The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla

Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla mainI was looking over this pdf trying to decide what would make the best article and decided that it ALL was so very interesting that decided to share the complete pdf with the reader. Very interesting book and very interesting topics on Nikola Tesla especially in light with what we know today.

Here is just one excerpt about The Truth About Mars which the author of The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla caught and found very interesting in light of what we are learning not only when his book was originally written but what is now being discovered on the surface of the planet with the rovers:

“Life On Mars”

In a pamphlet titled, The Truth About Mars, written in 1956, author Ernest L. Norman claimed to have contacted the inhabitants of planet Mars. In his booklet, Norman stated that he would spend an hour each evening in meditation, and that due to his meditations he was contacted in February of 1955 by a man from Mars.

“After introducing himself as Nur El, he quickly explained that he was from the planet Mars, and that if I so desired, I could go there with him, to his city (in astral flight) and that he would be my personal guide. “He explained that his people were very desirous in view of all the controversy going on, to clear up some of the so-called mysteries of Mars. Our trip there is a matter of split seconds as no craft is used or needed.

“Arriving on the surface of Mars, we are at once aware of the extremely rugged terrain, rocky hills and sandy wastes, that stretches out endlessly around us. Nur El explains that the ionosphere is very thin which leaves the surface almost unprotected from the various beta, gamma and cosmic rays. This high concentration of rays ionizes the very rare and gaseous atmosphere and together with thermal currents, creates terrific dust storms.

“There is also a very thinly divided dust layer on the ionosphere which helps create the reddish appearance of the planet. There are also a number of volcanoes, three of which are of major size; one of these was just barely visible on the horizon trailing a thin wisp of smoke from its truncated cone.

“It was also explained that as Mars has only seven degrees axis inclination there is not much of a seasonal change. Water is very scarce on this arid planet; most of the precipitation falls at the poles. Vegetation is also scarce.” Norman continues his story saying, “On Mars the cities are all underground and are connected together by huge oval metal tubes from three to five hundred feet in diameter. It is these tubes which have confused the astronomers on the earth. Some believe them to be canals of either intelligent design, or using natural features to transport scarce water throughout the planet.

“The shifting desert sands often cover or uncover them which leads to further confusion inasmuch as they seem to appear and disappear. The people of Mars are smaller than those on earth, only averaging about four feet six inches in height.

“They are somewhat Mongolian in appearance. The Martians originally migrated in spacecraft to Mars from a dying planet more than a million years ago. They also came to this earth and started a colony but found it impractical to maintain. It was also explained by Nur El that this colony became our Chinese race through the evolution of time.”

The Martians explained to Norman that more than 100,000 years ago Mars was much like Earth. There was air, water, and an abundance of plant and animal life. At that time, through their occult science and also with their superior telescopes they saw, somewhere out in space, a cataclysm take place. A giant sun suddenly flared up like a nova and then exploded. Huge chunks hurtled out into space in different directions, each one a smaller, white-hot, “atomically-burning sun.”

“It was determined by calculations, that one of these fiery pieces would pass very close to our solar system. The Martians had a choice, to stay on Mars or to migrate to another planet far away from this solar system. After a search, it was found that there was no other planet available which would be suitable. So an alternative was decided upon. They could build huge cities underground. After the cataclysm struck the solar system, Mars was left decimated and burnt. Earth as well suffered, there were great earthquakes and tidal waves as Earth’s orbit and axis were changed drastically.”

Ernest Norman’s story, while similar to other esoteric writings of the time, is interesting because of his observations of climatic conditions on Mars that were not known by scientists in the 1950’s. His statement concerning volcanoes on Mars was truly prophetic considering that at the time his booklet was written, Mars was not considered to have been seismically active.

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