Symbology And Idolatry

idolatry-mainExcerpt from Infinite Perspectus:

“Religion is a symbology, but true religion cannot be lived until the true inward nature of the higher dimensions is fully realized within consciousness. Religion must, therefore, always exist to the earth man as a symbology, wherein he can reasonably conceive that he will escape the diverse perditions of his earth world and be rescued by some deistic system. Idolatries, of course, take form and shape in many different ways. Bank accounts are built upon a common form of idolatry which is based upon the primitive urge to survive – survival without reason or without a reasonable equation of why life does exist. Likewise, if people are presented with the inevitable and inescapable fact that they too must exist, purely within the dimension of consciousness, without being emotionally involved and without the various concurrent systems of idolatries, they are immediately frustrated because their minds refuse to function independently from other experience quotients which have been so impounded in their psychic anatomies. They have not yet risen to that plane of consciousness wherein they are, in essence, an instrument which is capable of attuning itself independently and without emotionalism into the higher interdimensional interplays of harmonic relationship which exists throughout the Infinite Cosmogony.

Perhaps it should be pointed out that this is the problem of UN.AR.I.U.S. as it concerns itself with the kingdom-within-4-postvarious and numerous students upon the earth today; these people are taking their first step in the direction wherein their minds can be independently participating in such general energy configurations as are universally acceptable in the general scheme of Infinite Understanding. The problem here is basically and purely within the individual himself; as Jesus said, “Finding the Kingdom of Heaven within”; and finding this kingdom is not a proposition which can be acquired immediately. It will take many thousands of years and possibly much farther into the future than can be reasonably conceived within the individual before he attains a form of consciousness which is entirely independent of the environment in which he finds himself.

It is basically impossible for any earth man to think beyond the dimension of his own immediate surroundings as these concern him in the autosuggestive symbologies of his environment. A few people have, to some extent, acquired a certain faculty which seems to attune them to some form of independence. These people are called mediums or clairvoyant in a sense that they may or may not be presenting, to some degree, certain unknown factors of spiritual dispensations to people with whom they are associating. This does not, in any sense, detract from our original thesis or the value of its content. The varied interplays of such psychisms as they concern the individual concept are, in themselves, purely automations of various wave form energies in which they were previously involved. Likewise, people who continue on into these various expressions may become lost unless they can find a suitable platform for equation.

We can best picture certain particular attainments of concept within our minds if we can visualize ourselves for one moment in the spiritual worlds without the knowledge of what these spiritual worlds are. At thatlife-after-death moment consciousness is trying to assume or to re-establish itself in a thoroughly unfamiliar world which is not so autosuggestively inclined by symbology, simply because symbology does not reside in the higher spiritual worlds as is true in the more familiar earth worlds; therefore, the individual, as he now finds himself in the spiritual world, resorts to the common conscious or subconscious process. As he is purely a creature of energy and without a physical body, the psychic anatomy is, in itself, continuously oscillating in such various different earth life experiences as are more familiar or which are more strongly influential at that particular moment. The person can then be said to be living in a world of maya or illusion. He is relying purely upon his memory in a sense that these various psychic energy wave forms make the continuity of consciousness possible for him.

However, it is a false world and because these various energy wave forms which are so conveying such continuities of consciousness to him constantly must be recharged, and since he has no way of recharging them, save from the physical or the material surface of his life which is now no longer existent, these various energy wave forms which are so dominant and give him the memory pattern of his earth life gradually begin to fade; that is unless he somehow can become parasitic and attach himself in the manner of attunement with some fellow earth man, whereby a certain proportion of many-spiritsthis earth man’s life will, to a degree, be reflected into or absorbed by the psychic entity of the person who has so attached himself to this individual. In that way, as an obsession, this disembodied entity can live for an indefinite length of time, or at least, until the earth man to whom he has attached himself, passes on into the spiritual world and likewise becomes an attachment to another earth man.

In the world about you, you will see literally millions of people and, as a matter of fact, practically every earth man has at least one or a number of these psychic attachments which are ever about him in every moment of his life. They are like little radios harmonically attuned to his various life experiences. They are reliving, to some extent, in a facsimile of consciousness, their various earth life experiences. Thus, at least temporarily, they seem to feel they are sustained or they are reliving these experiences, and until such a moment as they can again gain access into the material world through the womb, they will continue to do so.

This form of obsession is not entirely harmless, simply because most of these astral or spiritual Spirit-Attachmententities, who have so become attached, may in themselves, be quite strong in their personalities; and they may, from time to time, try to impinge or assert themselves into the consciousness of their obsessed earth man. In this way the earth man can be said to be obsessed. He is without reason for many of the acts which he does, in fact in moments of more complete obsession, he may even commit murder and other divers crimes of violence, and be not entirely responsible for them; because in a particular moment of psychic emotionalism, the entity which was so attached to him took possession and controlled, in a sense, involuntarily co-ordinated muscular function to the point where the crime was committed.

At this point it becomes very apparent that you should be forewarned, and as you are forewarned and forearmed, you will be aware of the various dangers which come to you and which will be increasingly apparent as you progress into the spiritual worlds.

To be in the world and not of it will, in a sense, increase the consequences of the world about you, simply because these present a more complete opposite to that which you are generally trying to achieve within the consciousness of your own mind. The stresses and intemperances which were normally incepted by you in previous years or in past lifetimes now become some great crises or emotional disturbances. You become extra sensitive because you are more highly attuned and the implications of the earth life are vastly increased. Conversely you should have and use much more wisdom, much more introspection to counteract these great numbers of materialistic derelictions which have now become increasingly apparent to you.

The systems of idolatry and the life generally practiced in the symbolic form is quite useless to you ascension-2in combating these various differences. Your philosophy should, by now, impound an entirely new dimension of introspection. In a sense then you can be said to be oscillating more infinitely. To lose one form of idolatry, as it is symbolized in your life, and to supplant it with another is quite useless. You cannot lose one form of religion, one form of life expression and supplant it with some other forms which, while they may seem to present differences, are really similar in principle. That is, they are merely autosuggestive symbologies with their more normally associated idolatries reasserting themselves in your own consciousness.

In the future then, try to always live in consciousness as it is so compounded by principle of regeneration. Expression as it is conceived in Infinite concept is most valuable to you and will give you a reasonable platform whereon you can reasonably equate all various differences in the world about you, and will help you to see how it is people practice their diverse symbologies and their attendant idolatries.”

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