elemental structure, one atom to another in its own particular orbit is portraying into the physical or material world a certain continuity of expression which is always supported from the interior surface of that atom’s consciousness.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum


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