The Lemurian Continuity

Lemuria-main“To the best accounts and records and to the knowledge that has been given, the destruction to Atlantis occurred about 25,000 years ago. Since that time other civilizations have risen and fallen. From the time of Osiris more than 12,000 years ago, Egypt was, at that time, in the height of its ascendency and was a brilliant and luminous star in the historical firmament of the planet Earth. Gradually, too, Egypt deteriorated. The dark-skinned snake cultists again succeeded in robbing the power from the Egyptian priesthood and instilled in its place a warped distorted concept of black magic wherein animals were worshipped instead of Amen-Ra or the sun, the one god monotheistic religion which had existed in Atlantis and in the time of Osiris.

To those who know something of these histories and that in the time of Osiris, Egypt too had the Isis-Osiris-Horusstory of the Immaculate Conception and that Horus, the son of Osiris, was borne by mother earth, or Isis, through immaculate conception. In those ancient days, immaculate conception happened quite frequently and to almost all of the men who came as Avatars or Savants to teach a better way of life and that with the passing of these men, they became linked in a historical way with the immaculate conception. Zoroaster, who laid down a great religion in ancient Persia and Arabia, also was believed to have had an immaculate conception which was witnessed by shepherds as he was born in a hillside but under almost identical conditions which were given in our present-day Biblical version of the birth of Jesus in the New Testament. Actually, a Catholic Pope borrowed this story.

MosesWith the passing of the Osirian Age in Egypt and the inception of the black magic mystic cultisms of the serpent people who had destroyed Atlantis, there came the time of Moses wherein he was confronted with one of these priests who also cast down his rod and it too became a serpent just as did Moses’ rod. This was an actual demonstration of the powers of the priests who lived in that day and time and, as Moses had lived many years in the Temple of Dendera, he knew of these various black magic arts and sciences and was able to practice them quite liberally in his position as governor of the tribes of Israel and these powers have, in our day and time, been attributed to having been given to him by the Lord. This, to a large extent, accounts for the differences in the old vindictive monotheism of the Old Testament wherein God was a temperamental ruler of people, who very frequently gave vent to His wrath and judgment, not only to nations but individuals as well, and this concept was contradicted by the appearance of Jesus who taught the God of love and understanding which came from within every person.

Thus it was that Egypt passed and, with the passing, left behind many traces of a once glorious and beautiful civilization. India, too, is sometimes credited with being the birthplace of mankind and well this could be so, for more than half a million years ago upon the southern plains of Mongolia, Shamballaclose to the Himalaya Mountains, there was a great and wonderful city which is still today called Shamballa or the spiritual city wherein the very angels and hosts of heaven were said to have lived. It is known that from other planets there were people brought into this great city who were later known as the Aryan race. They were light-complexioned people, blonde of hair and blue of eyes, tall in stature, well-formed, and highly intelligent. In Kashmir, in India, today there are many remnants of this last race of people who are still blonde and blue-eyed. The migrants of this Aryan race traveled northward with the passing of the Aryansgreat civilization of Yu, as it was called, and went up through Siberia and Russia and migrated into the northern latitudes of Norway, Sweden and England and later became known as the various Nordic races which inhabit the world at this time. As these Aryans, later on after the passing of the city of Shamballa, migrated and took with them the Vedic translations which later became the basis of Hinduism and all its pantheology as it exists today. Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, the Holy Triad, as it is called in Modern Christianity, is still known and practiced in India and comes from the Vedic or ancient transcripts which were brought by the Aryans who displaced the dark people whom they found living on the plains and valleys of India. These Aryan people later became known as the Brahmans or the high-caste people and, in order to preserve their race, Babylonia-4-postestablished the caste system which existed for many thousands of years in India.

Some of the migrants of the dark-skinned people who went westward settled in ancient Arabia and Persia and, here too, with the mingling of migrants from Egypt and some of the leaders of the Aryan races who reincarnated through the pages of history, built up the great civilization known as Babylonia. It was here that Father Abraham led the tribes of Israel into Egypt about 2,000 years before the time of Solomon and it was here also that five hundred years after the birth of Jesus the prophet, Mohammed, again re-established the first five books of Moses which are presently known as the Koran.

Some thousand years before the birth of Jesus in the Holy Land, another great civilization began to form in the mountains and plains of Greece from the various tribes which roamed the plains and Greece-4-posthills of that country at the time of Homer, the blind bard, who sang the Odyssey and many other classics of history. This civilization gradually drew unto itself and from the many tribes, the Corinthian and Hellenic culture from which the seed of a great and wonderful philosophic age was fostered. From these various tribes of people who were drawn together in this union and became known as the Athenians or the Corinthians or the Greeks, there came such men as Plato, Socrates, Archimedes, Pythagoras and many more who established great cultures known as academies and whose philosophers largely taught the old Hermetic science which came from Egypt, India and other places of the globe. It was Plato who described, in numerous works, the history of Atlantis and this too was know among other Avatars and sons of that time.

Then came the time of Jesus and with it was incepted the age of spiritual miracles which laid down Holy-Roman-Empire-4-postthe foundation for a great church which later became the dominant and ruling force of the whole European continent. From Paul, who started this church, and through a schism which became the Greek Orthodoxy, and Peter who labored in Rome, there sprang into existence the great Catholic Church and although it did not really function until the reign of the Emperor Constantine, more than two hundred years after the death of Jesus, yet from that time it began to flourish and grow. By the year 1,000 A.D., it controlled the life destinies and owned most of the property of every individual on the continent of Europe and was known as the Holy Roman Empire.

There was also at this time a great invasion of the Turkish and Moslem religions from the various ruling sultans referred to in history as the Ottoman Empire which at one time actually conquered Renaissance-4-postthe lower half of the European continent. Then, along toward the twelfth or thirteenth century A.D., there began upsurgings and beginnings of a great spiritual renaissance through the beginnings of such men as John Locke, William Shakespeare, Harvey, Martin Luther and others who emblazoned brilliant pages in the book of history in the liberation of man from the tyrannical despotism which was practiced by the Holy Roman Empire at that time. There began a great movement of spiritual as well as political freedom throughout the various nations of Europe. Many men and women were burned at the stake and suffered martyrdom in numerous ways by believing and following the teachings of the leaders in their time. From out of this maelstrom and chaos sprang great churches, such as led by John Wesley which became known as the Methodist church, the Brothers or the Quakers led by John Fox, the Puritans who established the first northern colonies in America and numerous others, all of whom became ostracized in their own land by this Holy Roman Empire and were forced to migrate into the new frontiers and wildernesses of America.

So it was that from the far distant dim reaches of the unwritten and written history of the world and through the most crucial pressures which were exerted upon the various races of mankind were regenerated a new and motivating wellspring of force which seemed to regenerate the races of mankind and bring him forth to a new time and a new place, to again re-establish himself in a new manner and form of living.Reincarnation-4-post

This is the principle and the concept behind reincarnation and through these long written and unwritten pages of history and through the uncounted millions of persons who have come and gone through these numerous pages of history, they have, in thus so appearing, not only established within themselves the principles in the continuity of life, but have bettered and furthered the purposes of their own evolution.

To you and to every student who is so laboring and struggling at this present age to bring into focus some new concepts or understanding of spiritual truth and to work out the various karmic or psychic happenings of the past wherein great negations were imposed on the psychic consciousness – to all of these individuals in their own time and day and in their many struggles and working-out – they are indeed preparing themselves for that Seventh Day of the Lord and for that future civilization which has been prophesied as the new City of Jerusalem. This preparation can be called the Millennium or the thousand years of preparation wherein, during this thousand year period, the Ten Tribes and the hundreds and millions of untold numbers of people who have so inhabited this planet earth and have known of Avatars and Savants of the past and their teachings, and of the spiritual way of life, that here too they are again trying to re-establish and to incept these age-old principles of living into their daily life.

The longing of the inner consciousness to again establish a rightful continuity with the emanating God force or the very creative life force has become an essential ingredient in the everyday living of these hundreds of thousands of people who are thus seeking in this age and time and to the many hundreds of thouearth-child-4-postsands who are being born and are yet to be born in the coming thousand years, who, too, will pass through these great psychic transitions wherein the old karmic blocks of the past are removed. They are prepared by the rebuilding of the psychic self so that they may be re-established as leaders and citizens of that future day and age wherein God will actually rule the world through the inner consciousness of man and man will realize and incept into his daily living habits the very essences of spiritual truth, brotherly love and spiritual emancipation which will give him freedom from all earthly pressures, desires and compromises which now exist. It will remove his warlike attitudes, his jails and penitentiaries. It will cause navies and armies of the world to become only dim memories of the past. It will also mean the surcease of the now intangible and incurable diseases which plague and kill millions of people each year. Thus man will come to know his Utopia, his Aquarian Age, and live unto another great cycle in his new spiritual City of Jerusalem.

And so, dear fellow student, or fellow traveler on the pathway of life, thus you may trace your own course of evolution through these many histories – you may have a longing or a liking for ancient Egypt, India or China, or it may be that you have even had flashbacks of former lives – but however you interpret your longings or dispositions toward any of these ancient culturesPast-life-affinities and civilizations, you may rest assured that you are reflecting outwardly into your conscious memory, the existence of one or more lifetimes lived in these civilizations and pages of the past. You will likewise see about you in the various expressions of fadisms adopted by the feminine sex that they too are expressing a form of inversion or a recurring conscious memory of some previous life cycle wherein they may adapt to their feminine form certain fashions which were worn by the ladies of the past. You may thus see yourself as one of the numerous citizens at the time of Cleopatra or Moses, or as one of the artisans who helped fashion King Solomon’s temple. You may remember something vaguely in your liking of the teachings of Plato or other Avatars of that time, that you were one of the cultists in the great philosophical academy. You may also know, too, those who are clairvoyantly trained and can factually portray different scenes from your past lives and the therapeutic value contained in such portrayals, actually reliving sequences of these past episodes. However, do not use such knowledge for the purposes of strengthening some existing conflict which you now have. You may see about you numerous instances where you can wrongly use the knowledge of some previous existence in your present day or time. You may completely change your thought patterns in your way of life by believing you were some king or emancipator when you were actually only a follower and that in so following, you longed to be like him and have, through the ages, actually changed yourself into him by so believing you were as far as your own concept is concerned.

The actual value contained in all knowledge of reincarnation and in the various evolutions and cycles of life in which you have thus progressed is contained in the strengthening qualities it gives you by assuminghigher-self3 mastery over such negative experiences by the working out of such karmic episodes in your past lives, by strengthening your belief and knowledge that you are not a frail earthly form subject to birth and death and, that as you come from nothing, you will pass into nothing. Such a concept is a violation of every established precinct of knowledge as it exists upon the earth today. It is a direct contradiction of all life forces which you see constantly recurring and stemming around you. You must constantly visualize within your mind that you are the beginnings of the ultimate personification in the spiritual form of the Infinite Intelligence that has been compounded within your life cycle and in the spiritual way, the exact portrayal and counterpart of all of this infinite nature, that you are completely reliving this Infinity throughout the eons of time not only on this planet and its pages of history, but that you will relive and constantly relive on other planets, other solar systems, and in other spiritual or material transitions before you have even started to realize the meaning of the term, ‘Infinity’. Through such recurrences and through such relivings and the constant evolutions and cycles, you will rebuild the psychic structures of your innermost self so that they can gradually adapt themselves and be reinstated into higher and higher spiritual planes of consciousness. Thus you will gradually pass from the old karmic material world and you evolve slowly in your evolutions as Buddha calls this, Nirvana, and Jesus, one of the many mansions which he mentioned.

So be not concerned that you were such an identity in a past life, neither give strength to some negative experience by constantly reliving it and portraying it in your present life; do not be sad or pathwaynostalgic of the past and bygone days of some lifetimes spent in the company of a great Avatar. But instead, look forward to even greater pathways of spiritual emancipation; look forward to brighter days in greater worlds, where you will portray a much greater quotient of Infinite nature. Resolve within yourself that you will work out the last vestiges of the materialistic karmic experiences which have retarded and impeded your progress through the many thousands of years of time. Know that they mean nothing to you except in the value of experience quotient so contained and in the mastery over these things, you have furthered and bettered your spiritual progress.

To the student of Truth, just as in your own case, he may rest assured that he has spent a hundred or more lifetimes in seeking and searching since Atlantis and he may spend another hundred lifetimes unless he takes a more directed course wherein he can shorten this lengthy period of useless reincarnating into the lower material worlds. This is only done through self-mastery, the learning and incepting of the principles of life, and the overcoming of self as it is projected into the lower realms of negative consciousness, to lift it above these earthly mundane experiences into the realm of superconsciousness where it dwells in contact with the infinite self through the future eons of time.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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