The Evolutionary Pathway

The-Evolutionary-Pathway-main-4-postChristianity or any other religion; (the author) knows how essential such systems are, in the first mans-evolutionary-growth-4-postprogressive steps of evolution, and which are man’s first acknowledgement of the great mysterious creative forces. He knows that as every man started as a cell, or entity of consciousness, which began to reappear or reincarnate in cyclic movements from life to life; and that through frequency relationship, this entity of consciousness gathered about it and wove together other entities which were harmonically attuned to it. Thus begins each man as he has always begun and as he starts this evolutionary pathway, so will he find this pathway threading its way among the things with which he is familiar, and which were either partly or wholly responsible for this regenerative process stemming from the Infinite Source.

past-lives-4-postFor, as this Infinite Source is Infinite, and that this Infinity IS all things visible and invisible, known and unknown, so likewise must this Infinity be maintained by an infinite number of finite forms. Man therefore becomes the collective agency of this infinite number of forms, which he does by living from life to life through the doorway of experience; thus becoming another one of the ultimate achievements of this regenerative process of the Infinite Mind.infinite-reexpression-4-post

For as each man becomes God-like in nature and expression, so must he too, just as does this Infinite Mind, know of all things and in the knowing of these things, becomes a participating agent or element not as a reactionary force in a negative way, but as a positive polarity which supplies a spiritual life, libido, or drive, a constructive purpose and again a reliving of consciousness with the Infinite. Until such time therefore, that any particular individual can conceive or realize these creative principles, he must therefore support his purpose of life, his evolution and all of the things with which he is so concerned at any time or moment, with all of the elements of the world in which he lives, for these too, are but products of his evolution.

As he was before, so he is, and thus he goes from day to day, from life moving-into-light-pathway-4-postto life, and that in each day or each life, he adds or subtracts but very little; for the unknown is a great and terrible monster, more to be feared than the evils of his present moment. Not until he realizes the constructive interplay of the Infinite Mind, does he begin to Light his own pathway; the gloomy shadows will disappear, and there will be no unknown monsters. He will, in this self-realization, realize that new dimensions of consciousness are not attained by continuing to ascribe to local social systems and religions, for in these things he listens and sees only with the ears and eyes of other people.

Self-realization is realization of the Infinite Mind, and the position of self as a constructive participating spiritual-awakening-4-postelement of consciousness with this Infinite. How useless then is anything, save that it serves a purpose, and that having served its purpose must pass on. How well it is for us to realize its purpose and to witness its passing in the realization of new purpose, for this indeed is progressive evolution – the dynamics of the Infinite Mind in the never-ending, never-ceasing, recreative process of thought, form, and consciousness. “Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven, which is within, and all things shall be added unto thee.”

Excerpt from Infinite Contact

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