The Kingdom Within

The-Kingdom-Within-mainThroughout the many ages of man’s written and unwritten history he has, universally, in his daily conduct of life, expressed one great universal conformity-2-postfault or error. This fault is that he has always constantly striven to change the outside or exterior surface of his life, in an attempt to make it conform in all factors and elements, in ways, manners and means which seem to best suit his personal interests.

jesus-teaching-4-postThe fallacy of this common psychology is at once apparent to anyone who makes even a cursory analysis of human welfare. All the wars, strifes, human emotionalisms, crimes, perversions, etc., which are expressed by humanity are the direct result of this senseless life psychology. It is in direct opposition to the doctrine of self-development taught by Jesus who said, ‘‘Seek the Kingdom Within.” The direct interpretation and the solution to all ills and evils suffered by mankind would at once he soluble and eventually disappear, should each person, constructively and objectively, apply himself to this seeking which would, in effect, change this person for the better; thus changing his perspective and position to the reactive world, and so eliminating the strife and turmoil in which he was formerly embroiled, in an attempt to make the world conform to him.

The pages of history reveal the many individual and collective attempts which have been made to reconform the world. crusaders-4-postKnights in shining armor made their own individual conquests; the crusades were another collective attempt. Yes, even religion is either directly or indirectly an attempt to conform ‘deistic’ forces for purposes best suited to individual and collective conduct.

Novice Ringing Temple Bell, Luang PrabangThroughout the Eastern world, and for thousands of years, countless multitudes have rung temple bells and burned incense in the same attempt to use these unknown and vaguely envisioned ‘deistic’ forces to their own advantage. Perhaps mankind has vaguely and subconsciously, or even consciously to some degree, realized this universal error and has, in his social societies, set up certain rigorous systems of conformities which he may hope will, even partially, invert this error so universally expressed.

The proposition of social conformities at once challenges other agencies of law and order in human conduct; for theseconformity-4-post conformities, in themselves, should be generally sufficient to define all human conduct. It is quite apparent, however, such is not the case; hence governments which consist of legislative and judicial law enforcement agencies and which again leaves us at the starting place of our analysis. Specifically, it is an individual proposition for every person to begin to constructively analyze his life; to indoctrinate a new system and a new approach to his, and mankind’s, reason for existence. And above all else he must realize that all world deficiencies are not subject to reconformity according to his dictum.

self-analysis-4-postTherefore, such a person who is so seeking the Kingdom, who is earnestly seeking the answers to these human enigmas, must objectively apply himself to a constructive analysis of all the apparencies of life. He must seek the real and basic reasons for their expressions and existence, and he must do this without becoming emotionally involved. Unfortunately, as of today, neither religion, science, nor governmental systems, etc., have any answers to these basic reasons of existence. Why man lives on the planet earth . . . why all such things are in apparent necessity, and even the necessity of existence.

It is at this point all analysis ceases and introspection has ended in a blind alley, unless the house-of-many-mansions-4-postanalysis escapes the third dimension and is carried into the many adjacent planes of existence. Jesus called these the ‘many mansions,’ which obviously comprise the ‘Kingdom.’ Logically also, it must be assumed in these higher planes and dimensions, that life is quite different in all forms, manners and ways of existence. To learn of this life and these other worlds or planes would be indeed a hopeless and futile undertaking, if the seeker depends upon third dimensional information to yield him this vital knowledge; and which must, obviously, come from other sources.

still-voice-within-2Fortunately, for mankind, all necessary factors, informative sources, etc., have been built in. In a universal constructive process, Infinite Intelligence has anticipated all needs and provides for them, and on such preface it becomes an individual proposition to discover, through these informative sources and agencies, the new worlds and the new life which fulfills the promise made: that all things are ‘added’ to anyone who finds this ‘Kingdom.’

As an informative source and agency, UN.AR.I.U.S. is by far, the greatest and most easily accessible source; and anyoneICCC-4-post who completely devotes and dedicates himself to the pursuance of this ‘Inner Kingdom’ — through self-development — becomes a wiser person, etc., and has at once defeated the age-old human error of conformity; and he has begun to fully justify the esoterical teachings of Jesus.

Science, too, is equally guilty of this same universal conformity proposition, and as of today, one which still expresses the false doctrine of spontaneous regeneration, despite wide acclaim that it long ago abandoned such a ridiculous assumption as it was postulated in the eighteenth century. Today science tells the story of the first proteispontaneous-regeneration-4-postde molecule synthesis, generated billions of years ago when the right elements of heat, chemical reaction, etc., were brought together in some primitive ooze. This first proteide molecule then subsequently, synthesized into one-cell protozoa or vegetable chloroplasts. Darwinism, as a whole, does indirectly attempt to vindicate this false doctrine; for here again the real reason for life and what life actually is, has somehow escaped — even the regeneration of new life in a cell is still as great a mystery to science, as it was to the first primitive savage in some predawn age of man’s existence.

Nor will the answer to life or what life is — its reason for existence, ever be found in this or similar earth life environments. It will be found only dimensions-4-postwhere life more properly begins, in the higher dimensions or the ‘Kingdom Within.’ And when this true origin is understood, the earth world dimension then becomes, as it properly should be, merely a reflective surface wherein this great Creative, Infinite expression again regenerates a facsimili scale of evolution, bounded by the third dimensional reactive plane factors.

spiritual-awakeningAll this information and knowledge is contained in the expressive liturgies of UN.AR.I.U.S. as they are currently being circulated among those wise enough, and with sufficient conditioning, dedication, etc., to pursue the quest of immortal life, through the channel of knowledgeable self-development. And so long as they so pursue and remain dedicated, so will the promise of the immortal future be gradually unfolded unto them. They will indeed be finding the ‘Kingdom Within.’

And so, man is as he has always been an avid conformist. All acts, ways and means of his daily life are always an individual challenge to him to conform them to his own personal mental scale of equivalents anworld of symbology 4 postd values; so necessary to allay the fears and insecurities of his earth world existence.

He invents systems of social structures, religious orders, governmental systems, etc.; he makes of his world a great and preponderant edifice of false artifacts and idols, and even in the idolatrous worship of his symbolic world, he is again, only attempting to reflect what he believes, the virtues of these things into his well-being. This he will continue to do so long as he is an earth man ascribed to its systems of conformities and protocols and refuses to believe or to conceive that life can be lived any other way.

viewing through telescopeEven as he probes the Heavens, as he is doing today, he still relegates his judgment of life on other planets from the basic plane reference of his own earth world and condemns life to nonexistence, save by what he is himself. This he does in great opposition, of his knowledge of the atom and of the convertible factor of mass versus energy, as is posed in Einstein’s proven theory. He is constantly defeating any promise of logic or reason by proving himself always wrong and that he does not know the answers pondering-life-4-postto his science.

Yet, we must give him some credit; we must reserve judgment and resolve our answers into a philosophical consensus based upon, and predicated by our knowledge of the interdimensional cosmos. As to the future, prophecies and prognostications are for fools who are insecure and lack knowledge, for the future is always immediately apparent to any person who can see beyond the reactive veil of materialisms expressed by the earth world. And in viewing the future, this earth world and millions of others like it, will remain basically much the same.

man evolution to higher consciousnessLike all other things in the cosmic scale of evolution, the earth world occupies its position which is necessary in the first environmental stages of man’s development; the reactive stage of his existence where he takes his first step from out the animal kingdom.

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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