The Human – In Reality An Electronic Instrument


“In different places in the works of UN.AR.I.U.S., and especially in the first lesson course, comparisons have been made whereby a human being was compared to a TV set and how science had drawn exact parallels in various electronic devices which were basically exactly similar to the life processes of every human; that is, the human was in reality an electronic instrument — stimulated from different third dimensional sensations through the five senses where they reactively stimulated the psychic anatomy.

Once again I will make a comparative analysis of a very familiar electronic device known as an audio-amplifier, whereby we can study and gain a comprehensive concept which will relate us in our present moments to the many past lifetimes and their dispensations.

amplifier-circuit-1An audio-amplifier is an electronic device usually consisting of two or three amplifier-type vacuum tubes, together with associated resistors and capacitors properly connected and powered by a suitable power supply and terminating with a loud speaker. There is an audio-amplifier in every radio and TV set, as well as the more advanced and specifically designed types used in hi-fi.

amplifierThe function of the amplifier is to take relatively small electronic signals and amplify them sufficiently to activate the loud speaker. Now, an audio-amplifier has, like everything else, certain imperfections; there is a certain amount of hum which is amplified. Tubes and parts are self-resonant and produce harmonic distortion. Different kinds of electronic signals also produce inter-modulation distortion when they are amplified together. These different distortions may be so high as to render that amplifier almost useless.

feedback-loopHowever, here is a curious phenomena: If we take a part of all of these amplified signals and return them to the front end or input of the amplifier and introduce them out-of-phase with the incoming signals, then lo, all the distortion and hum vanishes. Returning part of the signal in this manner is called feedback and makes possible the high quality of modern musical reproduction. However, if we return part of the amplified signal inphase with the incoming signal, then the amplifier will oscillate and the speaker will howl like a stuck auto horn. The inphase and out-of-phase condition is obtained from selecting the proper terminating polarity where the loud speaker is connected.

Now, let us compare this amplifier process to you or any human. The loud speaker is the surface of your life; the motions you go through, what you say, etc. These things all started in the dim distant reincarnation-4-postpast, as the input. Through many lifetimes these experience quotients, which you call life, were constantly amplified as they were relived and gave greater power and strength to the psychic anatomy, so that at the present time, you are actually reliving as certain basic patterns the entire past amplified into the present.

Now, if you know about the past — reincarnation, living from life to life and all the principles which are taught in UN.AR.I.U.S., you will by this positive introspection of this conscious knowledge be returning a part of the net sum and total of your negative present back into the past, and to your very beginning — and therefore, out-of-phase, which will automatically cancel out all of the distortions, etc., which you have incurred in these past lifetimes.

The average person who knows nothing about the principles which are taught in UN.AR.I.U.S. goes on day after day amplifying all the distortions and faults from his previous lifetimes; then sooner or later these distortions will pile up to the point whereby he becomes physically or mentally incapacitated — he is sick. Then he makes himself even worse, as unknowingly — through frequency relationship — he links his present back into the beginning of his past or inphase way. This will consequently double and triple the intensity of his present condition. He will, in effect, be oscillating with his past.

It can now be seen how important it is to thoroughly understand the concept of phase relationships and of the basic oscillating principles carried on with the present exterior world and the psychic anatomy. This science is most important and vital to you, for a full and complete understanding will enable you to consciously and automatically cancel out the constantly occurring and past-life-lessons-4-postreoccurring negations of your present life. This knowledge will also prepare you for the future, for indeed it is, that as you use this knowledge day by day you will be very busily tearing down your old past, as it is oscillating in your psychic anatomy and replacing this old past with new and constructive material which will enable you to reincarnate in the distant future into one of those heavenly cities which have been described in our books.

Each day, each hour, each moment of consciousness should therefore be lived with our feedback connected; that is, the always present knowledge of our lives as resurgent life patterns, learned and lived in other lives and their attendant experiences, psychic shocks, etc., all of which must be and will be relived time and time again until we cancel them out by applying the scientific knowledge of UN.AR.I.U.S.. Our feedback should always be ‘out-of-phase’ with this past, which means that as we view the vast breadth and depth of Infinity, as we are correctly placed in our personal position in evolution, we are therefore positive and we can then positively objectify the negative facsimile of the present into its proper place in the past and thus cancellation takes place and we are freed forever from this karma.

In viewing our past lives, let us leave any greatness or goodness untouched and unsmirched by our present ego. Let us be concerned only with our past evils for they will overwhelm us in apathy or ignorance. Our past goodness and greatness will take care of itself.”

UN.AR.I.U.S. Moderator
E. L. Norman

Originally published as “Addendum to First Lesson Course” of The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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