The ABC’s of Immortality ~ Part IV

The-ABCs-of-Immortality-main-4-postDuring our previous discussions on healing, you have been presented with certain scientific facts and aspects, together with a number of other very important elements relative to this vital subject. The sum and total of this analysis and spiritual-pathwayintrospection may lead you, the student, to a rather hopeless impasse so far as your own future is concerned. You may say to yourself, how am I or any other person, for that matter, going to be healed from certain incurable conditions, and in general, think the whole situation as tinged with a gloomy hue. Actually, however, this is far from the truth.

Infinite Intelligence is, in many ways including the evolutionary cycle, reconstructing and healing the material earth man from the many diseases and aberrations incurred in his daily life. These healing discussions were presented primarily to accomplish several purposes: First, to more fully acquaint you with common practices, subterfuges, delusions, and illusions under which the earth man labors in attempting to gain relief from his many ailments. And there is a direct warning carried in this information and in these facts, that you, the student, will cease to be tempted by these common and quite useless practices and beliefs. Second, to more fully open up the avenue upon which you will travel in your quest to seek healing from the earth world purgatory and to gain for yourself a higher and better way of life. The temptations and ruses which you will find along this pathway will be numerous; many will be well disguised and you should not for a single moment cease to be alert, but be constantly aware of these many dangers.

Now at this point we have reached a very precarious point in our introspections, for what is about to be said may seem to completely refute the entire consensus of healing evaluations; yet again, in a fair warning: Consider all factors and elements as they are presented, and do not unconsciously accept or reject what you wish according to your own situation. For if this is done, you will be dJesus healingefeated in any attempt to gain a progressive evolution or to be healed. What is about to be said is this: Yes, there is instantaneous spiritual healing, just like the kind which was described in the New Testament as performed by Jesus, even though there was much coloring, distortion and lack of accurate descriptive fact. As of today the cause of evolutionary progression and healing, as it was preached and administered by Jesus is much more fully, much more comprehensively being carried on through the Unariun Administration. The same great Spiritual Brotherhood is working with the same great Master Mind and Super Intellect which worked through Jesus two thousand years ago. This Super Intellect, aided and abetted by the vast Unariun Brotherhood, works through the Moderator and his polarity, Ruth, to bring to all earth people, and especially those who have preconditioned themselves, all the necessary and correctly administered healing, the pertinent and scientific knowledge, personal demonstrations, etc., which will enable any of these persons to carry his cause of emancipation into a higher way of life.

This statement is an incontestable fact proven not only in the many thousands of testimonials written by students in terms of undying gratitude — nor did it start at the beginning ernest-l-norman-in-parkof the Unariun Administration in 1954; there was, previous to this, a preparatory period of about fourteen years wherein the Moderator lived the most incredible life ever lived by any man, far surpassing, in many ways, the life of Jesus, and there are many people still living who could bear testimony as to the truth of that statement.

Beginning in 1941, before World War II, the Moderator began to actively carry on a campaign (if it can be called that) into almost every nook and cranny, to every type and kind of people, men, women, and children found wherever they lived, on street corners, buses, in cafes and taverns, defense plants, churches and dance halls; the Moderator sought out and found thdr-ernest-l-norman2e sick and maladjusted, and guided by this Super Intellect, they were instantly healed of their conditions. Diseases that ran the gamut of medical nomenclature: Cancer of the cervix, breast and lip, headaches, crossed eyes, streptococcic throat, backaches of many years standing, a deep coma of two years’ duration was instantly healed more than two thousand miles away. Mild forms of insanity and mental aberrations, impetigo, high blood pressure, ulcers, blindness, obesity, alcoholism, colds, virus, tuberculosis, asthma, the lame and the halt walked again, marital and financial problems and many other conditions too numerous to mention at this time, all were instantly healed and corrected and just as miraculously without preconditioning, very subtly too, and practically unknown to any others; for these healed people accepted their blessings, sometimes almost as a matter of fact, sometimes tearfully, but hardly ever did they advertise their blessing.

Along with this, these people were given personal facts about their past about which only they knew. They were given information on events yet to happen even several years into the future and they often came back to tell Him how exacting they worked out, and sometimes too, a great Power came over them and they perspired copiously, felt extremely hot, gasped for breath until He turned the Power off.

And so as the great war progressed, the Moderator — as He walked among these people — became a living legend, never openly discussed or talked about, yet recognized and sought after by other Ruth and Dr. Normanthousands; yet quietly He worked. There were no multitudes who followed Him, no pandemonium, no wide acclaim which is, in itself, incontestable proof that this Super Intellect would never again permit a situation to develop as it did two thousand years ago; never again would the conniving minds of men be permitted to use this great Science of Life as material from which they could contrive a great religious blasphemy. Then quietly and without palm branches or fanfare, without mobs crying “Crucify Him”, the Moderator disappeared; yet with the meeting of Ruth to again resurrect the great ‘Unariun Cause’, and with the Brotherhood, bring back together all those who had been implicated in the crime upon the Hill of Calvary.

Yes, here again a great testimonial, a great proof for among the closest and most devoted students areCrucifixion found those who pressed the crown of thorns upon His head, those who fashioned the cross and drove the nails; yes, even Pilate, Judas, and the priests are numbered among these students; for each one unto himself and with the help of the Unariun Brotherhood has seen his past projected into his present consciousness as a vivid moving picture. And when the pernicious effect was washed away in floods of tears, then this person, for the first time in the many elapsed centuries, found a great relief in this remission of sin. These people are, as of today, living testimonials of their past; and even though He has claimed nothing, they know the Super Intellect as one and the same as it was two thousand years ago. Indeed, He even bears physical scars of that crucifixion.

from-akhenaton-to-jesusAll this and much more will, in the future years, be written in a biography, a book more incredible than any which has yet been written, for it will span not only the two thousand years to the time of the Nazarene, but it will go back into Ancient Egypt and Akhnaton to Osiris and to Atlantis and the time of Ernos Ra, sixteen thousand years ago, even to the time of Ancient Lemuria and its beginnings. For thusly as the Super Intellect of the Unariun Brotherhood resurrected the cause and purpose of man’s existence in these different epochs, the evolutionary progressive cycle which constantly reinstates and perpetuates Infinite Intelligence into all forms and all motions, culminates its highest expression in mankind, just as it begins with all men upon earth-like planets.

To you who read these words, read them soberly and without prejudice; do not doubt them for they are your history and teenager boy reads book sitting on beach in eveningyour future, written in the cause and purpose of all these things. Do not use them as diversions or escape devices. Your own end is from moment to moment, tailored by your thoughts and actions. You cannot escape the price you will pay if you doubt. Only in the fullest and most sincere dedication to the cause of your personal development will you find the answer to the riddle of your life, to your own Immortality. To doubt and to dawdle, to use subterfuges and devices, to attempt to circumvent or to change the immutable truth to your own way will bring disaster; and you will find untold millions living in the pits of hell to keep you company.

spiritual-pathway-4-psotConversely, if you find truth in your heart, truth in the Unariun Brotherhood, and truth in your own effort, your path will be well marked to the Higher Worlds and you will find all aid and assistance which can be intelligently used for your own benefit. This is not coercion or a threat. As with all presentations made by UN.AR.I.U.S., these are cold hard facts presented to you over and over in different ways, in many forms and which always resolve into one important fact: You and you alone can choose your future, your destiny; and may it be that you will not find the bitter tears of recrimination — drink the bitter dregs of despair which you will do if you do not take advantage of this, the greatest opportunity of your life.

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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