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Dear Student:

Following are a few vital points which will help you to better understand the corrective processes which enter into spiritual healing. The principles and methods are largely contained in the lessons. You will find by careful study, a scientific presentation of mass and energy and that all things resolve into energy. Therefore, in the creation of man, there is a broad departure from the Biblical, physical version of the creation of Adam and Eve.

Continuing along this line of thought and pursuing our course of reasoning, we therefore resolve energy-man-4man in all the tangible and intangible elements of God’s Infinite Nature. Man is therefore, individually and collectively, constantly revolving through countless dimensions, lifetimes and experiences. This is motivated not from the physical plane of existence or expression, which is only effect, but from the spiritual side of man’s true self.

It is well-known that man has a spiritual body, but very few people seem to know what that spiritual body is. I do more than presume to know, and can factually prove that it is an energy body existing in another dimension – outside the third-dimensional concept of time and space. This energy body is composed of the sum total of many lifetimes and evolutions. It also has a higher body, or the Oversoul, or the Christ Self, which is the motivating life force and which is made up from the abstract Infinity of God, Himself.

Past-lives-4-postExperience is implanted or reflected into this spiritual or psychic body as definite wave forms of energy, residing in fourth-dimensional forms of vortexes or, as a comparison, the numerous cells, organs and other composite features of the physical body. Any one of a series of shocks can badly malform certain psychic structures. Therefore, the individual reflects outwardly into his material life, the various mental and physical aberrations, many of which are puzzling our present-day savants who are trying to find cures for them.

All mental and physical conditions, without exception, are the direct result of malformed psychic structures. Call it what you wish, negative thinking or victim of circumstance, but you will find also that in the majority of cases, such aberrations had their first causation in some experience which was incurred in some remote and previous lifetime.

The problem or object here is to rectify the malformed energy structures in the psychic body. I have also found, just as did Jesus and many others who were in this work, that all conditions – mental and healing-manphysical – are complicated by external forces which are called obsessions – devils, by Jesus. The subject of obsessions is tremendously vast and differs considerably with every case. There are actual entities from subastral worlds, obsessive thought forms, subjective circumstances, and many more which are energy creations. In all cases, a corrective therapy entails first going back clairvoyantly into the individual’s past lives and finding the basic causes or circumstances of psychic shocks, which are the originating sources of trouble, and conscious participation by the mind. The use of highly concentrated and directed thought energies, which is called psychokinesis, is all of the utmost importance in neutralizing or rectifying these negative energies. A subconscious, or sleep preconditioning, takes place and, above all, the valuable help and assistance of organizations of highly developed spiritual people who have advanced into the higher realms and dimensions, who are combined to aid in this work. This means God’s wonderful and intelligent nature is aided and abetted so that not only are the conditions and obsessions removed, but the patient is reinstated upon a healthy path of evolution.

We are most interested in the healing and adjustments of such students and will appreciate your confirmation of the correction of any present existing conditions, or whatever your particular problems are. Rest assured also, that your help from us does not stop here, for our energies shall be forthcoming and directed unto you.

May you find new awareness and great joy in your adventure in Truth. Happy arrival!

Letter to a Student -Excerpt from Tempus Interludium II


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