The Jewel Celestial

shining-jewel-4-post-2 Not fastened am I like some dark stone upon a planet’s face
But in my heart I have a jewel that’s born from out this planet’s wasted earth
A jewel not fraught with lusts or hates or dark despairs
But one which shines with Radiance fair

stairway-to-light-4-postA Light that’s born from out Celestial sky now shines within its irridescent face
How well this Light becomes for in its rays I see my path
My way is made the way on which each man must climb into his starry place

chalice-of-light-4-postFor he who finds the chalice filled with some immortal life
Or he who hopes to drink this life’s elixir must find this path, must find this way
From out the Light made fair within this jewel
So born from out the planet’s earth and lighted by
The Light of some Celestial sky

By Ernest L. Norman
Excerpt from Infinite Contact


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