The Great Dimensional Subdivisions Part I

multi-dimensional-light-planeExcerpt from Multi-Dimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe

After many years of leaving my body and investigating alternate realities, I feel tempted to draw a summary and paint a reasonably comprehensive image of what life will be like when we disassociate ourselves finally from the dense vibrations that form our physical dimension. In some ways this may Multi-Dimensional-Man-Bookdiffer from the accounts given by mediums and psychics, firstly because these are firsthand accounts and secondly because they are not addressed to those bereaved. Consequently, I see myself more as a reporter than as a councilor, a researcher rather than a transmitter of other people’s views or spirit observations. The fact that I have been there myself to see it and hear it may fill in any gaps in knowledge mediums may have brought across with them.

I am confident in fact that science has come to the conclusion that physical life in the universe simply can’t exist without other dimensions underpinning its existence. Unfortunately, I am not a scientist; if I were, my viewpoint would have been conditioned rather differently than by my work as an artist. The conclusions I draw are, obviously, subjective, and future observers may differ in their own.

Surprisingly, it has taken science quite a long time to realize that we are part of a multiple-universe. It is the same paradigm shift for our perception as the discoveries of fire, the wheel and that the Earth is a sphere and revolves around the sun. Incredibly, psychology and the science of the mind still need to catch up and move beyond looking at consciousness as a function of biological and chemical events within the brain.

What we will have to acknowledge is the fact that the universe ‘outside’ not only has its origin in other dimensions, but that we as living organisms are at every moment operating in other dimensions without realizing it, here and now. In fact, to imagine that we could function as purely physical dimensional entities strikes me as absurd, because it would be akin to imagining that the Earth could exist without the space it is suspended in.

Incredibly, we still believe that the brain is the main storage organ for everything we experience. Considering the fact that every moment – every split second – we encounter trillions of bits of information via our vision alone, it is clear that scientists still have no idea as to where or how the data is stored. All we know is that the brain’s synapses process the data. By studying the brain from a biological viewpoint we may understand its function but not its deeper mystery.

When looking at it from the next dimension up the brain is a fantastic relay station – a processing and communication plant between two dimensions. The information appears to be stored on another dimension altogether in a state that simply cannot be attributed to molecules or physical atoms. This doesn’t apply only to the information gathered while living in different energy configurations such as previous lives and inter-lives.

First we will have to accept that life in the next dimension will be different for everyone, the same as it is here, so to give a comprehensive description of life ‘over there’ is impossible. Every afterlife will be different.

The best way of describing it is by drawing a parallel of three visitors from outer space landing on Earth and having to report back of what they find. One lands in the desert, the other one in the middle of Venice and the third underwater in the Great Barrier Reef. Obviously, each one of them would give an accurate yet totally different account. Even if they had all landed in the same place their accounts would still deviate because they would focus on different attributes in accordance with their viewpoints and personalities.

What can be said is that people vibrating on a higher energy level will be living more enjoyable and satisfying lives than those on a lower one.

By higher I mean energies which are not centered around selfish instincts to the exclusion of others. Psychologists of the future will work more effectively once they acknowledge that there are hierarchies of energies, which will lead to more fulfilling lives, a fact first pointed out in-depth by the American psychologist Abraham Maslow and investigated and applied presently by cognitive therapists.

In the next dimension we simply find that people leading selfish lives gather in a corresponding environment which greatly limits their power, whereas people who lead altruistic lives, enjoy the pleasurable emotions of love and caring and have positive expansive creative energies, will have greater power and a more agreeable environment on the next dimension. It is simply nature’s law of like attracting like.

In reality, death in itself does not have to be the dramatic downturn of events in one’s life as it is painted from our mortal point of view. Except for a very few occasions I have never experienced the same sense of drama as reported by people with near-death experiences; however this may be due to the fact that I have learned to treat these events as a fairly natural process, which leads me to believe dying too can be a quite undramatic and natural process.

We should not suffer the illusion that life will take a dramatic turn when shifting into another dimension. I can’t imagine that there is a great difference between leaving one’s body temporarily or permanently, except of course if it is brought about by trauma.

For the average dying person it will be no more dramatic than going to sleep, because very little will actually have changed when arriving on the other side. Many people will take some convincing that they are dead as the first impression is that they feel just as alive as before. Even the environment will be the same. Gradually, though, nature’s laws of attraction will kick in and connect us to our natural energy environment. This can mean that our environment changes into the proverbial Heaven or Hell. Or we can continue simply and gradually from where we left off via the gradual process of learning and advancement.

Many of us who suffer depression may find ourselves in a bleak world. Fortunately, if our basic character is sound, and we generally operate on a altruistic energy level, we will find that we are much closer to turning our state of mind around than we would be able to on the gross physical Earth. For a start we would attract helpers and energies that would assist us the moment we opened our minds and hearts. This doesn’t happen automatically, though the mind must open first.

There is little point in describing the afterlife. The after life of a rock star will be totally different from that of a nun or a racing driver, the same as their lives are here. All I can do is focus on the underlying reality and allow the reader to imagine what their own afterlife will be like once they take all their dreams, loves and likes into consideration.

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