The Importance Of Understanding The Sine Wave

Sine-Wave-Main-4-postby Gloria Lynn

Location is frequency and frequency is location. Observation is merely locking onto the frequency of something already in existence, has always existed and will always exist because energy cannot be created or destroyed only changed. When we observe something, we think we are bringing it into existence but that is not the case. We are only becoming aware or conscious of something that has always existed. Like they say, “Nothing new under the sun”.

Our five senses detect energy which has as its structure a sine wave form – up and down motion. This type of energy transference takes place in the third dimension (the movement of energy goes from point A to point B) which we call our material world but is also the basic configuration of energy in the higher dimensions but there forms a circle or cycle where time and space is integrated and does not go from point A to point B. It is pure energy existing in a timeless spaceless dimension. As a matter of fact all is pure energy even the hard physical matter of our material world as Einstein’s equation E=MC sq proved resulting in the subsequent development of nuclear fission.

We tune into this reality with our five senses, that is we tune into these sine wave vibrations of energy. We have a sense of time because as we pass through the experiencing of experiencing we are merely moving through space-time something like a film clip that shows one picture at a time through a projector. Movement is just an illusion as we pass from viewing one frame of reality to another or attunement of one experience to another. This experience being the energy of existence.

Therefore if we have the understanding of how this works by understanding the science of the sine wave then we can learn to tune into any so-called past or future event or basically to anywhere or anything in the cosmos based purely on frequency. When we tune into that frequency, we are there because as stated before location is frequency and frequency is location.

Frequency is a method of astral travel. All of Infinity is within ones grasp based on frequency.  One does not need to physically travel, one just tunes in. This is a higher form of travel more advanced then using saucer technology and was employed by the Moderator who tuned into the higher dimensions and other physical worlds such as Mars.

This is why the science of the sine wave is stressed over and over again in the liturgies of the Unariun Science because essentially IT IS EVERYTHING. Everything you see, touch, taste, smell, and hear is an attunement of a sine wave. This is the basis of our existence as well as the basis of our freedom if we can unlock this understanding and put it into our perspective at a conscious level in our daily life. Knowledge is power and fully grasping these concepts will empower us in the trajectory of our evolutionary pathway. An evolutionary short cut into an unlimited future perspectus.

That is why I am extremely grateful to apply UN.AR.I.U.S. as a integrative factor to my own spiritual evolution because I know that progress would be difficult without it. Any person can get on the pathway of this understanding if they so choose to do so. It is up to each and every person.

See more on understanding the sine wave here and here. Also check out for interesting articles and book excerpts of the Unariun liturgies.

Here is a video series that students at our meetup group found very helpful:

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