Suspended-stanza-1-4-postAnd now the pale dawn breaks, I see a bright and glowing morning star
So hung halfway ‘twixt Heaven and earth it beckons with an unseen hand.

Suspended-stanza-2-4-postAnd as I watch, my soul escapes and joins this bright and glowing star.
Within its warm embrace I too, will hang suspended in the morning sky.

suspended-stanza-3-4-postWhat will I find and see when thus I view both Heaven and earth
All things I’ll surely see, but in a different way
Than ways in which all men have found them so.

suspended-stanza-4-4-post-2For Heaven sends to these a different thing that’s made from Light, and Lights the sky.
And so each thing so seen becomes sublime; a way in which all men will thus become
Suspended in their morning sky.

Excerpt from “The Athenium”

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