The Face of Infinity

The-Face-of-Infinity-main-4-postAs you no doubt know by studying various historical configurations of religions, and other documentaries which are contained in the various historical archives of the world, that as it concerns man’s spiritual progress into the Infinite, and as has been previously religious-pageant-4-postexplained to you, is contained in great cycles which are manifest as infinite consciousness; and that always man, in his search for a better position to orientate himself into a happier and more compatible state of union with the Infinite, seeks out and brings into his daily life, various and different configurations which have been termed such things as religious or cultistic observances. And so the histories of the world are filled with innumerable depictions of pageantries, fiestas, and various other ritualistic observances which speak into the very subconscious fiber of each human being, and what he feels is some great and internal connection to the great Infinite.

The mystical and auric forces which surround him in great preponderant abundance, idolatryhas always filled man with great awe; with a great sense of mysticism, and with a failure to understand. And in these things he has only tried to depict in his own way, what he believes should be the right thing to tender in his emotional reflexes to the great Infinite, as he divides it into his consciousness; whether it is devised as a superficial form of consciousness of some god, as in the Christian religion, or whether he adapts within his consciousness such configurations which involve hundreds or even thousands of deifications; all of which have their own particular specific point of equation in the emotional values of man’s life on the planet earth.

And so man has lived and lived again, and begat unto each generation and into the progeny of the following generations of these things and many more; and thus even the idol-worship-4-postseasons of the year as they are woven in the fabrication of life are strange indeed. For while all of the content of man’s life in the mental stance, and lived in spiritual configurations which involved unknown and deistic forces which are beyond his comprehension and understanding, yet he refuses to acknowledge these dominant and spiritual influences into the reactions of his own personal interpretations to his fellow man.

He has always maintained his war-like attitudes, his lusts, his hates and the various tenacious and strenuous ways in which they wring the very essence of his life from the bowels of his mother earth. And so the seasons rise and fall, and with them bring new interpretations, new configurations of some ruling deistic force which is so contrived in his own imagination; that it must be indeed the leaving off of some particular form, and with another it means that it’ll resume to again bring into succeeding days and months, some newer and different set of interpretations.

But how well it is put in UN.AR.I.U.S. works, that man always turns his face to Infinity man-on-spiritual-pathway-4-postand in the day by day turning, finds that there is a new interpretation, so that man is never, in himself, static; nor any of the other forces of the world he lives in, likewise static; but all maintain the same basic movement and relations to the Infinite. Even the atoms in your body are undergoing the same changes; and that they, in their own configurations of molecules and cell structures, are being constantly replaced because the atoms themselves represent a form of consciousness of the Infinite.

And so into the future man will live and he will find the greatest of all messages which will be interpreted through his daily life; and that it is spiritual-transformation-4-postnot the conflux of any one, or a group, or number of seemingly external or mystical forces which reside in unknown dimensions about him; but it is the way in which he interprets his own life from within his own mind; for in this interpretation does he so continually turn his face to the Infinite, and in the turning does he incept into his own consciousness, certain relative quantities of the Infinite Light which will develop and change his seemingly drab, animal-like form of the man, who is coming up from out of the more primitive developments of consciousness, into something which is indeed possessed of certain potentials which are as deistic as those with whom he has so contrived within his mind.

So my message to you dear ones as this season, calendarically speaking, takes a turn, or angel-hands-4-postthat you are only very vaguely conscious that it is in the presupposition of the subconscious mind, vaguely reactionary in its pure sense, and that you must to some degree be mindful of the past, present, and future, in your small world in which the physical finds you.

Yes, there are times and sometimes there are places, when there comes a great Light., a great helping hand; a hand which has been strengthened with ages of wisdom and with living with one’s self on the inner and with the higher denominators of spiritual integrity; and that this great hand can — if one can reach out — by his hand, be lifted and all of these things be made whole in the eyes of the Infinite. Yet these things cannot be so without a high degree of realization and the setting aside of the old.

Dear ones, you can indeed consider yourselves fortunate in contacting UN.AR.I.U.S., yet spiritual-pathway-2-postit is in itself only more phases of your own personal realization; and you have earned what you are now realizing to a great degree, whether it be positive or negative expressions, and whatever other manifestations that come, is a direct orientation of a true understanding of love, and in that polarization, and understanding of the facts of life as they should be understood, then all things are made equal in the eye of the Creator and you do indeed become a son of God.

So my message to you all is one simply that the new incoming season and each succeeding season will pathway to stars 4 postbring forth its own abundance, and its own realizations, in direct proportion to how well you live with the consciousness; and that you can set aside permanently and forever, the small personal differences in your physical life. For these things only become a way in which you could destroy yourself; but with your face always toward the Light, your life can be a continuous revelation of manifestation of Truth, and there may be many manifestations in the future, according to your individual efforts in the world about you, so therefore keep your feet well placed on that spiraling pathway into the stars.

Excerpt from The Infinite Contact

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