The Great Dimensional Subdivisions, Part II

Dimensional-subdivision-mainExcerpt from Multi-Dimensional Man by Jurgen Ziewe

As we have established, it is not possible to give a comprehensive description of the higher dimension. What I’ve written is nothing more than travel journals like those written by any orthodox travel writer. The best that can be done is to describe certain universal laws which underpin the dimensions and allow the readers to use their imagination to paint their own picture.

There is a Multi-Dimensional-Man-Bookconsensus among mystics and occultists alike (who refer to these dimensions as the Astral or Mental Planes) that the purpose of these worlds is to express and fulfill desires and, as on earth, to provide a training-ground for self-development, and this is exactly what they do.

Let us start with self-development. There can’t be a better training-ground for evolution then the lowest and most hellish of dimensions where the individual is faced with the shortcomings of his or her personality and experiences the dire consequences of their actions. If this type of learning system could be implemented on Earth, replacing traditional forms of incarceration and punishment, crime rates would drop dramatically, because the instant a crime was committed, the perpetrator would experience the crime from his victim’s viewpoint and suffer the same consequences. These are simply the ways in which nature works. Justice and punishment are not administered by a superior intelligence, they are simply the result of subtle energy balances.

Even on the higher subdivision, learning, self expression and evolution are the primal aspects of higher dimensional life. There are plenty of opportunities for further education once the novelty of pursuing one’s dreams has worn off.

But living and realising one’s dreams is, of course, one of the most important, and, to many, the most attractive function of the other dimensions. The desire for all the things we strive for in this life builds up powerful energies and the way nature has designed its release is by allowing us to express them to the full on the next dimension. To many of us living here on Earth, this would be a ‘lottery win’. Though this can mean different things to different people. I have seen people driving super cars, living in magnificent houses and having all the trappings a millionaire lifestyle has to offer, although the expression of these desires is very much dependent on the level the individual has advanced to. There is simply not enough creative energy on the lower levels to allow these dreams to come to fruition and a person will have to ‘earn’ the power of realisation by a process of moral and psychological purification. On top of that, the absence of aging, illness and decay, and all the things that are needed to maintain the functioning of the physical body, are tremendous added bonuses, as is the power to travel instantly to any place you wish.

The more a person purifies their psychological make-up, harmonising their nature, the more their life will become symmetrical and will allow for a greater flow of energy, which will in turn open their creative channels, and thereafter the power of creation increases proportionally.

These powers become ever more magnified on the higher dimensional levels, together with an increased level of awareness and an expanded consciousness. In fact the person synchronizes with the universal energy and accesses the very matrix of creation. To give an example, I struggled when I was conjuring up wine in a supermarket on the lower plane, and when I did the wine tasted poor, more like juice.

On a much higher plane, people are able to control the environment, evoke natural phenomena and create incredible cities and miracles of art and science. The moment a person rises higher, the vibrational gap between that dimension and Earth becomes larger and communication, particularly via a clairvoyant, more difficult. From the deceased person’s point-of-view, their motivation for contacting those left behind on Earth decreases steadily for two reasons; the first one is that Earth life, in the face of expanding consciousness, is viewed more like a distant dream than reality, and the second is that the individual is operating on a higher dimension and consequently has more power at his or her disposal to affect the welfare of their loved ones left behind on Earth. They are more in tune with the soul or core energy of the person on Earth and can exert greater powers more wisely to help them on a much higher and more intelligent level.

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