The Genesis Rock: Fallacy of the Time Concept

nasa-lunar-roverExcerpt from Tempus Interludium I

“It is indeed a technological achievement for the earthman to have landed men on the moon four times. However, to believe that he can acquire some sort of intelligent information about the embryonic period of the solar system, the formation of planets, etc., from such existing specimens of moon rock will, without question, lead him into another one of those insoluble enigmas or anachronisms with which he has confounded himself in his numerous attempts to explore the created world about him. This is simply because he has not as yet lifted his efforts, his introspection and analysis, into the fourth dimension–to the origin of all things.

Let us create for a moment a hypothetical situation. Suppose in the scientist’s mind, as he is scientists-analysing-moon-rockconcerned with moon rocks and their origins, that the Genesis rock would portray to him that at one time the moon was either very volcanic or that it was entirely a ball of molten lava. In either case the situation is quite clear: there was a huge mass of atom-molecules which formed this ball of lava that had been in existence for possibly hundreds of thousands of billions of years. So the age of the moon, to use a pun, “goes up in a puff of smoke” such as we might see from the top of a volcano. And I don’t go along with that “spin-off” theory–that all of the planets in the solar system were thrown off from the mass of the sun by centrifugal motions or some other such forces that aided in this spin-off process.

whirlpool-eddies-4-post-2If you were to study a large whirlpool that had been formed on the surface of a large river, you would see, in the course of some fifteen or twenty minutes, that this whirlpool as it revolves around and around has made a cone-shaped hole into the center. A number of other smaller whirlpools of different sizes will then appear and reappear around the periphery of this whirling whirlpool, sort of like small anomalies of revolving currents. Now why should such a situation exist? Clearly, the currents of water, as they were involved in rotating around in forming the central apex should not have, in a sense of the word, broken off their regular lines of rotation and engaged in the same kind of rotation but on a very much smaller scale.

The situation here is quite analogous to what we have discussed about the wind and the currents of air. The same situation prevails in the fourth dimension in regards to the formation of the sun and the planets; that is, within the central vortex that formed the sun. The sun is the nucleus in the net sum and total of the different nuclei that form atomic constituents of the photosphere of the sun. But these, too, so far as they are concerned, are actually appearing and disappearing in a series of oscillations that take place at incredible speeds, possibly within hundreds of billions of oscillations per second.

Sine_WaveTo more closely analyze the formation of any particular waveform as it involves the positive and negative phase reversal in an atom, or anywhere else for that matter, this is a condition in which the waveform is expressing a certain idiom or quotient of intelligence. This intelligence is contained in that phase reversal.

If we study a sine wave, we will discover, in the movement of the sine wave, that exactly in the center there is a phase reversal. There is a quiescent space or period in which, so far as we can discover, there seems to be no movement there at all, in either direction. So how would this come about?

Again, we will return to the proposition of the fourth-dimensional centrifuge that formed this vortex-fieldparticular waveform, either as the nuclei of an atom or that it concerned itself in a larger fashion as the centrifuge that generated the sun and was likewise the great anomaly which, in secondary convolutions, had generated the nuclei that we call planets. The planets are simply that; they are simply large atoms, if they can be considered in the total mass content that they represent–either gaseous, liquid, or solid. They represent, so far as the fourth dimension is concerned, a corresponding number of anomalies of centrifugal energy, which form the nuclei of each respective atom. As such, they are linked up to the respective electromagnetic fields and other components and constituents of cyclic waveforms that constitute the infinite cosmogony.

Just as it was with the whirlpool in the river and the smaller whirlpools around the periphery of this whirlpool, so it is with the planets. Functioning according to the same laws that generated these galaxywhirlpools of water, the planetary systems are revolving on the basis of their interdimensional oscillations and frequencies as they are concerned in that vast interplay which I call the infinite cosmos.

Getting back to the earth scientist, with all this knowledge concerning the mechanics of the infinite cosmogony and its relationship to planet Earth, the solar system, and the invisible terrestrial galaxy and universe, it is indeed pitiful that the American people should permit their life blood to be virtually drawn from their economic system for the furtherance and continuance of the exploration of the moon or for any other space program. The creation of the solar system or the universe will not be found in the age of a rock either here on Earth, on the moon, or on Mars.

Concerning the elements of space and time, I have previously stated that they are integrated in the fourth dimension in cyclic transmission, and as the rocks are compounded in the infinite cosmogony, the element of time is a superficial anachronism. It means absolutely nothing. It tells nothing. It only leads those who seek the answers to the riddle of their life, in this manner and form, down the garden path. They will only wind up, as it is said in the vernacular, behind the eight ball.

Instead of spending his life’s blood, the taxpayer’s money, which could very well be devoted to otherhigher-self-4-post much more productive channels in our economic system, man should begin to search for the riddle of life–if he must possess it–from within himself. This is virtually what we are doing in these discussions and introspections, for within the secret closet of our own mind can we learn to tune in to the Infinite Cosmos, the creative Father, then we will indeed have the secrets of creation. We will have found our relationship to this Infinite Cosmos, to this Father, and we will have formed a constructive position for our evolution in the future–to become reproductive in a much higher sense and in a much higher capacity.

So far as I am concerned, as well as the Unariun Brotherhood, this is a mad-hatter’s dance, a sort of “Alice in Wonderland” fantasy world that seems to leave little in relevant values in the world about us. While our planet is steeped in all of the sins and iniquities, and our ecology is polluted and filthy almost to the point that life as we know it on this planet will be made impossible, yet man vainly searches for his origin in the most unlikely of all places–the graveyards of our planetary systems, such as the moon! And indeed, as he searches in these graveyards, so will he find his own epitaph carved upon the stone, which he believes will give him the secret key to his life.

energy-vortex-5If you must search, if you must seek, then let this searching and seeking be a logical continuity of life and of the forces that propagated and made life possible. Search not among the ashes and dust of some defunct planetary system, but rather, among the vital and integrating elements that formed and motivated the atoms within your body and the mechanics that engendered the movements of the planets and stars, and the formations of the molecules and atoms that formed all of these celestial objects. Behind these are the mysteries of life and their solutions.

To all of you, then, I speak these words, for yours is an idle chase, a will-o’-the-wisp chase through the morass of your impenetrable and impregnable rhetoric of your earth-world mind. Until that day and time when you come upon the high ground of logic and reason, your footsteps will be constantly bogged down by the mires of your own indispositions, and you will be constantly intimidated by the quick-sands of your own opinions and your own beliefs.”

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