Space-Time And The Illusion of Prophecy

prophecy-mainIn The Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation a question was asked near the end of Lesson 11 which has perplexed me and which I have continually analyzed. Here is the question and answer from ICCC:

Q -“Could these faces and visions that come to me be prophetic at times?”

A – “You know strictly in an abstract way there is no past, present or future. When you come in contact with the true spiritual self or the Higher Self that lives in the higher world that precipitates itself in the spiritual world, the element of time does not have the same relationship. Something which is prophetic means that you visualize what could happen a thousand or ten thousand years from now, but by the same circumstance as far as the Creative Infinite is concerned it has already happened, perhaps an infinite number of times.”

I have pondered this many a time trying to understand and what I have gained through what might be called sleep teaching and understanding too from some of our present-day physicists like Leonard Susskind, is that if you look at a black hole which is a singularity and composed of waveforms of which these waveforms span the entire circumference of a black hole radius, we are essentially a smear of waveforms on a smear of waveforms. These smears expand across the entire surface of the black hole. Another example is like with Brian Greene’s loaf of bread analogy. The loaf represents time as we pass through each slice so you can pull a slice from one part or another representing, to our way of thinking, the past, present or future but everything, the entire loaf of bread, is occurring in the now just like all the up and down smear of waveforms (containing information) in the black hole are happening in the now. We become conscious of an experience depending on where we are transiting (or what we are attuned with) on the surface of the black hole (or in the loaf of bread analogy where we are in a slice). That experience has repeated itself an infinite number of times because it is continuously happening in the now whether we are aware of it or not; we just become conscious of it as we live through it. We polarize those wave forms in our psychic body (which resides in another dimension) through these earth life experiences.

This black hole radius represents a life cycle containing every aspect of Infinity where we become personalized individualized participles of Infinity as we move through space-time. As you know when you cut off a piece of a hologram, it contains every bit of information contained in the original whole so every black hole whether it is a sub-atomic particle or a universe is a piece of the whole containing infinity. We already occupy every point in space-time but just polarize it as we intersect that point in space-time. Space-time is a fabric of energy (a sea of energy) and scientists are just beginning to discover this fabric (sea) is infinitely filled with energy. They are also discovering that this fabric takes the shape of vortexes and these vortexes are composed of strings of vibration as in string theory and we ourselves interpret all of this in a holographic matrix giving us the illusion of reality.

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