The ABC’s of Immortality ~ Part III

ABCs-of-Immortality-main-4-post“In our previous discussions on healing, it was emphatically stated that no earth man is a healer. This is true not only with any Unariun student, but with any and all individuals who may practice spiritual healing in different churches or religious groups throughout the world. Some of these people state they are ‘gifted healers’, a completely false claim. How could they be more powerful than was Jesus who openly admitted He did not heal? In alllaying on of hands two fairness, however, to these people and to the Unariun student, there are countless numbers of cases of spiritual healing where it seemed some miraculous healing or adjustment took place in circumstances involving a so-called healer. The Moderator grew up as a member of one such church which practiced spiritual or (divine) healing by the laying on of hands by specially ordained ministers, and he saw miracles happen when these rites were performed. However, here again these ministers were not the healers. They, like any other so-called healer, as well as the Unariun student, are what might be scientifically called healing polarities. No earth person — with possibly a single exception (and who is factually, not indigenous to the earth, but came from a higher spiritual planet for the sole purpose of bringing UN.AR.I.U.S. Science to earth man) has sufficient knowledge and training to bring about a healing by himself. He can, however, make of himself a sort of a channel wherein that extremely complex electrical energy charge can be projected into the body and psychic anatomy of the person to be healed. Here again the reasons are very scientific in nature.

Every person has an aura. An aura is a field of energy which radiates outwardly from the person for a distance of several feet. These energy aura chakrasradiations contain millions of different oscillating frequencies. All of these are grouped according to frequency into seven different plane rate classifications. There are three karmic or physical planes, three prana or mental planes, and one spiritual or Superconscious Radiation. Now most earth people have auras which vibrate very closely together even though they are all slightly different. There is not much of an effect when any number of these auras come together. However, if an Advanced Personality, like Jesus, walks among them, the situation is quite different. That is because the aura of this Advanced Person is radiating in frequencies on much higher planes than do the auras of the people around Him. This highly vibrating aura is also highly charged with Infinite Wisdom. It, therefore, can be considered positive in respect to the other auras as it is the Creative Law or Principle that positive must flow into the negative and the negative into the positive. This Advanced Person would be immediately aware that great energies were passing from Him and the negative energies or conditions of those around Him were flowing back into His aura.

This was exactly the situation when the woman with the issue touched Jesus on the woman who touched the robe of Jesushem of His robe and He said, “Who touched me, for I felt virtue leave me?” Virtue, of course, is the highly charged Intelligent Energies of His aura; and so it is only a matter of a short period of time before the Advanced Person or Jesus must leave the presence of other people and He must retreat to a spot, such as his home which has been previously surcharged, so that He may rest and recharge His aura . That is why the Moderator and Ruth cannot and do not have but very little intercourse with the outside world, and it is especially true with any student who may come here to the Center and draw upon them so heavily; they (the Channels), would become incapacitated for several days until the recharging took place.

Under the most favorable conditions, the material world is a very difficult place for any person like the Moderator or his wife to live in; even though they do not physically associate with the students, there is a constant and never-ending draw on their energies and which is especially heavy durinauric healingg the meeting periods (student groups). The reasons again are very scientific. When any kind of intelligent corrective healing energy is used to heal a person, much of this energy is of too high a frequency to affect the condition, or the psychic anatomy of the recipient. It must be mixed, as it were, harmonically speaking, with vibrations of a more physical nature which are more closely related to the person or condition. This is the point where the ‘so-called’ healer comes in. The Unariun Doctors and Scientists use the auric radiations of the healer as a channel to convey the healing energies to the sick person, and as these energies flow from the intermediary or polarity, the higher healing energies projected from the Advanced Minds and from especially developed apparatus or machines, are interjected or mixed into this flow where they enter into the body or psychic anatomy of the recipient — this is conscious polarization.

Among all people there is a small interchange or flow of auric energies, usually of little consequence.  A person who calls himself a healer is a person who has, in some way, becoauric interchangeme a polarity or intermediary; he may have prepared himself or been prepared, which is usually the case, before he incarnated into his present life; that is, a certain amount of preparatory training in which certain base plane rates of his psychic anatomy were slightly stepped up or were made to vibrate in a slightly higher frequency by this training.

As an earth man, however, he does not remember, consciously, anything about this training. He may somehow accidentally find out that people feel better when he has come in contact with them. This type of healing is usually called ‘magnetic’ as it occurs in the interchange process from the karmic or physical portion of the aura. Some of the energies which flow from this auric emanation can and do make others feel better when they become charged with it. However, bear in mind the conscious mind of the healer did not project these energies. This was merely the positive flow of energy on a slightly larger scale than is normally the case among all humans. A person cannot be considered to be a healer until he can voluntarily and consciously project healing energies into another person, and as previously stated, no earth man possesses this knowledge or ability.

Now we have discovered what ‘magnetic’ healing is and how certain people have capitalized upon finding out they can, to some extent, discharge a little auric energy into another person. So they make a ‘big deal’ out of it. They advertise in magazines, call themselves ‘gifted healers’ etc.; yet, what they work with and what they laying on of handsdo is about as valuable as many of the other false promises and concepts people indulge themselves in under the rosy aura of mysticism. However, this magnetic healing or positive to negative flow condition is always very valuable to the Advanced Intellects who have the earth world as their charge. They may, unknowingly to this earth man, when conditions warrant and are propitious, interject a healing bolt of energy when the so-called healer is practicing his art, or when his hands are placed on the head, or when he comes in contact with a sick or negative person. This healing bolt of energy which was especially compounded for this case, would be mixed with the energies of the magnetic aura and under those conditions, that sick person would have a miraculous healing. Then, as it is in all cases, this magnetic healer takes all the glory, although he does not really know what happened; so he puffs up his chest and struts; he boasts saying he is gifted by god, etc.

Again it is indeed fortunate that Infinite Intelligence and the Higher Intellects do not consider these things in an emotional or personal way; the Advanced Intellects have a rather difficult time anyway trying to do as much good as They do for the earth people; and many times They healing 4 postare forced to use any ways or means possible to correct some condition for an earth person so that his life cycle can be sustained to enable him to finish what he came to do. You, as a Unariun student, can consider yourself a polarity or an intermediary and any moment when conditions are right and you come in contact with other people, energies will begin to flow from your aura, and at which time the Advanced Intellects may add some of the Infinite Intelligence with which They oscillate.

Infinite Intelligence is not personal; It does not vibrate with you except on the very lowest physical plane and through the world with which you are familiar. These vibrations, therefore, are earth world vibrations. They are your life; but again, as Infinity is impersonal, you take Infinity as your earth world and use it to suit your purpose or you accept it in a reactionary emotional manner. You even divide It and call It good or evil. Under these circumstances, then, as Infinity is impersonal, It cannot heal you or help you. The Advanced Intellects, however, can oscillate with this Creative Infinity at a much higher and more creative level. In these oscillating processes they make It personal. Just as bees eat pollen and digest it in their stomachs to make honey, so the Advanced Intelligences take this impersonal Infinite Intelligence and by digesting It in Their Minds, They reshape It and reform It into personal elements which can be projected into you and your psychic anatomy or through you into some other person.

pathway-4-postSo you see, dear student, there is no magic, no hocus-pocus, nor abracadabra. There are no gifts or special endowments. A progressive evolution is lots of hard work in learning and application. It’s sweat and tears; and unfortunately, sometimes many misguided people shed their blood in an attempt to gain what you have at your fingertips. Becoming an Advanced Intellect and living an Immortal Life is a serious proposition. It means thousands of years of highly specialized training in the science of creation.

In this scale of evolution, the material worlds such as the earth, are to pathway to stars 4many souls, the starting place. They are to many others, the pits of hell. There are countless millions of planets like the earth — some dead and desolate, others teeming with hordes of humanity much like your own world. They too, have reached and passed the apex of their cycle and their civilizations are now on the descendency just as it is with this world. The future history of this world has been written many times in the skies above you. You cannot depend on these things or the world for your future; nor can you depend upon the promises of the hypocrites who have set themselves up in high places. Again and again you will have to make your choice; you will either have to pursue the pathway into the Inner Kingdom or you will have to follow the multitudes into oblivion.

The impersonal Infinite Creative Intelligence is not emotionally concerned with those who tread infinitythis downward trail. Sooner or later It will absorb them back into Its embryonic consciousness, there to start a new cycle of regeneration. The Infinite does not destroy Itself, nor does the death and destruction of one person destroy even the smallest part of Infinity. Yes, and the Infinite is even more than indestructible; It is constantly regenerating into new forms of consciousness and it is in this way that you can attain Immortal Life, for in attaining an Immortal Life, you have regenerated a new form of Infinite Consciousness.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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