The ABC’s of Immortality ~ Part II

Immortality-Part-II-main-4-post“In the world today, just as in the past, there are many references to the term ‘power’, power in a multitude of forms and uses. Some forms of power are real, others imaginary; some exert their effect in a reactionary way, some autosuggestively. In all cases, however, where reference ispower two made to power — and if power exists in any suggested or supposed manner or that it is felt or realized in any manner or form — all such power forms must be, like anything else, a scientific extension of principle and must be scientifically understood. Power then, is simply a motion of energy and whether a quanta of power is large or small, it must be a scientific proposition wherein a certain principle of Infinite Intelligence is expressed for this is indeed the true origin of all things. The expression of power in the physical world is therefore a determinant of motion. Electrical power through wires is a great motivating force in our civilization. The electrical impulses in the nervous system are also energy in motion — power — and one of the agencies which make life possible on this planet.

higher-self-psychic-anatomy-4-postIt is well known that water turns the dynamo; this is an energy conversion process. The human brain regenerates electricity — also a conversion process. The source of this energy is not known to the present-day scientist or doctor and which, however, has a very simple answer. The ‘water’ which turns the brain generator is the psychic anatomy which, in turn, receives its supply from the Infinite, just as the stream which turns the dynamo receives an infinite supply of rain. The differences, however, are fourth dimensional. While rainfall and water turning the turbines is a compound of third dimensional reactions, such as evaporation, condensation, gravity, etc., fourth dimensional transpositions depend and function entirely upon the principle of frequency compatibility. The brain, therefore, is an energy converter which converts energy from the psychic anatomy into physical motion and consciousness, and as these processes depend upon the frequency principle, they are, of course, extremely complex. On the basis of understanding therefore, you will be able to much more adequately understand a certain branch of science called psychokinetics.

Briefly, psychokinetics is the conversion of mind energy into physical motion or reaction. Under this definition, then, every person is unknowingly practicing psychokinetics. He is converting the mind impulse energies into his daily life, psychokinetics 4 postthe reactions of which again, through the physical brain, restimulate the psychic anatomy and biases the return or counter-reactive energies into the brain, etc., ad infinitum. Bear in mind all this is possible only on the basis of frequency relationship. If your psychic anatomy does not oscillate or contain compatible frequencies to that which you see, feel, hear, touch, taste or smell, then it won’t register and you won’t understand it. Simple logic will, therefore, quickly prove in this understanding, that psychokinetically speaking, you cannot psychokinetically and voluntarily project some kind of healing power which could be used in a forceful way beyond the normal domain of interaction which would heal some condition.

Healing is not a magical hocus-pocus abracadabra situation. It’s not a gift, specially conferred. Healing is an exact science, practiced by the more Advanced Intellects, all of whom have passed through many thousands of years of intensivespiritual master healing training. They know how to wisely use the developed Power of Their Minds in conjunction with Infinite Intelligence. This Mind Power is the combination of great and Infinite Understanding — how to oscillate with the Creative Intelligence — how to project by attunement and many other scientific factors and apparatus, all a part of the healing process which goes something like this:

First, the power or energy would have to be a ‘charge’ contained in your psychic anatomy. This ‘charge’ would have to contain millions of frequencies of energy all compatibly tuned according to the frequency of that which you were going to project the power into. In other words, if you were to heal a person of cancer, you would first have to gather together, so to speak, in your psychic anatomy, a complete and scientific knowledge of what cancer is — what caused this particular cancer, past lifetime psychic shocks, etc. You would have to know about and put into this ‘charge’ such knowledge as basic differences in wave length frequencies of cancerous atoms and molecules as compared to non-cancerous, and you would have to put into that ‘charge’ certain knowledge so energies would change the cancerous atoms, molecules and cells back to their original frequencies.

Then you would have to know how to take this tremendously complex ‘charge’ of energy and hurl it, so to speak, like a healing-projection-4-postthunderbolt into the psychic anatomy of the individual who had the cancer. If this were done correctly, and done so that you did not in any way change anything else in that psychic anatomy except the malformed vortex which caused the cancer and if your ‘charge’ was powerful enough and intelligent enough in all respects, it would therefore change this malformed vortex back into its original healthy psychic anatomy energy, and the person would be instantly healed from cancer. The cancer would disappear in a flash because now the psychic anatomy would reflect only the picture of healthy tissue.

The human body, like everything else material, is only a mass of energy atoms temporarily held in a certain form or condition by its psychic anatomy. It is an atom picture. An artist daubs paint on a canvas; the psychic anatomy uses atoms to create an image of what created it and this psychic anatomy was created fromman-composed-of-atoms past life experiences which were gathered together in the evolutionary process again on the frequency relationship principle. Now you can begin to see how utterly impossible it is for you or any person to be a healer. You would have to possess and be able to use psychokinetically, all of the Infinite knowledge of the infinite Creative Intelligence. That is what Jesus meant when He said, “The Father Within doeth all things”. And the same conditions and principles, the same usages, etc., apply in every moment of your daily life. It is only through your compatibility developed through evolution that you are now able to live in the physical world; and as was stated, you are psychokinetically projecting in understanding, the necessary power into your life to make it possible for you and the reaction thereof regenerates through your mind this constant never-ending process.

Now here is a very important concept: In this constant, never-ending regenerative process of life, there is always the tendency — being-selective-4-postespecially for humans — to be selective; humans are much more selective than animals and in this selective tendency, humans often incur their greatest errors and difficulties. People, like animals, are inherently lazy. An animal with a full stomach is a lazy animal. People are therefore, always trying to get something for nothing. They are always giving way to their baser and more compulsive instincts. On the other hand, there are other motivating forces in man’s life which make him struggle for a better way. The competitive aspects of life make him labor furiously to build a better home, a better temple, or a better civilization, etc., than his neighbors, or the rest of the world. These drives are all part of the various equilibriums which every person must sustain in his life or suffer serious consequences. Yet these equilibriums, powerful as they are, sometimes become too intangible when other pressures are incurred. That is the reason why man has found the necessity to be governed by different systems of laws and governmental agencies, and he has attempted to be spiritually governed by different religious beliefs based on unknown but ever-apparent creative and natural forces and phenomena.

religion-and-science-debateIt is the misunderstanding of, and the lack of knowledge of all these aspects of life, the true governing and motivating forces, the true origin and understanding of evolution etc., which still relegate the earth man into his vegetative earth life. The rapidly increasing perspectives of his civilization proportionately increase his misunderstanding and each new truth contradicts what he believes. Today mankind is living in the greatest contradiction of all times, and particularly the contradiction between his religious beliefs as is posed in Christianity and the sciences of this time. While science has just begun to give man a new and greater understanding of Infinite Creation, yet this understanding is being even more vehemently opposed by the Christian dogma. Science is atheistic when compared to this Christian dogma, yet a paradox, if you please, for it is the Christian who is the atheist.

Every scientist believes in God, but not the emotional vindictive pagan god, the Christian scapegoat, who is blamed in creative intelligence infinityhis mysterious ways for every misunderstood happening — the Christian God who will, in the days of resurrection, collect his subjects like trading stamps and redeem them. The scientist knows something about a new kind of God — the All-Intelligent God who moves immutably in the creation of atoms and universes — a God whose Mind is larger and more incomprehensible than the vastness of the star-filled space around us — a God who is not influenced by the temperaments of people or the vileness of their ways, but lives as a vast storehouse wherein any human can reconstruct himself into a creative entity — a God who supplies the answers to all questions if they are sought in the cause of wisdom — a God who knows no want or insecurity, does not determine good or evil, but leaves all these things to those who would take from Him the substance of their lives and create for themselves their own differences; yet knowing as they did so, the very purveyance of their evil ways would drive them to goodness.

So suffering becomes the necessary force to create in each man the desire to seek liberation, and in seeking he will find many doorways through the labyrinth of his material world. Yet always the silken gossamer thread of Infinseeking-the-lightite understanding will lead him through the maze IF he does not let his feet become tired, and IF his faith remains strong, and IF he can become humble enough to accept, then, he has hope of Immortal Life — hope which will be realized if it is not abandoned in the mad fantasy of materialism.

You as a human living the human life, must therefore, always be subjective to it as long as it is lived and as this life is a carnal struggle of survival based on the more primitive emotional phases and values of life, so will all these things never be adequately met or compromised within your jurisprudence. Your personal evaluations or ego consciousness will be constantly violated and deflated, and you will require equal constant reinflation, self-inflation, if you please, quite often indulged in, even in values and concepts beyond the realm of possibility or comprehension.

Every person values his own opinion beyond all others. This he will do despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.breaking-down-the-wall-of-ignorance He even condemns that which he knows nothing of, or what it is, and all in the cause of saving face. So each person is his own Judas Iscariot and not for thirty pieces of silver, but for the pauper’s fraud of self-respect, he betrays himself in every act, in every hour of physical consciousness. For in sustaining his physical life, he does so by virtue of his belief and abandons all else, even the Immortality of his life to a vague and indefinite future — a future which only the pressure of death will force him to seek a way to circumvent. For is not death the greatest of ego deflations? Yes, strange are the ways of those who will not face themselves realistically, who blame any and all things for their own discrepancies and faults, who attempt to evade the ever-attendant and never-ending parable of their own existence or its end, yet clutching at straws to every whim or fantasy which presents the false superiority of the personal ego.

man-growing-in-spiritThus healers are born, and with them are heard the first wailing cries of the crusaders — those who would save others in some mad fancied frenzy to avoid the subconscious guilt which pronounces their own doom, signed on the wrinkled parchment of ignorance. To those who evaluate life for others in the false promises of equalities and Eternal Life and as they are led further down the vale of ignorance and despair, so it is that those who lead them are the first to fall into the quicksands of their own false promises.

Salvation or Eternal Life is sought by all in the frenzy to avoid death, yet the way to Immortality is always impeded by the sacrificial altar upon which every person sacrifices himself to the false god ego. Yet if ego is all bad, then man has no future; for ego is the first cell of self which fertilizes the ovum of the future personality; one which will, when incubated in the warmth and Light of Infinite Wisdom, give birth to the Super Being — a person devoid of self, yet being part of every self, and again recreating the infinite metamorphosis, the facsimile and function of Infinity and Everlasting Consciousness.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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