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Spiritual-Healing-main-4-post-threeAs to those who have been helped or healed by some seemingly miraculous force which has been called “spiritual healing” or “divine intercession”, the principles here are just the same. At the particular moment of healing, the individual has, toEnergy-Field-psychic anatomy soul healing man vortex some small degree, learned of a certain positive bias, so far as the proportions of energy formations are posed in his psychic body, in their relationship to the Infinite, in this positively biased condition, the infinite, positive, regenerative and rebuilding power can completely reconstitute the psychic body in whatever particular malformations of negative energy with which it is so concerned. But as has been previously explained, there must also be a direct conjunction with the different functioning principles as they concern these various energy wave forms and polarity patterns which are involved in this healing process.

The average individual, in his progression of life, must destroy these old fallacious concepts, such as “divine intercession” and the belief that he can be saved from his sins and iniquities by some Master or Avatar. This is the greatest of all hypocrisies which man perpetuates not only against himself, but infractal universe teaching it to his fellow man. The adherents to this hypocrisy are always doomed to disappointment and eventual destruction should they continue their unrealistic attitude toward the Infinite Creative Force which we call God. It is the purpose of this great Infinite Creative Force to constantly perpetuate itself, re-create itself and regenerate itself in an infinite number of forms and transmissions of numerous and varied energy wave forms, whether they are of an atomic nature or whether they resolve themselves into such infinite abstractions which may be concerned with higher spiritual worlds. There is no difference; it means Infinity. The Creator is living, breathing and regenerating in all of these Infinite configurations.

The individual whose basic problem is as he is constructed – either large or small, whether atomically as in his physical body, or into the various wave forms of the psychic body – he is a part of this Infinite andman fractal as such, if he wishes to live in Infinity, he must thus become an active, participating element in this infinite process. The only reasonable and logical conclusion is that in order to be able to thus become a functioning element with this Infinity, he obviously must know something about it. He must not only know something about it but he must activate it to a much higher degree and relationship than he is now doing; and this, in itself, is the common pattern of evolution through which everyone passes in that metamorphosis which involves changing a material person into a Spiritual Being.

The material person has only begun the process of aggregation, as it concerns energy wave forms in various transmissions and purposes of life. These aggregates of energy wave forms go to make up the man-rebirth-butterfly-4-postmatrix of the negative or material ego. Thus, through evolution, in the long process of many thousands of lives and many millions of years – just as the little caterpillar undergoes the metamorphosis into a brilliantly colored butterfly – so does man, in his spiritual evolution, gradually travel into the Infinite Cosmos to become a great infinite reciprocating polarity with this Infinite Mind.

Be patient therefore, the problems of today as they concern your own relationship to this Infinite, whether they are in measures of healing as are posed against physical problems – mental or material derelictions in your daily lives mean only one thing: They are a challenge to your own personal integrity, to your strength of character as to how much you can work out in the process of daily life to offset and to correct these conditions. This is the waiting process of metamorphosis which will eventually pathway-to-stars-4-postchange you from your caterpillar-like life on the earth into that radiant, brilliantly-hued spiritual person; that Avatar who will live in the future worlds.

If you have the inner knowing called faith, if you have the power and strength of character to put the necessary elements into proper operation, these things will be cancelled out in direct proportion to the amount of these diverse conjunctive relationships which you put into effect at the moment. Time is of no importance but the development of the personal ego is of the utmost importance; and whether it takes 10 million years or 100 billion years, makes absolutely no difference in the eye of the Infinite Creative Force.

To you, therefore, who are groveling in your little pits of clay, look upward, for you shall find in Spirit, understanding and knowing of which Spirit is. This will be the lifting, compelling force which will elevate you from out of this pit and start you on your journey into the Infinite Cosmos.

Excerpt from Cosmic Continuum

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