The Cosmic Continuum

cosmic-continuum-main-4-post“One other important concept which the student must always remember is that in his evolutionary flight through this so-called time and space in the reliving of a large number of lifetimes which, as they were in each succeeding life, pre-evaluated upon a common basic understanding of material values from one or a number, or all of the succeeding lifetimes, he has thus largely developed various reactive mechanisms within his consciousness. He has thus, through these succeeding spiritual-growth-of-man-4-postgenerations, placed himself directly in the line of transference of energy as a reactive element from one particular form of transference to another. In other words, through consciousness and its associations, he has thus adopted the human form, and this in turn relates him to such transferences of energy as heat; thus he can be burned.

Another reactive element also resides in atomic constituents which man finds about him. He can dig the iron ore from the earth, and after suitable smelting, form it into a sword which will again become a reactive element through his body. The same sword can, with other swords, again form a suitable instrument which can turn over the earth and therein grow crops to sustain his life upon this planet. The disposition here, and in the transferences as they are concerned in dispensations of consciousness to the average individual, then becomes its own prerogative. In this way man is largely different from any other particular form of species of plant or mammalia, as it is concerned upon our terrestrial planet. All reasoning manother forms of plant and mammalia, to a large degree, form a more directly and commonly related pattern of transference in everyday life which is also presupposed and predisposed by previous incarnations. Only in man, however, do we find such wide deviations as are given in common terms of reference which are referred to as reason.

Reason, in itself, means that any particular individual has formed within the realm of his consciousness, a large number of conjunctions of energy transferences from any one or a number of more immediate terrestrial and spiritual dimensions about him; and in these junctions, transfers what he calls consciousness into such reactive elements of life about him. His spiritual life will, by this common evaluation and in this future symposium, then begin to embody by necessity in his future evolutions, certain forms of consciousness which can further reinstate him into other, horizons of perspective as they are concerned with more spiritual forms of life and which do not include embodiment into a spiritual-joy-4-postphysical form of flesh. The problem of death will have, by that time, been completely alleviated, and will no longer be a form of consciousness which is feared by the material man. At that far distant future time, he will thus, in the common denominators of intelligence which are transferred into his consciousness in his daily life, relate himself to a more infinite perspective of consciousness as it concerns the Infinite which stems from that infinite Infinite.

This is cosmic continuum, and in every sense of the word it shall become the common property of each individual as he is thus revolving in some terrestrial dimension in the future, providing of course, he so wishes it to become a part of him and he is suitably inspired or preconditioned by conscious or subconscious memory transferences of spiritual lives which he has lived in the lives between lives. This will, in the future, form the necessary libido or drive, the joie de vivspiritual-awakening-4-postre, or the impetus to sustain his life into these infinite perspectives and horizons of consciousness which he will occupy in that future Infinity.

For the present however, let us begin to constructively evaluate life about us as to succeeding regenerations of consciousness into various cyclic forms as they are regenerated from the Infinite Consciousness. When this has become an integrated part of daily life, the fear of death and subsequent different inflictions of the terrestrial world will begin to disappear about us; problems relating to life in the physical consciousness will disappear, and in future regenerations and evolutions, you will find that the physical body, too, will have disappeared and that life then will be lived entirely in spiritual dimensions which are, at the present time, beyond your immediate dimension of consciousness. So, for the future, may you journey into this Infinity in full realization and in full consciousness of the regenerative principles of life which are constantly being manifest into your daily life.”

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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