Sub-Planets of Muse

subplanets-of-muse-main“A happy day to you, brother and sister. I believe we discontinued our exploration of our particular center of Parhelion somewhere in the vicinity of the sub-planets which were related to the main center or planet of Muse. Taking up where we left off, we have just discovered that these sub-planets were something in the nature of halfway stations, we might call them, between the astral worlds below and to the actual center of Muse. It was there that the initiates who had gone through many evolutions in their various reincarnations had at least arrived to the point where they could emerge into these sub-planetary systems such as they were related into the five various sections of the inspirational arts as we have so classified them in previous discussions. It was here that we also discovered that these sub-planets were of such nature that the initiate or the plebeian could find himself or herself in such conditions which were of the most inspirational nature and more conducive and in harmony with that particular type of spiritual expression in which he or she were so engaged in participating. It can be said also that these sub-planets were places in which the individual more or less rehabilitated himself or readjusted himself to such a point or position where he could determine whether he would like to proceed onward or whether he would like to subplanets-of-muse-4-postreincarnate again into a lower earth plane and to thus work out some of the knowledge which was pertinent to his expression. These factors all, of course, are determined by the individual himself. He will evolve in his intelligence to such a point where the correlative advice of the teachers who are functioning in these various centers will advise him to or not to reincarnate into the earth planes or to other such sundry positions and such activities of an educational nature shall be entered into which will best befit him. Should he or she determine for themselves that they should reincarnate into an earth plane expression, they would therefore wait and learn and to further adjust themselves to the point in which they would be able to enter into the earth plane through the conception and the doorway of the womb. This, of course, may or may not take what would be called a time period of several hundred years. However, in any case after the emergence in the earth plane, such an individual would be an outstanding exponent of his particular art in whatever field he was actively participating. Now we have roughly discussed and found out the various functional orders of these sub-planets which are revolving — or, rather, I would not use the word revolving, as they do not actually revolve but have, just as in the case of the other more highly evolved planets, such a frequency characteristic which determines their particular position — we shall now go directly to the central planet of Muse and there we shall find out more of how the various relative factors enter into the numerous concepts in which the individual expresses himself in the inspirational arts.

I will not attempt to confuse you by using such terms which are relative to the size or to the position in which the planet occupies in your particular galaxy of star clusters. Let us just say that in the case of Eros that it is very sufficient as to its own size and its function in its relative order or sequence of higer-plane-city-of-light-4-postfunctions to the various other material planets as well as the astral worlds which are in somewhat of a lower rate of vibration. The planet of Muse occupies, roughly speaking, the same position as Venus in its rate of vibration and it is somewhat, if I can use the term, more materialistic than is in the case of Eros. Here we also find a rather highly developed or a spiritually evolved type of atmosphere and in such formation we shall find also the more familiar cloud structures which are reminiscent of the time you were on Venus. Such is all, however, that there is the general sense of the pervading Radiant Energy which seems to glow and to pulsate and throb into everything about you. The heavens themselves seem to be just a canopy of this pulsating Radiant Energy in which these beautiful varicolored cloud formations seem to float. We have made contact with the planet and descended onto the surface in what might be called a fairly large community or city. As you will see, it is somewhat reminiscent of the more highly developed suburban areas in some of the earth plane expressions, except of course, there are the same outstanding differences as to the nature of materials which enter into the various dwellings and buildings which you see about you. Here they are, as on Venus, constructed of the same beautifully crystalline substance with which you have now become familiar, all in a variety or a kaleidoscope of color which defies description.

The streets themselves or thoroughfares are well laid out. There are none of the familiar gutters which you might associate with collecting refuse or debris, as there is none such of these substances to be found in these planets. Like in all of the more highly evolved planets, the intelligent Radiant Energies themselves are of such nature that there is no precipitation of dust or other such debris as initiates--4-postyou might find on the material planets. Looking about on the street you will see various personages, both male and female, children and adults who seem to be conducting their lives in more or less of a leisurely fashion just as they might be doing in some of your more familiar earth planets. You may be a little surprised at this and yet they are all, of themselves, rather highly evolved souls or personages, all of whom have at least become first or second Initiates. You will find as we progress farther into the central part of this city that there are various types of large halls, theaters and outdoor amphitheaters or coliseum-like structures which are devoted to the expressions of the different arts which you may find in this city. There are no sectional differences in these cities and there are many and numerous of them which are scattered about in various places of more or less advantageous situations throughout the surface of this planet. When I say there are no sectional differences, I mean that you are quite likely to wander into one home, you may find someone very studiously studying his particular musical instrument, whatever the case may be, and in going into the neighbor’s home which is some distance away you may find that here is an artist who is creating some masterpiece on the canvas. In any case, however, there is a complete unison and a complete integration of these various associated arts. There are none of the frictions which you might think might be found in some of the lower or more materialistic earth plane orders.

The people here, as I have said, have long since left the position in their lives when such elements of jealousy or other such things which pertain to the earth-life existence have long since been eliminated from their consciousness, nor do the various inhabitants of these communities express anything in the nature of the lower order of sex as it has been expressed in your earth plane. The order of sex here is, as it has been previously explained, conducted in the biocentric fashion. Many of the artists or playwrights, dramatists and various other differences in the associated inspirational arts often find their biocentric counterpart in these cities and thus they live together very harmoniously and find a complete unison in their art. There are also many and numerous activities which are connected with the expression of these arts in a large and rather a public way. To live in one of these communities for any length of time, you would find a complete succession of participations in such stage presentations or in such exhibits in art galleries and things of such a functional nature. There are also a great number of festivals and artistic carnivals of different kinds, all of which are carrispiritual procession on innered on and conducted in a very high order of expression. They might remind you sometimes and be somewhat reminiscent of some of the pageants or festivals which you may have seen on your earth plane. But here again, the difference is that they are very highly evolved and very spiritual in nature by comparison and that you will, in consequence, have to somewhat change your line of thought in the participation and viewing of such festivals, carnivals, pageants and other activities. In other words, it is here that the people, as they are Initiates, carry out to the fullest degree their particular expression in the inspirational arts. There are also other factors which are vitally pertinent and which are interconnected and interwoven with such expressions. It is not all play and no work, as we might say, as there is a great deal of the more constructive work which expands the individual consciousness of each individual into the higher dimensions and realms of his particular expression. It is here also that many of the teachers and students from the center of Parhelion which we have just visited often come to renew or to again express to the lower orders of these people you find in the cities somewhat of the knowledge and wisdom which they have gained in the centers above them.

It will be also that many of the people who have thus emerged into these various cities in the planet master teacher-4-postof Muse will in time evolve in their consciousness until they can also assume the position of a teachers and thus they will emerge into the higher center of Parhelion thus to conduct their own expression or activity in a teacher’s relationship. As this particular transmission was intended merely as a continuance of the previous one in which we had to terminate for lack of time, I will merely say that such information which we have already gained should be slowly assimilated, so therefore let us discontinue for the present while we again arrange things into such consequence and order where a new visitation and exploration can be so participated in. So until such further time, rest with the fullest measure of God’s Love.”

Excerpt from The Voice of Eros

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