The ABC’s of Immortality ~ Part I

ABCs-of-Immortality-main-4-post“To any person the subject of healing or to be healed is all important, and particularly to those who have religious affiliations and to those who are suffering from any of the infinite variety of mental and physical conditions. The Unariun student is, of course greatly concerned with healing, in fact his whole future miraculous-healing-4-postevolution depends upon whether or not he is healed from any and all aberrations as well as a countless host of physical experiences called karma, through which he has passed in his many lifetimes. Quite frequently Unariun students have wonderful miraculous demonstrations, and, also, quite frequently their friends or relatives; yes, and unknowingly, strangers may also be miraculously healed of some condition after the Unariun student has made some kind of contact with them. These miraculous transitions may give the Unariun student a sense of power or a belief that he (or she) is now a ‘healer’. This false assumption is very dangerous and should be watched for and instantly suppressed when the student finds himself incurring such a belief.

No student, or for that matter, no earth man is a healer, nor can he consciously heal by thought projection. The reasons are many and scientific and have been explained many times in the lessons and books of UN.AR.I.U.S.. When any person develops the capacity to heal an earth person, he will no longer be an earth man. He will be a being, perhaps best described as a Super Angel or God, and as such a being he would be sufficiently intelligent to restrain from healing any earth person for the simple reason father-within-two-4-postthat it would defeat the master plan of evolution, that through experience and the gradual developed knowledge and ability to conquer each experience is the principle of progressive evolution; and through countless eons of time in this evolutionary development, any person can become wise enough to heal himself and to avoid further recurrences. So, if you feel tempted with a false feeling of power, remember that Jesus said, “Of myself I do nothing, but it is the Father within that doeth the work.”

The Father, of course, is the Infinite Intelligence, the sum and total of all things, including the evolutionary principle of creation. This Father is not emotionally disposed or inclined. So far as It (the Father) is concerned, every person must suffer his respective inclemental karmic burden until he becomes wise enough and has developed beyond its constant inception. In all cases, however, as the fight is very long and prolonged, each individual must have countless demonstrations which reaffirm his resolution to overcome in his quest for a better life. Personal demonstrations of healing are hard to come by and he must be frequently given aid and assistance by certain Advanced Spiritual Agencies. In all cases, however, where these agents and agencies assist and help the individual in obtaining a healing or miracle, they do not basically change this individual person in the process. The healing then, can and should be considered a temporary lift and an incentive whereby the person can be further inspired to learn to overcome and thus change himself which is the inviolate prerogative of every individual.

The reason for all of this is very scientific. Any disease or condition has its specific oscillation or vibrating point, and the person so suffering is therefore tuned in to it. He cannot consciously tune himself out for two reasons: first, he lacks the psychic-anatomy-4-postknowledge, secondly, this oscillating frequency is actually a part of his psychic anatomy. If a Spiritual Being or Agency heals this person, then this oscillating frequency must somehow be prevented from reflecting its image into the physical body or the conscious mind. By temporarily changing this frequency or by changing the basic plane rate vibration of the psychic anatomy, except the diseased condition or aberration will accomplish the miracle. The scientifically Advanced Scientists and Doctors working as part of the Unariun Agency know how to do this, and they are working around the clock on numerous Unariun students. They accomplish these healings by incorporating certain types of apparatus described in the books, together with the Mind Power which They have and which is developed through their understanding.

When a person joins UN.AR.I.U.S. as a student, he automatically becomes a charge of this Advanced Spiritual Organization, and from that moment on he is actually enveloped in a huge nimbus of power — a radiant energy envelope which does not know the barriers of time or space and which is actually composed of Super Infinite Intelligence. Mensch und AbwehrkräfteThe student, however, cannot direct this power through his conscious mind. The frequencies of energy which he develops in his thinking are too low in frequency to have any effect on this Super Intelligence with which he is surrounded. Moreover, this Super Intelligent Energy knows far better what is good or not good for this individual. It knows all about this person, his past, present and future. It waits, as it were, until any propitious time when this student can tune into It, and even a partial attunement always incurs miracles. Yet this Super Intelligent Energy cannot and does not change this person permanently until the person begins to learn about this Super Intelligent Energy, the Infinite Intelligence, etc., which is the Father; and as the person learns, he changes the different oscillating or vibrating frequency planes of his psychic anatomy. And as he is so changed, so he becomes more and more a part of this Higher Intelligence and he gets further and further away from the old earth world dimension where he incurred all his troubles.

The above paragraph was given and included with certain misgivings, and with certain reserhigher-self-attunement-4-postreservations lest the student inadvertently or consciously use this information as a new escape mechanism and plunge himself into a state of euphoria — a practice similar to that indulged in by certain miscalled mind science or metaphysical groups. While it is true the Unariun student is surrounded by a highly intelligent aura, the protection will always be derived in proportion to how well he can tune himself into it. For, in tuning in, even to small degree will, as long as this attunement lasts, mentally place him in a position which is not so emotionally susceptible to the indispositions of his material world. It does not prevent things from happening to him, but gives him greater protection in the sense that he is not mentally affected by them. Yes, and it is usually the case, the more he becomes attuned to this Infinite Power the more the material world will come to him and try to upset him, and the stronger will the temptations be to give in to these material happenings. There is a scientific law which governs this: the stronger and more positive polarity he becomes to Infinite Consciousness the more negative materialism he will attract to him, and as posed in two opposite polarities, the differences will be, mentally speaking, much greater than they would have been had he remained back on the material plane.

At this point in your introspection, however, and at times of temptation and stress, you should spiritually questioningimmediately ask yourself this question: Do I wish Immortal life enough to overcome or should I give up and go back to the hell-hole? And if you honestly ask yourself this question, you will always find the courage to overcome. So don’t use the knowledge of the fact that as Infinite Intelligence is, in a form, temporarily projected to you as a personal protective energy shield, that It should be used as another escape hatch. If you do, you will quickly find It has dissipated because you have removed yourself from It. You can only keep in touch with It by being conscious of It — what It is, how It works and other attendant factors — and in whatever attunement you are able to achieve, you will have a proportionate levitation above the material worlds in a mental capacity which gives you greater realization, adequate compensation, the reason for and the knowing of.

Success then, in your Unariun contact, will be achieved differently than any other affiliation you have ever made, because resultspathway three will be proportionate only to your endeavor and to your understanding. The purpose of UN.AR.I.U.S. is simply to develop your mentality as a human to a point where you no longer need the material physical life. Unariun science can give you all the ways and means, all knowledge and wisdom, the how to. And it can and does give you a lot of initial boosting, but eventually your future will depend much more entirely upon your efforts than it does now. The more you learn and progress, the wiser you become, the greater the demands will be made upon you; and you will be tried to the limits of your capacity and endurance. That is the only way you can develop the mental capacity, the strength of character, the unflinching faith, the personal integrity necessary to insure your evolution into a higher way of life where again, and in proportion, the demands upon you and your services will be greater. You may wonder about all this, a more ultimate answer to this mysterious riddle of life; why are there vegetable and animal kingdoms — why is there life, why races of people, what is the necessity of life and why does it exist? Yes, and even to the more ultimate question, what is Infinite Intelligence, and where did It come from? These are good questions to keep in mind and the solutions or answers as more ultimate objectivisms, we may attain in our evolution.

At the same time, however, it is not wise to try to solve such questions until we have mastered the more writing in my journalprimary and elemental of the creative concepts. To know of and believe in Infinity makes it inconceivable, yes, impossible, ever to arrive at the most ultimate of all questions or to its answers. For, in doing so, Infinity would cease and we, as humans, would at that point also cease to be. For the present then, be patient; learn to familiarize your daily life with thoughts and association patterns which give you the truer inside reasons of what you are — what life is in the present. Your future, if it is progressive, must be lived in an equally progressive state of consciousness. Each millennium that you live will be only a fleeting moment of consciousness, realized in attaining some of these answers. Space and time are valuable to man only in his first elemental stages and in overcoming space and time he finds one of the long- sought-after answers — Immortal life.

Therefore, dear student, in the future, go forth in your material world with confideninner higher selfce and with faith in the knowledge that you are surrounded and protected by a Supremely Intelligent Energy shield, that It will not only protect you, but It will supply you with all the essentials of your existence. It will heal you temporarily at least, until you learn more about It and become a part of It. It will heal others around you as you walk your pathway of life. This It will do, and many other things, so long as you are conscious of It — not as an emotional god or deity to be placated with prayers and inveigled with false promises — but as a conscious reality, as the sum and substance of Intelligent Creation. And you, as a humble participant make of yourself and your life a mirror to reflect some small part of the vast magnitude of this Creation and should not attempt to usurp power over this Infinite Intelligence by believing you are Its directorate, or that you possess sufficient intelligence to make It subservient to your will. For indeed It created you and your life, and made of Infinity a vast storehouse from which you have drawn — lo these many ages and lifetimes.

spirituality-oneSmall indeed and like dregs are the particles of life from this Infinity which you have grasped and clutched in trembling fear; you have groveled and scrounged like all other creatures of the earth, hardly daring to glance above into the bright Light of Infinity. And when you did, you shielded your eyes with the shadows of false gods. How then can it be that, as of now and for the first time in your life, as you have begun to glimpse the true Light without images; and you are witnessing the transforming miracles of Its warmth in your life that you could believe you could direct It into the lives of others; and that while It was intelligent enough to create all things, It was stupid enough to bend Itself to some emotional whim coming from out the carnal cesspool of a physical mind?

Be thankful that It is not an emotional Power, for if It were, It would have long ago in anger destroyed youpast-lives-psychic anatomy and all mankind for having constantly violated the constructive Creative Principles of progressive evolution by constantly refusing to recognize and to become cognizant of this Infinite Intelligence and making of yourself an agent and instrumentality to It. The memory of the past is very strong — in fact, it is you. In the matrix of the psychic anatomy are impounded the countless experiences from previous lives. To the future in a higher world, this past is a sinful purgatory and if you live in the future in a higher world you must be healed of all these things. In other words you will no longer oscillate or vibrate to them as the sustaining power agency of wisdom-jewel-with-many-facets-4-postyour life. You will remember them but only in wisdom from having gone through them, for this is evolution — the Progressive Creative Principle.

To the future then and to the greatest of all miracles — the miracle of Understanding — for understanding is wisdom and Infinite Wisdom is Infinite Realization. Life, as you live it now, from one moment to the next, is only a reflected facet. The image of your past can dull its surface and make it nonresponsive to the glorious vision of Immortality, not as a reward but as a achievement in which we have justified and vindicated Infinite Intelligence.”

Excerpt from Tempus Procedium

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