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Soul Energy

We cannot define the soul in a physical way because to do so would establish limits on something that seems to have none. I see the soul as intelligent light energy. This energy appears to function as vibrational waves similar to electromagnetic force but without the limitations of charged particles of matter. Soul energy does not appear to be uniform. Like a fingerprint, each soul has a unique identity in its formation, composition and vibrational distribution. I am able to discern soul properties of development by color tones, yet none of this defines what the soul is as an entity.

From years of study on how the soul interacts within a variety of human minds over many incarnations, and what it subsequently does in the spirit world, I have come to know something of its yearnings for perfection. This does not tell me what the soul is either. To fully understand soul energy, we would need to know all the aspects of its creation and, indeed, the consciousness of its source. This is a perfection that I cannot know, despite all my efforts investigating the mysteries of life after death.

I am left then with examining the actions of this profound energy substance and how it reacts to people and events and what it is striving to do in both physical and mental environments. If the soul’s existence begins and is molded by pure thought, it is sustained by that thought as an immortal being. The soul’s individual character enables it to influence its physical environment to give greater harmony and balance to life. Souls are an expression of beauty, imagination and creativity. The ancient Egyptians said that to begin to understand the soul, one must listen to the heart. I think they were right.

Standard Treatment at the Gateway

When we cross over and are met by our guides, I find the techniques they use at initial contact fall into two general categories:

1. Envelopment. Here returning souls are completely cloaked by a large circular mass of their guide’s powerful energy. As the soul and guide come together, the soul feels as though they both are encased in a bubble. This is the more common method, which my subjects describe as pure ecstasy.

2. The Focus Effect. This alternate procedure of initial contact is administered a little differently. As the guide approaches, energy is applied to certain points at the edges of the soul’s etheric body from any direction of the guide’s choosing. We might be taken by the hand or held by the tops of our shoulders from a side position. Healing begins from a specific point of the etheric body in the form of a brushing caress followed by deep penetration.

The choice of procedures depends on the preference of the guide and the condition of our soul energy at the time. In both instances there is an immediate infusion of potent, invigorating energy while we are projected forward. This is the introductory phase of the journey to our eventual spiritual destination. The more advanced souls, especially if they are undamaged, usually do not require assistance from a loving energy force.

A review of the techniques employed by case 1 on his wife, Alice, demonstrates elements of both the focus effect and envelopment on a living person by someone who is not yet a guide. Other cases in the last chapter indicate this is one way we begin our training in the use of healing energy before acquiring the status of a guide. During the exhilarating moments after initial contact, our guides might also expertly apply what I call energy penneation. This follow-up effect of energy transference has been described as being similar to the percolating of coffee. In case 8 a soul used an energy filtration process involving smell on her husband, Charles.

Healing emotional and physical injury, both in and out of the spirit world, emanates from a source of goodness. Positive energy flows to every part of the soul’s being from the sender, whose own essence and wisdom is transmitted as well. My subjects are unable to explain the beauty and subtlety of this assimilation except to say it resembles the flowing of rejuvenating electricity.

Emergency Treatment at the Gateway

When souls arrive at the gateway to the spirit world with energy that is in a deteriorated state, some of our guides engage in emergency healing. This is both a physical and mental healing exercise that takes place before the soul moves any further into the spirit world. One of my clients died in an auto accident in his last life where his leg was severed. He told me what occurred at the gateway as a result of this experience:

“When I reached the gateway, my guide saw the gaps in my energy aura and proceeded at once to push the damaged energy back into place. He molded it as clay to fill, reshape and smooth out the rough edges and broken intervals to make me whole again.”

The etheric, or soul body is an outline of our old physical body which souls take into the spirit world. Essentially, it is an imprint of a human form we have not shed yet, like the skin of a reptile. This is not a permanent condition, although we might naturally create it later as a colorful, luminescent shape of energy. We know damaged body imprints from a past life can influence the current physical form of some people unless properly deprogrammed, so why not the reverse? There are souls who shed their body form completely at the moment of death. However, many souls with physical and emotional scars from life carry the imprint of this damaged energy back home.

In terms of afflictions and soul healing, I learn a lot from the students as well as the teachers in the spirit world. My next case was a rather unusual one for me where a student guide was unable to handle damaged energy properly at the gate. My subject in this case had just come off a difficult life after being blown up in an artillery bombardment during a battle in World War I.

Case 19

Dr. N: As you pass into the bright light following your death in the mud and rain of this battlefield, what do you see?

S: A figure coming toward me dressed in a white robe.

Dr. N: Who is this figure?

S: I see Kate. She is a new teacher, recently assigned to our group.

Dr. N: Describe her appearance and what she is communicating to you as she comes closer.

S: She has a young, rather plain face with a large forehead. Kate radiates peace—I can feel it—but there is a concern too and … (laughs) she won’t come close to me.

Dr. N: Why not?

S: My energy is in bad shape. She says to me, “Zed, you should be healing yourself.”

Dr. N: Why doesn’t she help in this endeavor, Zed?

S: (laughs again loudly) Kate does not want to get near all my scrambled negative energy from the war … and the killing.

Dr. N: I have never heard of a guide shying away from such responsibility with disassembled energy, Zed. Is she afraid of contamination?

S: (still laughing) Something like that. You have to understand Kate is still rather new at this sort of work. She is not happy with herself—I can see that.

Dr. N: Describe what your energy looks like right now.

S: My energy is a mess. It is in chunks … black blocks… irregular … totally skewed out of alignment.

Dr. N: Is this because you didn’t escape from your body fast enough at the moment of death?

S: For sure! My unit was taken by surprise. I normally cut loose (from the body) when I see death coming.

Note: This case and many others have taught me that souls often leave their bodies seconds before a violent death.

Dr. N: Well, can’t Kate lend some assistance in rearranging your energy?

S: She tries … a little … I guess it’s too much for her at the moment.

Dr. N: So, what do you do?

S: I begin to take her suggestion and try to help myself. I’m not doing too well, it’s so scrambled. Then a powerful stream of energy hits me like water from a fire hose and it helps me begin to reshape myself and push out some of the negative crap from that battle.

Dr. N: I have heard of a place where energy is showered upon newly returned, damaged souls. Is that where you are now?

S: (laughing) I guess so—it’s from my guide, Bella. I can see him now. He is a real pro at this kind of thing. He is standing behind Kate, helping her.

Dr. N: Then what happens to you?

S: Bella fades away and Kate comes close to me and puts her arms around me and we start to talk as she leads me away.

Dr. N: (deliberately provoking) Do you have any confidence in Kate after she treated you like some sort of leper?

S: (frowns at me severely) Oh, come on—that’s a mite strong. It won’t be long before she gets the hang of working with this kind of messed-up energy. I like her a lot. She has many gifts … right now, mechanics isn’t one of them.

Recovery Areas for the Less Damaged Soul

Regardless of the specific energy treatment received by the soul at the gateway to the spirit world, most all returning souls will continue on to some sort of healing station before finally joining their groups. All but the most advanced souls crossing back into the spirit world are met by benevolent spirits who make contact with their positive energy and escort needy souls to quiet recovery areas. It is only the more highly-developed souls, with energy patterns that are still strong after their incarnations, who return directly to their regular activities. The more advanced souls appear to get over hardship more quickly than others after a life. One man told me, “Most of the people I work with must stop and rest, but I don’t need anything. I’m in too much of a hurry to get back and continue my program.”

Most recovery areas for the returning soul involve some kind of orientation back to the spirit world. It may be intense or moderate in scope, depending upon the condition of the soul. This usually includes a preliminary debriefing of the life just completed. Much more in-depth counseling will take place later with guides in group conferences and with our Council of Elders. I have written about these orientation procedures in Journey of Souls. The surroundings of recovery areas are identifiable earthly settings created out of our memories and what spiritual guides feel will promote healing. Orientation environments are not the same after each of our lives. One woman had the following to say, after dying in a German concentration camp in 1944:

“There are subtle differences in physical layout depending upon the life one has just lived. Because I have just returned from a life filled with horror, cold and bleakness—everything is very bright to lighten my sorrow. There is even a comfortable fire next to me so I’ll have the feeling of added warmth and cheerfulness.”

Upon returning to the spirit world, often my subjects describe themselves as being in a garden setting, while others might say they are in a crystalline enclosure. The garden presents a scene of beauty and serenity, but what does crystal represent? It is not just in the orientation rooms that 1 hear about crystals. Crystal caves, for example, appear in the minds of some people who are spending time alone in reflection right after a life is over. Here is a typical statement about a crystal recovery center:

“My place of recovery is crystalline in composition because it helps me connect my thoughts. The crystal walls have multicolored stones which reflect prisms of light. The geometric angles of these crystals send out moving bands of light which crisscross around and bring clarity to my thoughts.”

After talking to a number of clients out of trance, and with others who are knowledgeable about crystals, I came to realize that crystals represent thought enhancement through a balancing of energy. As a shamanic tool, the crystal is supposed to assist in tuning our vibrational pattern into a universal energy force while releasing negative energy. Bringing forth wisdom from an expanded consciousness through healing is the primary reason for being in a place of spiritual recovery.

The next example involves a garden setting. I had a client who had been working on humility for many lives. In earlier incarnations, usually as a man, this soul had been caught up with host bodies that had become haughty, arrogant and even ruthless during my subject’s occupancy. In a complete turnaround, this person’s last life had been one of acceptance that bordered on passivity. Since this life was so out of character for my client, there was a feeling of failure when this soul reached the recovery area. I was then given this account:

“I am in a beautiful circular garden with willow trees and a pond with ducks in it. There is such tranquility here and this scene softens the feelings of discouragement I have over my last performance. My guide, Makil, brings me to a marble bench under an arbor draped with vines and flowers. I am so down over my wasted life because I over-compensated at every turn—going from one extreme to another. Makil smiles and offers me refreshments. We drink nectar and eat fruit together and watch the ducks. While we do this the aura of my old physical body moves further away from me. I begin to feel as though I am taking in his powerful energy as oxygen after a near drowning.

Makil is a gracious host and he knows I need nourishment because I am judging myself in such a critical manner. I am always harder on myself than he is. We talk about my overcorrections of past mistakes and what I wanted to do that didn’t get done—or was only partially completed. Makil offers encouragement that I still learned from this life, which will make the next one better. He explains the important thing was that I was not afraid to change. The whole garden atmosphere is so relaxing. I am already feeling better.”

From cases such as this I have learned that our guides use the sense memory we had in our physical bodies to assist in our recovery. There are many ways to achieve this, such as the use of taste memory by Makil in the above case. I have also listened to descriptive scenes involving touch and smell. After receiving streams of bright white “liquid energy,” there have been subjects who describe additional treatments involving the sensations of sound and multicolored lights:

After my cleansing shower, I move to an adjacent room to the place of rebalancing. While I float to the center of this enclosure, I see a vast array of spotlights overhead. I hear my name called: “Banyon, are you ready?” When I give my assent, sounds vibrate into me which resonate like tuning forks until the pitch is just right to make my energy bubble—like frothy soapsuds. It feels wonderful. Then the spotlights come on one at a time. In the beginning I am scanned by an intense beam of healing green light. It casts a circle around me as if I were on a stage. This light is designed to pick up my level of displaced energy—to see what I have lost or damaged—and make corrections. I think this is more effective because my energy is bubbling from the sound vibrations. Then I receive a wash of gold light for strength and blue for awareness. Finally, my own pinkish-white color is restored by one of the spotlights. It is soothing and loving and I’m sorry when this is over.

Regenerating Severely Damaged Souls

There are certain displaced souls who have become so contaminated by their host bodies that they require special handling. In life they became destructive to others and themselves. This spectrum of behavior would primarily include souls who have been associated with evil acts that caused harm to other people through deliberate malice. There are souls who slowly become more contaminated from a series of lifetimes, while others are totally overcome by one body alone. In either case these souls are taken to places of isolation where their energy undergoes a more radical treatment plan than with the typical returning soul.

Contamination of the soul can take many forms and involve different grades of severity during an incarnation. A difficult host body might cause the less experienced soul to return with damaged energy where a more advanced being would survive the same situation relatively intact. The average soul’s energy will become shadowed when it has lived within a host body obsessed by constant fear and rage. The question is, by how much?

Our thoughts, feelings, moods and attitudes are mediated by body chemicals which are released through signals of perceived threats and danger from the brain. Fight or flight mechanisms come from our primitive brain, not from the soul. The soul has a great capacity’ to control our biological and emotional reactions to life but many souls are unable to regulate a dysfunctional brain. Souls display these scars when they leave a body that has deteriorated in this fashion.

I have my own theory of madness. The soul comes into the fetus and begins its fusion with the human mind by the time the baby is born. If this child matures into an adult with organic brain syndromes, psychosis, or major affective disorders, abnormal behavior is the result. The struggling soul does not fully assimilate. When this soul can no longer control the aberrant behavior of its body, the two personas begin to separate into a dissociated personality. There may be many physical, emotional and environmental factors that contribute to a person becoming a danger to themselves and others. Here the combined Self has been damaged.

One of the red flags for souls who are losing their capacity to regulate deviant human beings is when they have had a series of lives in bodies demonstrating a lack of intimacy and displaying tendencies toward violence. This has a domino effect with a soul asking for the same sort of body to overcome the last one. Because we have free will, our guides are indulgent. A soul is not excused from responsibility for a disturbed human mind it is unable to regulate because it is a part of that mind. The problem for slow learner souls is they may have had a series of prior life struggles before occupying a body that escalated wrongdoing to a new level of evil.

What happens to these disturbed souls when they return to the spirit world? I will begin with a quote from a client giving me an outsider’s view of a place where severely damaged souls are taken. Some of my subjects call this area the City of Shadows:

“It is here where negative energy is erased. Since this is the place where so many souls are concentrated who have negative energy, it is dark to those of us outside. We can’t go into this place where souls who have been associated with horror are undergoing alteration. And we would not want to go there anyway. It is a place of healing, but from a distance it has the appearance of a dark sea—while I am looking at it from a bright, sandy beach. All the light around this area is brighter in contrast because positive energy defines the greater goodness of bright light.

When you look at the darkness carefully, you see it is not totally black but a mixture of deep green. We know this is an aspect of the combined forces of the healers working here. We also know that souls who are taken to this area are not exonerated. Eventually, in some way, they must redress the wrongs they perpetrated on others. This they must do to restore full positive energy to themselves.”

Subjects who are familiar with damaged souls explain to me that not all of the more terrible memories of bad deeds are erased. It is known that if the soul did not retain some memory of an evil life it would not be accountable. This knowledge by the soul is relevant for future decisions. Nevertheless, the resurrection of the soul in the spirit world is merciful. The soul mind does not fully retain all the lurid details of harming others in former host bodies after treatment. If this were not true, the guilt and association with such lives would be so overpowering to the soul they might refuse to reincarnate again to redress these wrongs. These souls would lack the confidence to ever dig themselves out of pits of despair. I understand there are souls whose acts in host bodies were so heinous they are not permitted to return to Earth. Souls are strengthened by regeneration with the expectation they can keep future potentially malevolent bodies in check. Of course, once in our new body, the amnesiac blocks of certain past life mistakes prevent us from being so inhibited we would not progress.

There are differences in the regeneration process between moderately and severely damaged souls. After listening to a number of explanations about kinds of energy treatments, I have come to this conclusion: The more radical approach of energy cleansing is one of remodeling energy while the less drastic method is reshaping. This is an oversimplification because there is much I don’t know about these esoteric techniques. The fine art of energy reconstruction is handled by nonreincarnating masters who are not in my office answering questions.

I work with the trainees. Case 20 will provide some insight into the mechanics of energy reshaping.

Case 20

My subject in this case is a practitioner of chiropractic and homeopathic medicine who currently specializes in repolarizing the out-of-balance energy patterns of patients. This client has been a healer for thousands of years on Earth and is called Selim in the spirit world.

Dr. N: Selim, you have told me about your advanced healing group in the spirit world and how the five of you are in specific energy training. I would like to know more about your work. Would you begin by telling me what your advanced study group is called and what you do?

S: We are in training to be regenerators. We work to reshape … to reorganize … displaced energy in the place of the holding ground.

Dr. N: Is this place a designated area for souls whose energy has been disrupted?

S: Yes, the ones in bad condition. Those who will not be returning to their groups right away. They will stay in the holding ground.

Dr. N: Do you make this determination at the gateway to the spirit world?

S: No, I do not. I have not yet reached that status. This decision is made by their guides, who will call upon the masters who are training me.

Dr. N: Then tell me, Selim, when do you enter the picture after a severely damaged soul crosses back to the spirit world?

S: I am called by my instructor when it is felt I can assist in this energy healing. Then I move to the holding ground.

Dr. N: Please explain to me why you use the term “holding ground” and what this place is like.

S: The damaged soul is held here until their regeneration is complete so they are healthy again. This sphere is designed … as a beehive structure … covered with cells. Each soul has its own place to reside during the healing.

Dr. N: This sounds very much like the descriptions I have heard about the incubation of new souls after their creation and before they are assigned to groups.

S: That’s true … these are spaces where energy is nurtured.

Dr. N: So, are these beehive spaces all in the same place and used for the same purpose—both for regeneration and creation?

S: No, they are not. I work in the place of damaged souls. Newly created souls are not damaged. I can tell you nothing about those places.

Dr. N: That’s fine, Selim, I appreciate learning about those areas where you do have knowledge and experience. Why do you think you were assigned this sort of work?

S: (with pride) Because of my long history in so many lives of working with wounded people. When I asked if I could specialize as a regenerator, my wish was granted and I was assigned to a training class.

Dr. N: And so when a severely wounded soul is returned to the holding ground, are you a soul who could be called to assist?

S: (shakes his head negatively) Not necessarily. I am only requested to go to the regeneration areas to work with energy that has been moderately damaged. I am a beginner. There is so much I don’t know.

Dr. N: Well, I have a great deal of respect for what you do know, Selim. Before I ask you about your level of work, can you explain why a damaged soul would be sent to the holding ground?

S: They were overcome by their last body. Many are souls who have been repeatedly suppressed in previous lives as well. These are the ones who become stuck in life after life making no progress. Each body has contaminated them a little more. I work with these souls more than the ones who have had terrible energy damage, either from one life or many lives.

Dr. N: Do the souls whose energy has been gradually depleted ask for help, or are they forced to come to the holding ground?

S: (promptly) No one is forced. They cry for help because they have become totally ineffectual, repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Their teachers see they do not recover sufficiently between lives. They want regeneration.

Dr. N: Does the same cry for help come from souls who have been severely damaged?

S: (pause) Perhaps less so. It is possible that a life is so destructive it has damaged the … identity of the soul.

Dr. N: Such as being involved with cruel acts of violence?

S: That would be one reason, yes.

Dr. N: Selim, please give me as many details as you can about what happens when you are called to the holding ground to work on a case with severely depleted or altered energy.

S: Before meeting the new arrival one of the Restoration Masters outlines the meridians of energy we will be regenerating. We review what is known about the damaged soul.

Dr. N: This sounds like you are surgeons preparing for a procedure with x-rays before the operation.

S: (with delight) Yes, this gives me an idea of what to expect in three-dimensional imagery. I love the challenges involved with energy repair.

Dr. N: Okay, take me through this process.

S: From my perspective there are three steps. We begin by examining all particles of damaged energy. Then these dark areas of blockage are removed and what is left—the voids—are rewoven with an infusion of new purified light energy. It is overlaid and melded into the repaired energy for strengthening.

Dr. N: And does reweaving energy mean reshaping to you, as opposed to something even more radical?

S: Yes.

Dr. N: Are you personally involved with all phases of this operation?

S: No, I am being trained in the first step of assessment and can assist a little with the second step—where the modifications are not as complex.

Dr. N: Before you actually begin to work, what do you see when a soul’s energy has been severely damaged?

S: Damaged energy looks like a cooked egg where the white light has solidified and hardened. We must soften this and fill the black voids.

Dr. N: Let’s talk a moment about this blackened energy…

S: (interrupts) I should have added that the damaged energy can also create … lesions. These fissures are voids themselves, caused by radical physical or emotional damage.

Dr. N: What are the effects of disrupted energy on the incarnated soul?

S: (pause) Where the energy is mottled—not distributed evenly—this is due to long-term energy deterioration.

Dr. N: You talked about rearranging and repairing old energy with new purified energy for healing. How is this done?

S: By intense charge beams. It is delicate work because you must keep your own vibrational tuning … in matched sequences with that generated by the soul.

Dr. N: Oh, so this becomes personal. A master’s own energy is used as a

S: Yes, but there are other sources of new purified energy that I don’t use or know much about because of my lack of experience.

Dr. N: Selim, you have told me how warped energy is softened and allowed to flow back onto the right spaces, but introducing new purified energy concerns me. With all that reconfiguration aren’t you changing the immortal identity of these souls?

S: No, we have … altered … to strengthen what is there … to bring the soul close to its original form. We don’t want this to happen again. We don’t want them back.

Dr. N: Is there some way you can test your repair work after it is completed?

S: Yes, we can place a field of simulated negative energy around the regenerated soul—as a liquid—to see if this can filter through the structure of our repairs. As I said, we don’t want them back.

Dr. N: One last question, Selim. When you are finished, what happens to the regenerated soul?

S: It varies. All of them stay with us a while … there is healing with sound … vibrational music … light… color. And when these souls are released, much care is taken with their next incarnations and the selections of bodies, (sighs) If the soul has been in a body that damaged others in former lives… well… we have fortified these souls to go back and begin again.

Excerpt from Destiny of Souls

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