The Inner Portal

portal-stanza-1Fears, ghostly wraiths from untrammeled halls of time, unswept, unclean
By shafts of Light from thine own Illumined Presence
Shineth thou one star and become a part of all the Heavens
Catcheth thou one sunbeam and hold the glorious sun within thy hands
Seeth thou one flower beneath thy feet and the world blooms as a single rose.

portal-stanza-2For only fancy’s flight is caught within the web of thy own desires
And thus enmeshed, toils long to free itself,
For fancy cometh not from a star or shining beam or flowery dell
A crone of selfishness who chuckles in our sleep
A thing of selfishness and greed, to rob us of our peace.

portal-stanza-3The shining self Within is hidden deep, yet wings its way to utmost outerness
Its golden hair caught deep within the web of Heaven
Becomes entwined in starry trist, nor knoweth not the longing meant –
That cometh from some great apartness.

portal-stanza-4Be therefore meek with the graces of Heaven
And that thy soul will become steeped in the essence of Creation
For thus do the gates of Eternity open up before thee
Be not a stranger but enter in.

Excerpt from “The Elysium

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