Spiritual Emancipation

spiritual-emancipation-main“Scientifically speaking, we can say, in a broad sense, that each individual is an electronic instrument; something like the volt ohm-meter used by the technician in his analysis of varied electronic devices, such as a TV set. Your five senses represent the different scales of interpretation which are used by this technician as they are so constructed on his ohm-meter. Your sense of sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste, are ways in which you differentiate the various wave forms into meter-measuring-sine-wavesconsciousness as they stem externally or as they are regenerated as nerve impulses. This has been part of your past evolution just as it is your present, and it will continue to be the function of your life into the infinite future.

The determinant qualities here are, of course, in their particular wave lengths and in which dimension they are so propagated and from which they are reflected. As our third dimension or our earth life is, conservatively speaking, one of the very lowest of the lower planes of expression, and is considered by many in the higher worlds, as one of the astral kingdoms, the earth world will then represent, to a large degree, wave forms and interpretations of oscillating motion which can be considered as fouth-dimensional-wave-form-4-postomni-directional; that is, they start and they finish. In the fourth or adjoining dimension, these motions are always cyclic in nature and therefore, as the entity of consciousness is within themselves, they have neither time nor do they occupy space in a sense that they have a starting point or a finishing point.

As you have in the past, through the thousands of years, so interpreted life as a succession of wave form motions into your consciousness, you have thus impounded them in the next adjoining dimension in your respective psychic anatomies. There, they reside until you or some other external force can cancel them out. In the eye of the Infinite Creator, it was so supremely conceived that man, as an individual entity of consciousness, so progressively inclined that he could in some future evolution of consciousness, become endowed with logic and reason to such an extent that he could be considered god-like in nature; to have power and dominion over all destructive and constructive forces, both in heaven and in hell.

In a sense of the word, to the earth man, Masters or Adepts of this nature were so considered and called gods. Therefore, the supreme prerogative of consciousness is that determinant in every individual’s life which automatically relegates him as an individual being. The individuality of each person is therefore indestructible, or it should be considered such, and inviolate to the degree that we either as laymen, or as adepts, or masters, or even as gods, would not so contrive to change man from his willful ways; for life itself is predicated upon this master plan. In Infinite Consciousness arevortex-of-life an infinite number of experiences; to learn of Infinite Consciousness therefore means to go through and realize the actuality of an infinite number of experiences. Actually this can never be accomplished; for Infinity Itself forbids us to circumscribe any dimension within itself. However life itself does, in the infinite sense, remanifest itself as a successive evolution of forms of consciousness which we resolve through emotional aptitudes as experiences.

In the future however, after a certain threshold has been past, consciousness can and does assume another proportion of introspection, and in this manner and form it will include as an attunement process, the sundry abstract proportions of Infinity as a constructive form of consciousness, rather than an emotional experience; thus polarizing various abstractions into constructive realities which are again projected and remanifest as positive polarities in less positive or more negative environments and surroundings.

In other words, when we ascend into higher realms, we in truth, become a radiating center of personal consciospiritual-manna-4-postusness which becomes the mental manna for millions and millions of people who are yet to evolve to these higher planes of consciousness. This mental manna is the polarizing oscillation of energy which is a part of every life experience. They can be extracted from such experiences by any individual who would thus take the time and trouble to extract them. This is not necessarily a pollyanna attitude, but reflects a constructive abstraction of the Infinite plan of evolution as an experience, either singular or plural, which will, in itself, remanifest itself infinitely and in an infinite number of ways until we have so mastered the Master plan.

So you see, dear ones, the constructive evolution which automatically destroys the past and lower self is not the simple metaphysical process which is sometimes outlined for us by the so-called purveyors of mystical sciences who drape themselves over the pulpits in our churches.

Science in itself, is the mandate necessary for us to open the door to the future. We will have to constructively understand evolution in a scientific manner. We will have to understand that the entity of intelligence is not impounded in some visual object which we consider mass; but always, energy-man-4-postobjectivism, as it is in consciousness, in the similarity, or the facsimile of wave forms in their emotional impedences through our consciousness, determines and redetermines their own particular form in a regenerative manner which reconveys the picture of the present to us.

The science of this process is most adequately described in the lessons, and as I have said, it is a mandate if we wish to gain access into the higher spiritual worlds; we must learn to understand these principles, for our very lives in these higher worlds will depend upon how well we understand energy – the oscillating processes, the processes of attunement, polarization, and other such various attributes of energy wave forms. For in these higher worlds, we do not possess lungs to aerate our blood stream; instead we will aerate or consciousness and feed our bodies with an inflow of energy wave forms; and this inflow, our food, our very lives, will depend upon how well we can attune ourselves to the energy environment in which we find ourselves.

The astral underworlds are peopled by countless millions of souls who are living in the shadow of their past; they are remanifesting life consciously only for the moment by these memories; by strongly and subconsciously reflecting into their consciousness at the moment, the forms, the healing-projection-4-post-1experiences in which they have previously lived. These however, are only temporary panaceas. They cannot be substantially endured, neither can they perpetuate the individual in his spiritual world to any indefinite length of time. Neither can he constructively evolve from these worlds by clinging to the shadows of the past; and so, as in the material worlds, you will also find that the conquest of the lower self is equally important in the spiritual worlds.

When we begin to live in these higher spiritual worlds as constructive oscillating entities of expression, when we begin to aerate our energy bodies, to feed them by the inflow of Radiant Energies to which we have attuned ourselves, then only we can say we are living a higher spiritual life. As part of that spiritual life, as we so attune ourselves to the inflow of Radiant Constructive Infinite Energy, so we will regenerate as part of our consciousness and our thought processes, reconstructed forms of this same energy which is flowing into us, and in this constructive thought process we will, in turn, reradiate this consciousness into the lower planes of life.

Now, dear ones, how well this is accomplished will determine your future; how sincerely and perpetually you will dedicate yourselves to the never-ending quest for the higher life, will determine your evolution. You, and you alone, are responsible for it. No one else can do it for you; despite whatsoulic-ascension-4-post you may have been told, your personal savior will be the consciousness which you attain in this higher way of life. You cannot be made fit to live in this kingdom of Heaven until you have reconstructed yourself.

This too, is part of the Master Plan which the Infinite Creator has laid out for all of us. It is the plan by which every individual, in himself, can become, in a sense, an Infinite Creator. For instead of sublimating experience into daily life expressions, he is regenerating Infinite Consciousness into constructive evolutionary forms of consciousness.

The promise of the future is great. It cannot be interpreted in terms whereby we can gain benefit in a selfish manner. Our approach to our infinite evolution always must be made impersonally. Should we at any time wish to use any powers or knowledge which we may have gained, in a selfish manner and in a way in which we may attempt to glorify ourselves, then we and our cause are lost. We will descend to the pits of hell very quickly. This too, is the Biblical depiction of the tempting by Satan, and which is a constant strife and struggle for any and all who attain.

spiritual-ascension--4-postNever think for one moment that the sublime Utopia is ever attained. Life in any form, in any dimension, in any spiritual world, is lived as a constant equilibrium of effort and realization. The moment you lie down and rest upon your laurels, then truly you are lost; at least for the moment, and quite likely in that moment of weakness you will lose some of that hard fought for attainment. There are no alternatives, either you progress constructively into the higher dimensions, or you retrogress into the lower astral worlds and into eventual disintegration. Neither can you commit any kind of suicide, either physical or spiritual; for as a part and a participle of Infinite Consciousness, you must constantly regenerate life in one form or another. Energy cannot be destroyed, but always assumes another form.”

Excerpt from Infinite Perspectus

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