The Great Cosmic Universe

infinite-universe-main“…and while the astronomer and the astrophysicist are aware of perhaps 100 trillion suns which are visible in the photographic plates, within this Universe are countless millions of other solar systems similar to our own. We are familiar with the sun and the nine major planets which are revolving in their orbits around our sun; however, contained within this great cosmic universe, of which our earth is a part, are literally hundreds of millions of solar systems, some larger and some smaller than our own, although we are told that our solar system is one of the smallest. Thus we begin to get an idea with what we are confronted in this great cosmic universe, containing innumerable terrestrial planets that are similar in frequency rates of vibration or in their atomic structures.

… the symphony of life, the entire harmony of life, its conception, its manifestations and its constantuniverse-many-mansions creation is not happenstance. It is not a product of spontaneous regeneration. Rather, it is a manifestation and product of infinite intelligence conceived millions of years in the sense of time, beyond the periphery of its earth-life, third dimensional form; an infinity which creates and makes possible all life forms and all manners and ways of living to those who can conceive this infinity, in its manner and way of breathing, living and remanifesting itself in its numerous planes or, as it was once called, “The Many Mansions”.

…man, in his primitive consciousness, as he now lives upon the planet Earth, has yet to evolve in the scale of his evolution to the point where his mental capacity is sufficiently expanded to go beyond the periphery of his past life experiences.

Curious as he may be and probe though he might, he will never go beyond the boundaries of this third dimensional world until he has conditioned himself from the inner worlds and from those great universities andevolution teaching centers which exist in these inner worlds; the rigorous rhetoric of his third dimensional science limits the boundaries of his mental consciousness. And so it will be, the Earth will, to more or less and in a certain degree, always be a nominal plane of reference—a nominal plane of evolution—the formative phase or period of any earthman’s life in his climb toward the infinite vistas of the inner kingdoms. And well that it should be this way. Were man, in this present time and in this generation, to possess knowledge and the ability to use this knowledge beyond the periphery of his intellect, he would destroy himself much more surely than he could by destroying the ecology of his planet.

The ego must constantly be supported by the past. And at any given point, should anything materialize in consciousness which is beyond the immediate dimension of scanning, as it were, through the subconscious (the past), to make the necessary co-relationship between this past, then man-like-computerthis immediate presentation must be destroyed or it must be shunned for man is a computer and is completely analogous to those machines which he has created and is now using in the industrial complexes of his world. So it will be in the future, until that time when he gains the mental ability within the consciousness of his own mind to tune in infinitely to one or any number of given points in this infinity, to manifest the cyclic motion of wave forms into his consciousness as the sum and substance of his life —not that it shall be the reactive reorientation of past life experience, reactivation of these past life experiences into the present form and into such relevant dimensional factors which he has lived with and experienced in these past lifetimes in his evolutionary climb into the present.

Then, let the world remain as it was first conceived, this world and countless millions of others in this universe, in the infinite number of galaxies which comprise this universe—the material universe spread across the vastness of space into an incomprehensible dimension, yet filled with pulsating life forms, countless millions of planets where countless millions of life forms exist; some which would be incomprehensible to the earthman in his earth—world, yet all taking their place in this vastness of infinity.”  Excerpt from Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation

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