Suicides In The Afterlife

Suicide-in-the-Afterlife-main-2-4-post“A pleasant day to you, brother and sister!

Because of the length of our previous transcription I was forced to terminate our contact before the subject of suicide had been adequately covered. Because of the seriousness of this subject, and the large numbers of people who so terminate their lives, I believe it is well worth some additional time, using statistics which are currently available. It is said that in your America in the last year about 19,000 persons voluntarily concluded their own lives; more than 100,000 additional persons attempted self-conclusion, in which fortunately for them, they were not successful. (As of 2013 – 41,149 committed suicide and 494,169 attempted suicide). Many of these however will make future attempts as they were turned back into society without proper corrective therapy.

Many of these self-conclusions were small children, young boys and girls. The cause which induced their willful action was extreme hatred, frustration and anger, against the whole world and particularly toward their parents, who in their tyrannical dispositions induced these strong emotional strains which caused the anger and hatred. It is no joking matter if I remind you of a angry-child-4-postpopular song, which was built around the theme of a young girl who, having such feelings of anger and self pity, threatened self-conclusion by eating worms. And while this song may have been invented for purposes of amusement, yet it can truly be said, it was inspired from fact.

Most adults can remember that as youngsters at some time they thought of retaliation against their parents or others by self-conclusion. As children or adults there are also numerous other causes for this action. A person may feel a tremendous loss at losing his position or she may have lost her husband, or there may be an incurable illness, or perhaps some form of lethargic neurasthenia which has been induced by the treadmill-like existence of your civilized way of life. But whatever the causes, as they may appear on the surface, these can all be lumped together and called by one name: negation. Negation is also the negation-4-postprimary cause and largest contributing factor in causing all the illnesses of mankind and I make no exceptions. I believe that this statement will be verified to a large degree by most of your competent doctors. Negation simply means a sort of pinching-off process, or a misalignment of the vital life energies, which flow into the mind and body through the psychic body and which come from the soul or superconscious, which is directly linked to the Fountainhead.

You may think that the air you breathe, and the food you consume, gives you this energy. But this energy could not be assimilated or converted without the dynamic intelligent life-energy which flows at all times from the superconscious. If you will mull this over for awhile in your minds, you will see the infinite number of possibilities and the many ramifications which are involved in this gradual pinching-off, misaligning process which is induced by negation. The act of terminating one’s own life has very serious consequences, inasmuch as when the act is performed there is an almost total separation from the life-giving superconscious. Leaving the inert physical body behind, the discarnate entity quickly drifts off into some low astral realm. His thought body lost souls-3which is composed of the reflected energies of his self-idea or ego are quickly dissipated, likewise much of the adhesive continuity qualities which hold the astral body together, as well as the alignment with the superconscious. We often find these bits of human wreckage floating half-suspended in some darkened region.

They are usually without form or intelligence and are quite difficult to handle as they may break apart very easily. The earth term of bringing someone home in a sheet after a serious accident might be applied to these cases. Very often we bring these suicides back with us in an energy envelope or shroud, or they may be brought to us for treatment. Many of these cases are treated not only here on Venus but on other planets, or in other realms or dimensions which may be more suitable for certain cases which require special therapy. As you noticed last night as we were standing in the very large room which I called a nursery, the entire room was filled with a brilliant yellow radiance. No doubt you know that the colors you see are indicative of the purpose for which the room is being used. In the Venusian-bassinets-1blue or purplish room there were healing projections being sent out, in which case the therapy used was in the ultra-violet portion of the spectrum and related more strongly to physical conditions pertaining to nerve breakdowns, such as polio.

In our nursery, however, the radiance here is of a more spiritual nature, and is being used in correcting and rebuilding badly damaged psychic bodies. As you see each one of these is contained in a circular vessel constructed of crystal which I called, for want of a better name, bassinettes. These vessels are all standing in regular rows upon crystal pedestals. Each vessel is partly filled with a soft energy mass, something like the ectoplasm which is produced in psychic trances in seance rooms. It was this soft white radiant energy which you at first thought to be silk.

Now if you will step closer to one of these vessels and look within, you will see a small densely grouped cluster of gem-like bits of light, which seem to twinkle like tiny stars. If you had the proper power of conception you would see that, like the more familiar earth atoms, these are all conglomerate masses or structures of tiny wave forms of intelligent energies. Each wave form, and its associated wave forms, carry an experience or a series of such experiences from the earth-life of the individual.

The body at which you are looking happens to be that of a seventeen-year old girl whVenusian-bassinets-2o took her life about 500 years ago. She is waiting until a suitable opportunity and for the correct time, which will be about 100 years from now, when she will again be born into an earth-life existence. I might say, however, that in any individual evolution, there are certain regularly spaced intervals between each incarnation, which are determined by a certain law of harmonic vibrations. When a suicide is reborn into the earth-plane and again assumes the physical form, he will still be suffering from the effects of his previous self-destruction. It may take several earth lives before the full effects have been dissipated, and the psychic body has been rebuilt to its full strength. Looking again at the young lady before you in your consciousness, you do not see the silver thread which stems up into the room above you. This is something like what you might call a spiritual umbilical cord. Somewhere up in the room above, it branches off into many little threads of energy which contact and draw in the radiant energies which are focused upon it. Thus the psychic body is kept alive and flourishes and grows stronger as she awaits the time for her rebirth.

Shortly before the time approaches for the actual moment of conception she will be taken to the earth-plane and placed in contact with the aura of her future mother, which supplies her energy day dreaming childuntil she enters the womb. At the moment of conception the radiant energies which enter this umbilical structure, which you cannot see, are actually a form of the superconscious of this girl. Later on in her earth-life after being born, this superconscious will assume a much closer and more personal relationship, however she may be somewhat of a problem child to her parents. She is quite likely to be ethereally-minded and do lots of day-dreaming and seem to have less cohesive relationship to her environment than is normally exhibited. Although the room which you see before you may contain a thousand or more small lives, I can say that this is but one very small part of many similar nurseries, not to mention clinics, hospitals and rest homes of all kinds which are not only on Venus but on a countless number of similar planets throughout the vast number of universes. I will not attempt, at this time, to give you facts which may pertain to such similar structures and After-lifeinstitutionalized centers of therapy which exist in some of the spiritual planes, which you call the higher astral realms.

These bodies contained in this room happen to be only the very few which I, my brothers and sisters in this particular household, can help. Some day you will learn, and see a little more clearly, the importance of the law of harmonic relationship that helps to separate and integrate the many spiritual functions which you will find in your various spiritual evolutions. So until the time when I can unfold more of these wonderful and mysterious facts of life, may we rest in Peace.”  – Mal Var

Excerpt from The Voice of Venus

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