The Healing Nature of Music, Part II

music_therapy-main-2-4-post“The usage of this sound in these high frequency spectrums as a therapeutic agent in the clinics and hospitals of your day is still in a very crude state, and is quite liable to, and sometimes does, subject the patient to severe burns, or may injure him in some other way. If the operator who is using the instrument is not thoroughly familiar with the proper usage of this apparatus, very serious damage could be incurred in the body of the patient.

Light structures, too, have a very therapeutic effect. This is called the science of chromotherapy. If purple-light-energies-4-post-2you were momentarily placed within a room which was very brilliantly lighted with an intense violet or purple radiation, you would immediately become dizzy and fall to the floor in a dead faint. The time required for you to become faint and dizzy would depend upon the intensity of the light itself. It merely means that light had so affected you because you could not properly compensate or compromise the proper orientation of frequency within the immediate confines of your own objective consciousness. This produced a distortion of such an intense nature that it completely obstructed the functional orders of integration of mind forces into the body itself; and therefore you became weak and fainted.

Throughout the different Shamballas, starting with Venus, you were continually shown the prismatic, or the lens-like structures which were placed in the ceilings or the roofs of the different music-prisms-4-postclassrooms or halls. These lenses or prisms are integrated with the frequency spectrums from the Radiant Infinite Energies about the Cosmic or Celestial Universe. These energies were so projected and infused in their proper proportions and relationships that they actually became food and drink to the individuals who were living and functioning in these dimensions immediately below them.

Man does not need to sustain himself in the earthly process by eating and sleeping to recuperate and revitalize his body in the commonly accepted traditional form of the earth man. If it may bear repeating, there are people living on the earth today who do not need to eat, for they can so regulate their thinking that they become receptive to these Infinite Energies in such a dimensional relationship that they are suitably and properly nourished from the properties within the confines of their own mind.

If you will think for just a moment, you will be able to see that the very co-ordination or relative factors which motivate the human body, the atomic structures themselves, are sustained from other dimensional sources. By carrying this principle of inductive reception into a higher dimension, you, too, could abstain from the material processes of eating and sleeping to revitalize your body. You could go into a moment of meditation or trance, and suspend or extend your physical consciousness so that its inhibitive factors of relationship to you were thus nullified; so that the Superconciousness and its superstructures could flow into your body in such a stream of generic energy, that you would be so completely revitalized and rebuilt that you would literally glow in the dark.

The science of chromotherapy and vibrotherapy is relatively little understood in the present day and age in which you are now living. A vast amount of research and learning in the coming years must become necessary to institute properly the orders of energy infusion into your daily lives in their proper therapeutic realm or dimension. However, you have made a start. In the various market places and in the offices of dentistry, medicine, and in other places of reception, there calming-music-for-the-soulconstantly plays a stream of music which is supposedly inductive to the quieter or meditative processes of the individual who is waiting for some type of service, or who is purchasing some articles of merchandise. The music which is being broadcast about the room, or enclosure, is supposed to be selected with the idea in mind that it is conducive, shall I say, to quieting the turbulent emotions within the individual.

An angry man, who had murder in his heart, could very quickly be quieted by the striking of some very predominant chords, so that he would be arrested in his mad purpose and could not commit the murder. Miraculous healings also took place by the constant repetition of certain chord structures. The recipient or listener who had some diseased condition, was momentarily transported from certain consequences of vibrationary frequency structures which had diseased the person, so that this chain or chord vibrationary structure was temporarily broken, to the point where the Supreme Energy could remove or heal the condition of the sufferer.

Now here is another very vital and important concept to remember in music, and the composition of chord structures. They are very necessary and relative, inasmuch as the chord structures, in music-inspiration-4-postthemselves not only reproduce certain harmonic frequencies which are in dimensions particularly pertinent and relevant to the production of certain phenomenal effects in the human body, but also that these various basic fundamental frequencies of chord structures can be modulated with an entirely new or an ultradimensional concept of frequency energy. Just as in the principal of your radio, the carrier wave is so modulated that the frequencies of the sound of the voice are properly rectified, simplified and amplified that they can be reproduced upon the cone of the speaker.

So it is, in reproducing certain fundamental frequencies, or sounds, such as in the human voice, that if you are in proper attunement or in the constant relationship with your Higher Self, then the Higher Self, in conjunction with the higher dimensions and the forces which reside within those dimensions, can modulate your voice or superimpose into it, a certain definite number of vibrations, in themselves, tremendously powerful and healing.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Orion

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